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open request for ff poster..








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                      4. Do Not Request At Another Shop At The Same Time for the same story

                      5. Redo's are possible

                      6. Animated (GIF) requests are not possible. I can’t make it, hehehehe

                      7. I may promote your story at my personal Tumblr (rainiigyu.tumblr.com)

                      8. Appreciate it by using the poster for a long time. hehehehehe

                      9. Credit me in your foreword ^^

                    10. Make my life easier by give me the pictures link, HQ please. hehehehehe

Comment Bellow
  • Author Name :

  • Profile Link :

  • Story Title :

  • Story Link : *or you can send me your story link later when it's done*

  • Cast and Character :

  • Genre/Themes :

  • Quotes :

  • Picture Link :

  • Link for sample poster : *optional*

  • Summary :

  • Longest time before you can complete a request :

  • Anything else :



I will be messaging you at aff when i received your request and i'll made it fast.. ^^
please subscribe for notification that your request is ready.. 
p.s : sorry for bad grammar :p


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Thanks for the poster! Here's the link of my story:


it's not posted in aff but I do credited you in the synopsis!
thank u once again :D
Boleh request jugaa?

Author Name : audiraas
Profile Link : www.asianfafics.com/profile/view/379082
Story Title : The Biggest Mistake
Story Link : not yet
Cast and Character : Eunji Namjoo , other cast: daehyun sungjae naeun chorong bomi
Genre/Themes : College life
Quotes : 'loving you is the biggest mistake in my life'
Picture Link : terserahh. yang penting ada gambar eunji namjoo gede, terus disisipin gambar daehyun sama sungjae agak kecil aja
Link for sample poster : http://i1275.photobucket.com/albums/y449/RainiiGyu/nothingsover1_zps1fe8bfb8.jpg
plot: eunji & namjoo sama-sama punya kisah cinta yang miris. eunji ternyata suka pada sepupunya sendiri, jung daehyun yang menjalin hubungan dengan teman kuliahnya, son naeun. namjoo juga menyukai sahabatnya sendiri yang sedang berhubungan dengan mantan seniornya, park chorong.

kalo bisa minggu ini posternya udah jadi ya hehe lagi ikut lomba ff soalnya~ gomawooo^^
Chapter 7: Can I request for a Kris desktop background (from EXO)
Chapter 18: Thank you for the poster and the link to the story is:


so there you go and thank you once again.
Chapter 18: Thank you very much I love it and don't worry I won't forget its really cool I'm so happy.
Chapter 17: I love the background<3
Can I also request a B.A.P wallpaper?
Fluffy and cute !^^
^ only if you can xD
Chapter 15: Which program do you use to do the posters?
Chapter 15: "Coming never" LOL XDD
Chapter 14: I picked up the poster~~
It's really beautiful and I totally love it~~
I will credit you for sure!!