Definition of Love


In an alphabet of twenty-six letters, how can Jongin possibly describe his love for Kyungsoo, with one?



love n.

a strong positive emotion of regard and affection


When I wake in the morning, the first thing you do is roll over to face me.

The second thing is when you place your hand on my chest, fingertips prodding lightly on my skin.

I do not prefer it, nor do I detest it. It is something I have grown used to, yet, I wouldn’t want it any other way.







story completely inspired by david levithan's 'the lover's dictionary' just changed it up a little bit. if you haven't read it, o m g, go read it now.

in jongin's POV 


please bare with me n_n this is the first time i've ever tried this



w: not my pic above


whispers /for my esc/

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Chapter 1: This is so adorable. Omg. The way you connected those words with Kaisoo's stories was so brilliant. Woah. Thank you for writing! xoxo.
Chapter 1: Aww! I love the words with their meanings and the story as well! This was cool, sweet and cute! :3 <3
dwylwyd #3
Chapter 1: it's so so so cool how your writings are short, simple yet so BOOM. yknow?? yeah! and wow i've learnt a couple of new words hurhur
Chapter 1: Oh.......... my............. Krisus.
THIS IS AMAZING!! I mean.... it's pretty different to any other story, but that's what makes it mind-blowingly awesome.
omg this is really good. your writing is so minimalistic and it has left a deep impact on me ;; i like how you have the words and the meanings above the paragraphs! <3
I like it! And I'm so going to read the David Levithan book!
KyuMinLover123 #7
Chapter 1: That was amazing and soooooo adorable