In My Dream ❤ [One Shot]


You carefully pulled your ticket out and let the ticket-lady in the booth rip off the end of it, and you went into the concerthall. The sight of a sea of ELF's already waving with their lightsticks appeard and with a happy and anticipating smile you went to find your seat. After at few minutes, the lights in the hall were dimmed and the best night in your life began...


Lol, my first fanfic EVAH! *applause* Whoooos ~  anyhuuuw, I was planning on tryin’ to do a one shot? Haha, as I wrote I haven’t done this before so if it turns out really bad… well, then it’s just ONE bad chapter, okey? Haha xD

And uhm, yeah, almost forgot! This story is based on a dream my friend had (a long time ago by now XD), so uhm.. yeah (to my) friend, I kind of added a lot of my own imagination and  I’m sorry if I disappointed you, but this was kind of the story I thought of when I first heard about your dream, okies? :’3 



Well what do you know…. One evening you find yourself at a SS3-concert and even better up; you’ve got a backstage pass! Aslkfhlaiwhflaskhflakshf, just by looking at the pass you could die happy!  But… why not use it before the “dying of happiness”? keke~ and off to Super Juniors dressing room we go! ;3



You:  A sweet, smart and down to earth girl. Can be a bit hyper (in a good way), especially when it comes to your favorite  kpop group Super Junior~  your idols that you thought you’d never be able to meet…

Kyuhyun: You #1 bias . Mischievous,  genius and oh-so-handsome. (lol, do I even have to describe him more? XD Pepperkyu ~ <3)

The rest of SuJu: Well…. They’re like… Su Ju! XD (In other words, no need for further explanation! XD)


A/N:  Yeah, I almost forgot (again XD)! English isn’t my mother tongue or something, it’s just simple school-english, so bear with me, I know I at spelling and grammar, so yeah.. XD And another thing – I’ve written this in a second person form; so it’s all about YOU! Whenever there is “~~~~~~~~~” just replace it with your name, okey? :D 

Have a nice time reading, and I would really appreciate comments and opinions :'3

Thank you^^

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Chapter 1: kyuuuuuuu <3
freaking cute!!! *-*
Chapter 1: THIS IS SO CUTE~
m0zarts0nata-- #4
i SUPER like it...oh o. erase, erase, i SUPER love it <3<br />
<br />
ILoveLuhan #6
so cute :)<br />
wish there's a sequel XD
Kind-Hearted_Devil #7
Only if this is real....=DDD
minlai22 #8
this is so cute!!<br />
i like it! i like it..<br />
From beginning to end my facial expression is like this -- :) :'''D <br />
<br />
it's so sweet! Sequel? Ahahha
Ill never get to meet them :( concert hardly happen in San Jose