My Lady Ghost


"don't hurt me!!~~" donghae said,

"mwo? i can't even touch you!! how can i hurt you?" yoona said.

donghae try to touch yoona, but it's look like his just touching a wind.

Yoona look at Donghae and say. “see? You can’t touch me! *try to touch donghae* and I can’t touch you either.

Donghae look at her like he still can believe that he can see yoona. He walk around inside the apartment holding his head and whisper to his self that everything is just a dream. And not all of this is true. He try to run to run to his room by yoona appeared again in front of him.

“please.. can you help me?” yoona said.

Donghae step backward while looking at yoona. “h-how can I he-help you? I-I don’t know you!! Can please first tell me your name?”

“my name? *thinking* uhh..” Yoona don’t know how to answer. She even forgot her name until she saw a cup who has a name written on it.

“yeah! My name is Yoona. *looking at the cup* now you know my name can you help me now?”
Donghae look at the cup and take it. “you just look at this cup? How can you be so sure this is your name young?” Donghae ask.

“don’t call me Yoong! I’m not a kinder garden any more!!*shout* and I think I know my name!! don’t lecture me!! *annoyed*” Yoona said.

Donghae put down the cup and ask again. “so, what really happen to you? I mean.. how you become a ghost? What kind of dramatic accident happens to you?”

Yoona Look at him seriously. “do you think all of this is just a a joke? How can you ask me like that? Do you think I want this to happen to me?” Yoona said and walkaway.

Donghae look at her and follow her to the living room. “okay.. *scratch his head* I’m sorry.. I don’t mean to offend you.. I just don’t know how I can help you.”

Yoona look at him with teary eyes. “So, you want to help me now?”

Donghae look at her and take a deep breath. “do I have a choose?”

Because of excitement yoona run to him and try to hug him. But she just passed at Donghae. He turn around and look at yoona laughing.

“ohh! I forgot.. I can’t touch you.” Yoona said.

Donghae walk to his bedroom and said. “Let’s just start tomorrow.. okay? For now I want to take a rest. Good night Lady Ghost!!”

Yoona is just nods and didn’t follow donghae to his bedroom. She just stay at the living room and sat on the couch.


The next day:

Donghae got woke up when he received and phone call from Sunye.


DH: hello? *still half asleep*

SY: honey~ good morning.

DH: Sunye? *stand up and fix his self-* wow! You call!! *shock*

SY: yeah!! Because I miss you honey!! Don’t you miss me?

DH: of course I miss you!! how did you do?

SY: honey~ I want to say sorry for not helping you from your new apartment. I just become so busy here at the office. Hope you forgive me..

DH: no! no! no! it’s nothing.. I understand.

SY: *giggles* by the way, are you free today? Let’s meet. I want to see you so badly.

DH: sure!! Let’s meet for lunch?

SY: yeah!! Lunch is great!!

DH: I pick you on your office at 11am?

SY: no!! I just.. meet you at our favorite restaurant at 12pm. You don’t need to come here. Let’s just meet up okay?

DH: okay! Then see you at 12pm!!

SY: yeah~ I love you honey!!!
DH: love you too.


After Sunye call to him. Donghae stand up from his bed and jump like a child. While yoona is just standing at the door watching him. “wow? What a child? *shake her head* can you please stop jumping under my bed? It’s from New York!!*shout*”

Donghae look at her with a surprise. And walk forward to her. “sorry.. I just feel so happy today!*smile* it’s my day!!” donghae said going to the kitchen.

Yoona is just following him. And when they are at the kitchen she just sat on the chair. While donghae is busy preparing his food. He looked at yoona. “what do you want to eat for breakfast?”

Yoona stand up from her seat and said. “are you teasing me? You know I’m a ghost!! How can I eat!! *pout* your just a crazy man!! *walkaway*”

Donghae grin. “I was just joking!! Why are you so serious?”

Yoona is just ignored him.

After donghae eat his breakfast, he sat beside yoona at the couch and look at yoona. “so? Lady ghost? Where should we start?”

Yoona Look at him and said. “hmm.. let’s start here!! At my apartment building! I know somewhere here know me. So, let’s start asking about me in the neighborhood.”

Donghae nods and say. “what a great idea!! Wait I know where we should start!! I have a friend who also lived here. Maybe he knows you!”

