Let's Battle It Out.

Loving In Another Shoe






Geez! My heart almost dropped into my stomach!


Who the hell is screaming like a mad person in the middle of the night!


If I find that person I am going to dig out and grill it on fire and make a barbeque party out of it!




That voice sounds so similar.




Now she’s mad at the moon? Okay, it’s true then. She is definitely crazy!


Hello? Mental hospital? Yeah, I want to submit a crazy devil there, can you come pick her up now, at the roof top of this building. Or, would it be easier if I just throw her down and you guys catch her on the ground? No? Okay. Thank you.


Okay, okay. Apparently the mental hospital doesn’t accept a retarded devil. Just my luck.





Why is that devil here anyway? I thought she’s having fun with the other members at the dorm? And now she’s here screaming at the moon and says she’s heartbroken?


Well, it’s kind of cute.




A few moments later I see her begging for her life to a ghost that is nowhere to be found. Turns out it’s a cat!




That devil is afraid of ghosts? You have got to be kidding me!


You know what, since she’s all scared, let’s add the fun. I’m sure she’ll think I’m another ghost.


I walk towards her slowly, and without her noticing it, my cold hands tap her shoulder.


“ARGH!” She gave a short cry of shock.


AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! You should have seen her face! It’s so priceless!






“YAH!” She smacked my head when she realizes it’s me, instead of a ghost.


“AWW! THAT HURTS, YOU DEVIL!” I rub my head.


“Why are YOU even here?! Aren’t you supposed to be meeting someone?” She questioned.


Meeting someone? When did I say that?


“Huh? I told Eeteuk hyung I’ve got to go. Didn’t say I was meeting someone. Well, apparently I am now. Meeting a devil.” I answered.


Another smack lands on my head.


“Yah! I need my brain in a perfect condition to live!” I said.


“Ah, I see. I thought you never used that brain of yours.” She mumbled.




She turns her gaze back at the moon.


I take a seat next to hers.


“So, I’m a stupid empty head you say? And why are you even mad at the moon? Did it do anything wrong?” I smirked.


She turns to me with a shocked face.


“You heard that?”


“Duh, I bet the moon even heard it and is very pissed at you now.”


I ‘m happy that she’s here, but this just adds to my sadness that I can’t have her.


“Yah, why are you here? Aren’t you supposed to be with Donghae hyung?” I asked.


“Why do you care, I thought you don’t care about me at all?” She answered with another question.


Now, where have I heard that sentence before?


Hold it. Did she hear me talking to Donghae hyung in the bathroom?


“Yah, were you eavesdropping on us?” I’m curious.


“Like I said, why do you even care? You don’t care about me at all, right. So stop asking. If you don’t like it I’m here then you can go somewhere else.” She said.


“Why am I supposed to go? I’m the one here first!” I refused to move.


“What? Ergh, fine. Do what you want. I’m not moving either.” She’s just as stubborn.


So in the end, neither of us moved and we just sit still there. Since there’s nothing to do, we just stare at the full moon.


With the exception of the sound of wind swiftly blowing, there’s only ultimate silence.


It’s getting awkward again.


I suddenly remember that I didn’t get to hug her earlier, and now, she’s just next to me.


Hold it in, Cho Kyu Hyun. She likes Donghae hyung, and he likes her too.


You’re just not in the picture.


“Hey short legs, I bet Donghae hyung is looking for you now. Knowing him, I swear he’ll report to the police if he can’t find you.” I said.


Well, I had to break the silence.


“I already told him I’m going home. Don’t need to bother.” She replied.


Silence again.


Geez, this awkwardness is killing me!


“So, when are you guys going to tell the other members?” I asked. You cannot imagine how my heart feels like it’s being stabbed now.


She turns to me with a confused expression.


“Tell what?” Seriously woman, don’t play that I-don’t-get-what-you’re-saying game with me now. I’m seriously not in the mood.


“Whatever. Up to you then.” I said. If she’s not saying anything then why would I even bother about her and Hae hyung?


“Yah, what the hell are you saying?” She asked suddenly.


Ergh. What now? Must I say it with my own mouth that you and Donghae hyung are together?!! This devil I tell you…


“Stop playing all innocent like you don’t know anything devil. I know about you and Donghae hyung. Fine. You guys still want to keep it a secret. Okay, okay. Just pretend like you didn’t know that I know then.” Now I’m getting a bit frustrated.


“WHAT?!” She uttered.


“What, WHAT?” I asked again.


SMACK. And of course, the usual smacking comes visiting my head again.


“Yah! What do you mean Donghae and I are together?” She asked again.


What is wrong with this devil?


Hello? Hospital? Yes, I’m calling to ask the symptoms of a devil having amnesia. What? Oh, you don’t have symptoms for a devil in your record. Well, thank you then.


What is going on with the hospitals in this country? Do they treat only people, not devils?




Back to the situation here Cho Kyu Hyun.


“You know what, this is all your fault! If you didn’t start picking fights with me and try to murder me all the time, I wouldn’t even start thinking about you!” I shouted to release my frustrations.


