They're Forbidden


Their love - it's forbidden. They are forbidden. By who? Their very own parents. Yonghwa; the richest kid in school. Seohyun; the kid who got into the school by a music scholarship. They were like two different worlds, but surprisingly, they're in love.

It's cruel, but Yonghwa's parents are bent on breaking them up. Seohyun's parents aren't supportive of her relationship either. It's hard to keep up with a relationship like this, and what happens when Seohyun feels like giving up?



credits to Stupidity at vanillasky.



A sweet and very down-to-earth girl who got into the school by music scholarship. She can't afford the school fees. Seohyun has a father who's heavily in debt and a mother who works day and night just to pay off their debts. She's in love with Yonghwa, but sometimes keeping their relationship going on is far too much to take.

Rich and influential, but that doesn't make him snotty. In fact, he's a pretty humble and sweet guy. His parents are very protective of him, and thinks that it's only suitable for him to be with a girl from another influential family.


Seohyun's best friend, and is always the one who Seohyun thinks of first when she needs to talk to someone. She's also supportive of their relationship, but at times, she asks Seohyun to give up because she can see that Seohyun is hurting far too much.


The 'kingkas clique' in school. Consists of Yonghwa, Jonghyun, Minhyuk and Jungshin.


"Umma, this is Seohyun." Yonghwa said happily.  "Seohyun, this is my umma."

Seohyun bowed. "Annyeong ajumma."

Yonghwa's mum just looked at Seohyun. "You're the one who got into the school by a music scholarship?"

Yonghwa tensed up at this. He knew his mum had gone to check on Seohyun's background. He knew that his mum wouldn't allow him to be with Seohyun once she knew about Seohyun's background.

A father in debt, and a mother who works practically all day long just to earn enough money to pay off their debts. And to top it off, she had got into the school by a music scholarship. He eyed Seohyun worriedly as she nodded.

"Then I forbid you and Yonghwa to be together."

"Unnie, I'm afraid I can't hold on to our relationship anymore."

Yoona looked at the fragile girl in front of her, and her heart pained for her. Looking at Seohyun shed her tears, Yoona felt incredibly sorry for her best friend. Yoona thew her arms around Seohyun, hugging her as she d her hair consolingly.

"Seo, don't think too much of it." Yoona said. "Don't cry, I'll help you through this, I promise."

Yoona had plans which she was very sure of. She knew they'd work out, although it may just hurt Seohyun a little more, but it will definitely relieve her best friend's pain in time to come.

"Yonghwa, it's just getting too much."

Tears formed in Seohyun's eyes, and she was tempted to just run away from him, but she stayed still. Doing that would just hurt Yonghwa even more, and she didn't want that. She wanted them to part.. without pain.

"Seohyun.. We can get past this, right?"

"I'm afraid I can't."

Tears flowed out of both of their eyes as they looked at each other.


Only Seohyun and Yoona from SNSD will be in this story ^^

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ohhhhh uwaaaah!! this is one amazing story *O*
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this is really good!!
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So sweet! I love this chapter~!!
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aw~^^:D<br />
Yonghwa and seohyun are so sweet in here xD<br />
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Yonghwa disobeyed his mum!<br />
Frick yeah!
omooo..the story is so nice. hope youc an update regularly ;D
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Really?<br />
I'm glad that you found a YongSeo ff then.<br />
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Hey unnie! :)<br />
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Yeah, she's actually meant to be mean.<br />
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I hate those times too.<br />
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The first chapter and it's sad already? I hate it when parents interfere with their child's lover like that... I hope they can be together...<br />
<br />
and as expected of seohyun.... she's still nice after all that....
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This chapter is sad. Yonghwa's mom is really mean. Tsk. Anyway, I'll be waiting for your update. I love your story. :)