War between Husband and WIfe

Big House


Changmin called Minho, because it's almost time for the meeting.



Changmin: Yah! Where are you?

Minho: We're on our way...

Changmin: Faster, Sulli needs to impress the directors because she is just new here. 

Minho: Relax hyung, we're already here.

Changmin: Ok, bye.



Sulli: I told you we need to go earlier.

Minho: Stop scolding me. We're already here, so stop making noise.

Sulli: Because you're not listening to me.

Minho: Haisht... What do you want me to do, to make you stop?


Sulli pointed the Milk Tea shop...

Sulli: Buy me a milk tea.

Minho: Ok...


When they entered the Milk Tea shop Minho go straight to the cashier and Sulli saw Taemin having a tea alone.

Sulli: Oh, Taemin-ssi.

Taemin: Sulli.... If you knew something about me, don't be surprised or don't be mad at me, ok?

Sulli: What? Of course if I knew that you are criminal I'll be mad at you. Why? Are you a criminal?

Taemin:  Of course not.

Sulli: Then tell me...

Taemin: I'm the cha...

Minho: YAh! You asked to buy you a milk tea, why are you here?


Then suddenly Minho noticed Taemin is with Sulli.

Minho: Chairman?

Sulli: Chairman???

Minho: Annyeong haseyo Chairman Lee.

Taemin: Ne, annyeong haseyo.

Sulli: Wait... Wait... Are you the new Chairman?

Minho: Yes, you don't know? Wait, is he the one who is asking you for a coffee? Your friend Taemin?

Sulli: Yes, he is. Wait, you are the one who gave those dress and a pair of shoes.

Minho: WHAT?

Taemin: I'm sorry Sulli if I didn't told you at first.

Sulli: It's alright, it's kinda cool. That I have a friend like you.

Minho: Oh? By the way chairman we need to go now we have meeting to attend.


Minho drag Sulli to elevator without giving her an opportunity to say goodbye to Chairman Lee.

Sulli: Yah! why did you do that?

Minho: Yah! Yah! It's alright with you that he lied to you?

Sulli: Of course, he's treating me so well. Why do I need to get mad at him? And he didn't lied to me. He just hide it. 

Minho: YAh! Why are you defending him? Do you like him?

Sulli: Of course....


Sulli didn't finish her saying because suddenly the elevator just opened and lots of people entered the elevator.

Female Staff: Ommo? It's Choi Minho. He's so hot.



Hot??? Where? I can't see. Ohh... I forgot he has a hot temper.



Male Staff: Yah, it's Choi Sulli the new actress and writer here in SME. She's so smart and y.



Smart???? y??? Where? I can't see. She only has her air brain and giant body. 



And they reached the Board Directors Hall.

Changmin: Yah! What did you take so long?

Sulli: him      Minho: her   

Changmin: Yah! Don't blame each other. You're both who did that to made you so long.

Sulli: But he is the one who is not listening to me. I told him that we need to go early but he insist that it's normal to be late.

Minho: Why me? You are the one who asked me to buy milk tea and suddenly you're flirting with a guy.

Sulli: Yah! Don't call him a guy, he's the chairman. And by the way we're not flirting, we're just friends.

Minho: Friends? Where could I see a male friend giving a dress and a pair of shoes to a girl? Of course he likes you.

Sulli: Yah! You, how can you say that? You gave me also a dress. And it doesn't mean anything.

Then suddenly Minho was speechless.

Changmin: Yah! The both of you keep quiet! Stop nagging with each other. It's look like I am watching a husband and a wife  having a big war.


End chapter I'm sorry I didn't update yesterday. I can't think for a story to update today so I can't start to write. But now I think I should need to update, so here's the new chapter. I hope you like it.




@nana4ever- I hope you would like this chapter. And thank you for the complement.

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