Yes, I’m putting all the blame on the devil for making me fall for her.


Her face contorts in confusion and anger.


“WHAT? Why are you saying everything is my fault?! I didn’t even do a thing! You were the one who keeps trying to make me paralyzed and send me to grave all the time!” She retaliates.


“Excuse me, but you try to break my skulls open, like a million times?!” I shouted back.


“Yah! You almost froze me to death!!!” She shouts at me.


Well, she does have a point there. But I’m not going to give up in this fight.


“It was you who hid my game controller in the first place!”


I can see she shuts for a while and think of something.




“AWWWW!!!!” I scream in pain.


She has no points to fight me with, so she just smacks me in the head? THREE PAINFUL TIMES?!!!


The pain on my head is just too much that I roll on the floor while rubbing my head.




I almost fell into the pool.


I quickly stand up and face the devil.


“YAH! No points to argue anymore huh?” I said.


She stands and walks towards me.


“Why did you even give me the cube candy in the first place?! Why did you make me put so much hope for you, you STUPID empty-head!” She shouts as soon as she stands near me.


Wait a minute.


She knows that I gave her the cube candy?


“Well, you knew! That’s why you decided to just leave it in my car?! If you didn’t want it then why don’t you just give it back or throw it away somewhere I can’t find it again!”


She frowns in confusion again.


“It was in your car? You found it? Where is it?!” She asked eagerly.


“Right. First you just leave the candy like that, now you’re asking me about it? Why do you even care you devil?”


Okay. This is getting tiring.


When are we actually going to stop asking questions and actually answer them?


I take a deep breath and look at her again.




“What?” She looks at me in the eye.


“Stop bickering with me. Stop picking up fights with me. Stop shouting at me. Stop trying to murder me. Stop anything you do that has got to do with me.”


“Why?” She asked.


“Because then it’ll be hard to get you out of my mind.” I said.




Guess what happens?


Yes people, me, Cho Kyu Hyun, gets pushed into the pool since I was standing so near to it.


“YAH! Why’d you do that? It’s freaking cold in here! And it’s my birthday!!!” I shouted to her while shivering like I’m almost frozen to death.


Okay. I’m just lying. The pool is heated, of course, so it’s actually kind of warm in here, rather than standing outside the pool.


But what the heck, I’m just trying to make the devil feel guilty for pushing me into the ‘cold’ pool.


She squats near the pool and starts to talk.


“Yah! If you hate me so much that you want to get me out of your mind, then just say so earlier. I know you don’t care for me, but seriously, you have to say it out like this? Really, I even had the slightest thought that you’re actually a nice guy. I must be stupid.”



Did she misunderstand me or what? Aish, this devil…


While still in the pool, I shout to her.




Finally, finally, finally I HAVE SAID IT! Wow, the pool water must have given me some sort of strength or something.


She looks surprised. Very, very, very surprised.


“Then why did you say you didn’t even care about me?” She asked.


This devil, aish..


“Yah! Pull me out of here first! It’s freezing cold!” I lied.


“Oh, okay, sorry.” The devil extends her hand to me, helping me to get out of the pool.


I grab her hand, and with all my might… I PULL HER INTO THE POOL.




“Yah!” She shouted as soon as she resurfaced.


I smirk.


“It’s not even cold in here! The pool’s warm!!!” She said, with an angry face.


“It’s better in here than out there, right?”


“Other than us being soaked wet, yes, it’s better.”


Then the devil continued, “Now, talk.”


“Look, I’ve said what I wanted to say. And I know I’m in the wrong, since you and Donghae hyung are together. So after this, pretend like you don’t hear anything, and ignore me.” I said.


And for your information, yes, both of us are in the pool now, still, talking to each other.


What? It’s warm in here!





Again, what’s with this Hae Rin and Donghae being together? How come I know nothing of it?




Did it happen when the real Hae Rin went to visit the guys a few weeks ago? Did something happen?


This guy, out of nowhere appeared on the roof top with me, and now he just pulled me into the pool! Good thing it’s heated.


But then he starts saying that he’s falling for me.


God, don’t let this be a dream. I miss this guy so much! But he keeps insisting about Hae Rin and Donghae being together, that’s why he’s holding he’s feelings for me. So now, I have to know what exactly happened, before I can pour out my heart to him.


“Tell me what you know.” I demanded him to tell me what he knows about ‘Hae Rin’ and Donghae being together.


He sighs.


“I know you love Donghae hyung and so does he. And I saw you guys kissed at the living room that night. There, I’ve said it. Happy?” He explained.


But his expressions are so devastating, like he’s been sentenced to death or something.


Wait. Hae Rin and Donghae kissed? But she didn’t tell me anything?


Now what? I can’t just possibly say, hey empty head, turns out I’m not Lee Hae Rin so you don’t have to suppress your feelings for me and just so you know, I think I’m falling for you too.


Yeah, right, no way I could say that.


