I Should've Kissed You


I just had to write something to get my writing mood back -_-

This oneshot is based on the song 'I Should've Kissed You' By Chris Brown


PS: Please don't expect something big >_<

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Merettevan #1
Chapter 1: Ay ay ay!!! I think I melted, such a sweet story! Though at first I wanted to shake Siwon a bit for being so dense! And Kyu was the most adorable ^^ Oh so that's the explanation for that pic, Kyu is such a romantic at heart :D
Angela17 #2
Chapter 1: Sweet sweet sweet.. Like it..
loezia #3
Chapter 1: Uuw..love it..kyuhyun must be suffering for always looking at siwon but siwon never know
wubukyu #4
Chapter 1: Okay i read this before but i forgot to comment. Lol.

Fluff wonkyu at the end, ❤❤
Chapter 1: Hi Baby...Thankkkkkkkkk you...\(* *)/
Baby can i TRANSLATE this oneshot???
Chapter 1: Sweet as chocolate. :3
Kimiikins #7
Chapter 1: I knoww I knoww its a late comment, but I really enjoyed reading this, I felt so sorry for Kyu, he had to wait for a year! Dx If I were him, I would've gone insane >_> But good thing Siwon realised his feelings (though it was really late, REALLY LATE) x33 Bravo for happy ending~!! And know Kyu can be in Siwon's arms forever mwahah
Chapter 1: this is so cute. innocent love but so sweet <3
Chapter 1: I'm offically ur new forever fan now, SiwonnieFan-ssi!
choi_wiya #10
Chapter 1: IT'S SO SWEET.....big thanks for eunhaethey always to be hero for wonkyu