Hello Baby Season 8 - EXO


12 appas

          4 aegi's

               3 groups.


EXO was chosen to star in KBS' Hello Baby season 8! Like many of their sunbaes, such as Girl's Generation, SHINee, and Leeteuk of Super Junior, will these boys be able to become good parents? Let's find out!




01. Suho (Kim Junmyeon), the most caring appa. He is very tolerant of most things and has a very peaceful state of mind

02. Chanyeol (Park), the most funny appa. Always smiles like an idiot, even when things are uncertain. Is always there to cheer someone up

03. Sehun (Oh), the most boring appa. Likes to be stubborn most of the time, but is very playful when he wants to be.

Group #2:

 04. Kai, (Kim Jongin), the most y appa. Is obsessed with his looks, thus..he will obsessed with his kids' looks

05. D.O, (Do Kyungsoo), the most thoughtful appa. Very self-less, attention is always towards the kids

06. Baekhyun (Byun), the most jolly appa. Likes to spoil the children..along with himself.

Group #3:

07. Kris, (Wu Yifan), the most passionate appa. Seems indimidating at first, but once he is gotten used to..he is a fluffy marshmallow.

08. Lay, (Zhang Yixing), the most forgetful appa. Easily forgets important events, but always ends up making up for the loss.

09. Luhan (Xi), the most playful appa. Likes to act childish, perfect best friend for children.

Group 4:

10. Xiumin, (Kim Minseok), the most cute appa. Doesn't exactly act his age, but when he is determined to do something he does it with 100% seriousness

11. Chen, (Kim Jongdae), the other most funny appa. Likes to pull off jokes all the time.

12. Tao, (Huang ZiTao), the most shy appa. Will be awkward at first, sooner or later he will open up to anyone.

A lot of people has been asking why i take so long to update and such. I'm starting to handwrite all of my stories. I will create a blog post about it soon~

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BlurLady #1
Chapter 3: Update soon pweaseeeeeeeee
Adry91 #2
Chapter 3: I like this story author-nim! Please update it soon ^^
Chapter 2: LOL XD I love it~ Their introductions are very funny~ Tao's intro... I thin I've watched it somewhere before~ About strolling alone at the beach, romantic panda, AB style and so on XD Your idea is good ^^ Hope you can update~
krystal657239 #4
Chapter 1: where do u get this is this real
kathleensiew #5
Chapter 2: KEKEK UPDATE if you have time okay ~!!
LittlePaendeo #6
Do you want me to/ can I make a poster for your latest story?


Check out my shop! :)x
taorishaehyuk #7
Chapter 2: Where r the others ????
bet panda tao can finish the field mission in record time ^^
Chapter 2: Great beginning,please update!!!!! XD <3
Chapter 1: Update fast!! I really wanna know who's picked!! AAAHH!!