Dragon's Mark


Rumor has it that a Dragon's Mark is either an omen of death, or a mark of protection.


Lee Sarang falls into a world of secrets, danger, and a struggle for power when she is forced to marry Kris Wu, the future CEO of Wu Corporation. What she doesn't know is that her husband-to-be is secretly the leader of EXO-M, an underworld gang whose feared name alone can wipe out cities.

Marrying this gorgeous guy was one thing, but finding out he was the famous Dragon was another, especially when she has her own vendetta to handle.






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Ermayuni #1
Chapter 30: Never bored with this story! Still love it like the first time..
Chapter 30: That was really good. I enjoyed reading this again!
xxnikki0330xx #3
Chapter 30: This was so good! I initially didn't suspect gramps, it came together rlly well :)
This fic is awesome and m so happy for the happy ending.
Chapter 22: I cried so hard since last chapter. I rarely cry but this was too heartbreaking
I'm crying ocean. I can't even read properly cause my eyes are filled with tears. I don't know about sarang but author you are the real sadist
Jhilmilp #6
Chapter 30: JUST finished and I’m love with this
Jhilmilp #7
Chapter 21: I love this story!!!
Chapter 5: love this sooo muchhhh!!! A really good story aaaannnddd my ultimate bae~
199 streak #9
Chapter 30: Such a crazy story! You'll get all worked up in a moment then it would jump to another!
136 streak #10
Chapter 19: Sarang's grandfather is a !!!!