Lie to me

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Krystal and Kai.

Soojung and Jongin.

Married for a pact. A treaty. An agreement. A deal

She's made up of a diamond, doubts and glares. Her days are waiting and being a woman who gets all the stares.

He's made up of lies, his secretary and meetings. His days are tousled hairs and some feminine scent.


She's a wife. He's a cheater. But she loves him.


"Say it, though you're looking down and to the left now. Say it. Like someone who really means it. Do it. Cause if we shift to genuine then we fall down."

-The wanted's 'Lie to me'

She heard the bitter cold wind say,

"You're a fool to stay"

But she did,yes she did.


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Chapter 3: This is so beautiful ❤
amiisiltya #2
Chapter 3: No sequel for this ? It's really good btw
junsihye #3
Chapter 3: Nice story, i cried
Chapter 2: That's what you get from hiding your feelings...
ChanStalorKaiStal #5
You should've made him suffer first my poor SooJungie
vinthisworld #6
Subscribed first ya ^^
vinthisworld #7
I am not a Kaistal-shipper, but I am so into the genre.
Poor kkamjong, typical badboy as always he was ㅋㅋㅋ
hyo-honey #8
Chapter 3: Goshhh it was awesome. I cried TT__TT
kamleon #9
Chapter 3: Gosh just know that there is great kaistal ff ><
I beg for ya to makr this ff sequel hahaha
Chapter 2: I don't know how many times I read this story. Because this story is so amazing. So beautiful. You really don't need thousands words to make a simple but amazing story.