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Rules and how to join !!^^


Rules and how to join:


1. Choose  the character you want to be.ONLY ONE !^^

  • Wolf
  • Vampire
  • Monster
  • Zombie
  • Human

​2. One person one account. If we catch you having double accounts or more you will IMMEDIATELY  KICK OUT. Recycled accounts are allowed as long as you delete everything in your accounts. 

3. Format username is KingdomIdolName(W.O.W)

For Ex: Zombie Jaejoong (W.O.W)

4. Use brackets when you are talking about your real life matters.

5. Only English and Korean are allowed here. Use brackets if you want to talk in other language. 

6. Respect each other and don't fight in here or you will Immediately get kick out or in other word NO DRAMA

7. 3 days of reservation. Pm the admins if you need extra times.

8. You can apply your request to join by PM

9. Add the admins first and you can add the others after the admins introduced you to peoples.

10. Absolutely Don't Add or Accept friend request from Outsiders. 

11. Let the admins know if you are leaving or going on hiatus.

12. Fill this form for joining and comment below with your FB link

Idol Name:


FB link:


Have Fun!


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Deadmeat #1
Chapter 1: here is min jun acc under monster
zicofairuz95 #2
Chapter 1: Annyong,i am Immortal Zico.
Please add me to approve you to join the rp.