But then, I’ve been holding feelings for this empty head like crazy, and seriously, I’m going crazy!


Suddenly the empty head dunks his head in the water, and resurfaces.


“Er, what are you doing?” I asked.


“Don’t you feel it? When your head is wet, and the wind blows, it gets chilly. You dunk your head in the warm water, that’ll make you warm a bit again.” He said.


Chills. Suddenly then that I feel it. I was too busy thinking that I can’t even feel the cold on my head. Since my neck and below are in the water, only my head feels cold.




The empty head dunks my head in water and lets me resurface after that.


“Yah!” I shouted at him.


“Yah, your lips are turning blue if you don’t dunk you head in water.” He said.


Oh, okay.


Now, back to the situation. What am I supposed to say?


“Hey empty head. There’re so many things I want to ask, so many things I want to say. But I don’t know how to.” I said.


“Never mind. I know. You should be with Donghae hyung. Just, forget about this, I don’t even know what I was thinking.” He looks up to the moon.


Darn it. Now what do I do?!! God, help me!


I look at his sad face. God, his lips are turning blue.


DUNK! I dunk his head in the water.


As soon as he resurfaces, he was about to yell to me. I didn’t give him any chance. As he was about to open his mouth, I lean to him, place my hands on his shoulders and kiss him.


Since I don’t know what to say, this is all I can do. Just, hold him and kiss him.


His lips are cold, and he’s not responding.


I retreat, and part my lips from his. Was it just a joke? Was he playing with my feelings?


With tears starting to form in my eyes, I said, “So, you were just playing with me? I kissed you for nothing?”


“No.” He answered. Then he continued, “I’m a guy, I’m the one who’s supposed to initiate the kiss. Did you forget, I’m well-mannered?”


“Stupid empty head, so full of yourself.” I smirk, thinking how I could forget his ignorant trait.


He stays silent for a moment. Then he swims closer to me.


“Plus, your lips are too cold. It’s making me feel cold too.” He says.


Ergh, I can’t believe I fell for this STUPID, IDIOTIC, EMPTY HEAD!


“Way to ruin the moment Cho Kyuhyun.” I replied.


He puts his face very close to mine, and whispered, “It’s okay. I’ll help.”


“Help, with what?” I asked, feeling confused with his words.


With a smile on his face, he answered, “Warming your cold lips, devil.”


He crushes his lips onto mine, his hands hugging me, and there’s no way I can pull myself away from him. I could die now, with no regrets.


We stayed that way for how long, I didn’t even care. We part only when we needed air, and sometimes go underwater accidentally when we forget that we were actually in a pool.


“Yah, you almost drowned me to death.” I said to him. Well, I know, bad choice of words, but then again, I don’t exactly know what to say.


They should make a book with a title ‘What to Say after a Kiss in a Pool’.


“You made me to.” He answered simply.


Then his face turns gloomy.


“What’s wrong? Was it that bad?” I asked. Again, stupid question.


He actually smiles a little after hearing my stupid question.


“If I didn’t think of letting you live I would have drowned us while kissing you.” Well, somehow I’m happy to hear his answer.


Then he continues.


“I guess, you’re doing this out of pity. After this you’re going back to Donghae hyung, right?”


Oh.My.God! He still thinks I don’t like him. Of course, since he saw the real Hae Rin kissing Donghae.


Now, why did Hae Rin kept it a secret from me?





Why did she kiss me first? And when I kissed her, she kissed me back! On top of that, it doesn’t feel like she pities me, because her kiss felt real. But I can’t help but remember about Donghae hyung.


While both of us, still in the heated pool, she starts to talk.


“Listen, empty-head. I don’t know how to say this to you. For the time being I don’t exactly know what I can do. But all I can say is, whatever you’re feeling about me, I feel the same way too. Although I have so many things to ask, I’ll ask just one thing first.”


I just nod.


“Do you love me?” She asked.




Then she continues.


“You just have to trust me now. Don’t think about Donghae when you think of me. And don’t feel a bit guilty that you like me. Because I love you, not Donghae. Don’t even think that I’m playing with Donghae’s heart or betraying him. Just, trust me.”


Although I don’t quite understand, but I choose to just believe everything she says. Yes, I’m going crazy for a devil, I know.


“Maybe later I’ll tell you everything, but for the time being, would you just act normal with me when everyone else is around. And keep in mind that I love you?”


I nod.


Without even thinking, I smile with all the happiness I feel right now. Maybe I don’t understand a thing, or I’m just a fool. But what I know is I need her with me.


She swims to me and hugs me. I hug her back. Finally, I get a hug from her!


Yeay for me!


“Hey short legs.” I called her.


“Yes, empty head.” She replied.


“I’m feeling a bit cold now.” I smirked.


“Duh, the weather is freezing cold!” She replied.


“Keep me warm for a while?” I said.


With the most beautiful smile I have ever seen on her face, she answered, “I’m right here, not going anywhere.”


 “I’m stupid for saying this, but I love a devil.”


The full moon is beautiful after all. And so is the night.



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