Donghae stand up and go to eunhyuk’s apartment room. Yoona is just following him. When they reach eunhyuk apartment. Donghae look at yoona.

“here we are!! My friend lived here! *smile”

Yoona nods and said. “so? What are we waiting for? Let’s knock!”

Donghae is going to knock but he stop and look at yoona. “wait? What if he saw you? I’m sure he will be freak out!!”

Yoona is just shake head. “no! he can’t see me!! Trust me!! You’re the only one can see me! And I don’t know why.”

Donghae is just take a deep breath and say. “okay!! Here we go!!*he knock”

Eunhyuk open the door and look’s like he will going somewhere.

“yah! Monkey? Your leaving? Where you going?”

“fishy!! Come in!!*smile”

When donghae enter eunhyuk’s apartment. He sat at the couch while looking at eunhyuk. “yo? Where you going?”

“I’m just going to visit a friend.” Eunhyuk said.

“who?” donghae ask.

“by the way! Why you here?” eunhyuk changed the topic.

“yeah!! I’m here to ask you something. Can you help me?” donghae said.

“and what is it?” eunhyuk seat beside him at the couch.

Donghae scratch his head and said. “I just want to know, if you know who is the last owner of my apartment? And what happen why she left her apartment?”

“ow? The owner. They said she was a beautiful girl name yoona. But they she died because of a car accident. That’s the only thing I knew about her. Why you become so curious about the last owner? Don’t tell me she’s the one you talking about that a girl appeared in your apartment?” Eunhyuk said.

Donghae look at him seriously. “would you believe me?”

Eunhyuk laugh and say. “yah! Fishy are you crazy? Why she would appear to you? you don’t know her and you don’t also know about the accident happen to her!! So, stop it!!” he walks to the kitchen and drink a glass of water. Donghae is just following him with Yoona on the kitchen and take a deep breath before he said anything. “I know this would be sound crazy. But I’m the only one can see her and she even don’t know why. Even you*pointing to hyuk* you can’t see her, how can her family help her? If they can’t see her. And I’m sure they don’t even know that her spirit is still around.”

Eunhyuk gulp and look palm. “so? She’s here with you?”

Donghae is just nods.

Eunhyuk lose his balance and seat on the chair. “Is she mad?”

Donghae stand beside him and said. “no! why would she be mad?”

Eunhyuk look at him and said. “so? How can we help her?”

Donghae look at him and smile. “you’re going to help us?”

Eunhyuk is just nods.

Yoona become so happy. She smiles while clapping her hands. Donghae saw her and smile with her. “let’s start asking the neighbors’ about her!!” donghae suggestion.

Eunhyuk agree and he remembers something. “wait! I remember something. They said Yoona has a best friend who also lived her. And they say even now she’s still here at the building!”

 When Yoona heard the word “Best friend” she remember a name. and that name is “Jessica” she said it and Donghae heard her. He walk to her and ask. “who’s Jessica?”

Yoona look at donghae and said. “she’s my best friend!! I remember her name. but I don’t know what she looks like!!”

“Jessica? Do you know Jessica?” Eunhyuk interrupt.

Yoona look at Eunhyuk and walk closer to him. “how you know my best friend?” since eunhyuk can’t see or hear Yoona. Donghae is the one who repeat all yoona says to eunhyuk.

“fishy! She’s the girl I’m telling you I want to know and the girl I like!!” eunhyuk said.

“now how you know her name?” another ask from Yoona.

“actually I meet her yesterday. Not really that we meet accidently. I followed her with her best friend’s sister named Yuri. I just followed them because I saw someone following them and I was afraid that if I didn’t follow them. Something bad maybe can happen to them.”

“oh!! My sister!! My very own sister!!” Yoona said with teary eyes.

“what happen to them when you followed them?” donghae ask.

Eunhyuk shake his head and said. “not good. The man who followed them. Got killed. And we don’t know who killed him and because of the shock. Yuri got speechless and has a trauma after that incident and now she’s on the hospital. That the place I’m going now.”

Yoona got shock after she heard what happen to his sister. She doesn’t know what do to. She just sat on the floor while crying. Donghae try to approach her but she looks like she can’t hear a thing.

“yoong!!? Yoona!! Can you hear me!! Yoona!!” Donghae try callings yoonas attention. Yoona look at him crying. “I want to see my sister!!”


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