I set my backpack on the floor and sat down in my seat during homeroom. I pulled out my phone and scrolled through my contacts before pressing my thumb down on the desired name. I smiled as I quickly typed out a message:

Hey babe, you at school yet? <3

I sent the message and waited for a reply. I pouted when five minutes had passed and he still didn’t text me back. He always texted back right away.

I shrugged it off and pulled out a granola bar from my bag and starting searching the web on my phone. Lucky for me my homeroom teacher didn’t care what we did as long as we weren’t smoking or some like that in class. I really loved my homeroom because I had all my friends in it and I was happy that I could see them at least once a day because most of them I didn’t have classes with as they were older than me. But sadly I ended up not having my boyfriend in my homeroom, which I was disappointed about, but at least I had Basic Drawing and Design and lunch with him. I would have died if I only got to see him after school.

As time came closer to 7:55 the students started pouring more quickly into the classroom. I was a little confused as to why there were more people that weren’t supposed to be here but I didn’t really care. It didn’t matter to me if they were marked absent in their own homerooms.

I started talking to my friend Junhong (or Zelo as he liked to be called) when I saw him sprint through the door with a piece of toast in his mouth. He was almost late…again. Lucky for me, Zelo is a genius and he skipped a grade so he was in the same year as me even if he was a year younger. Even if he is a genius though, he always forgets to do his homework so when he pulled out a notebook and pen and begged me for last night’s Chemistry homework it didn’t surprise me.

While I was helping him copy my horrible excuse for handwriting I hadn’t even noticed that the teacher turned the TV on so that we could watch the morning announcements. That’s right, watch. My high school was fortunate enough to have a fully equipped TV studio in the basement of the school so everyday we watched kids read the announcements to us via the television in every room. No one really listened to them so it was really pointless.

I was helping Zelo decipher question number seven but my ears perked up when I heard a familiar voice. I looked at the TV and saw my boyfriend and instantly smiled. I left my younger friend to try and decode my homework by himself while my eyes were glued to the TV.

He was walking through the halls and talking to the camera but I couldn’t hear what he was saying as the people were too noisy and the volume was too low. I noticed that he was wearing one of my favorite shirts that he has. It was just a simple V-neck but he looked so damn good in it I couldn’t help but fawn over him whenever he wore it. He went up the stairs and took a right then another right until he was walking down the hallway where my homeroom was.

I was confused as to why he was on the announcements, as he doesn’t really take part in these kinds of things. Usually if they play a video it’s just a stupid video that the students make and it’s really bad acting. But he was just walking down the hallway and talking to the camera. He probably said why he was doing this but I just couldn’t hear him.

In the video he was almost at my homeroom door but stopped and looked at the camera and I could see him mouth the words “Wish me luck” before grasping the silver handle and making the door come open.

At that exact moment everyone’s eyes shot to the door, including mine, and there he was: my boyfriend in all his glory except he had a bouquet of roses unlike in the video. Everyone became silent as he walked over to me and all I could do was stare. I don’t even think I was smiling because I was so nervous as to what he was going to do.

He came next to my desk, knelt down in front of it on one knee and asked, “Jongup, would you go to prom with me?”

Everyone in the room gasped and squealed when I didn’t even give my answer yet but we all knew what it was. I smiled and gently took the flowers from his hand before setting them down on my desk. I stood up and grabbed his cheeks and pulled him upwards so that I could crash our lips together for everyone to see. It wasn’t anything ual, no tongue or anything like that. It was nice and passionate and when I pulled away and leaned our foreheads together I gave him my answer, “Of course I will you dope.” I smiled again and gave him another quick kiss while everyone “awed” and clapped.

I intertwined our fingers together and heard the TV say,“ What was his answer? Did we get a yes? We got a yes, everybody!” I chuckled and smiled up at him.

I now knew why there were so many extra people in my class. It was so they could see this first hand. It made both of us extremely happy that pretty much everyone in the school accepted our relationship, teachers included and now I knew that we’d be the talk of the day. Me and my gorgeous boyfriend and his brilliant ideas.

The bell rang and we were still goofily smiling at each other. He took my bag and I grabbed my flowers and we walked down the hallway hand in hand, stupidly large smiles on our face. As we passed all of our classmates they all clapped and gave us high fives or something of the like. It was really nice of him to do this for me.

How did the stupid Moon Jongup get stuck with a gorgeous Kim Himchan?

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Blue82 #1
Chapter 1: So bloody adorable
gwisoon #2
Chapter 1: It was lovely ;; and it's even lovelier knowing that that was real ;u;
Chapter 1: I wish my school was like that
Chapter 1: This is so sweet and you said this happened at your school? That's really awesome. Thank you for writing this.
bigbangsuju2ne1snsd #5
Chapter 1: aww this is adorable