How Come I'm Here and You're There?

Loving In Another Shoe

 -규현.KYU HYUN-


Finally, who knew pulling the devil’s hair can get her to agree to go to gym? Even if she doesn’t do sports or working out?


Genius brain, Kyu. I wonder if I can get the hyungs to do what I want by pulling their hair? I guess I shall try it later with them, starting from Kangin hyung. Hehe.


Well, at least she’s here, then she won’t be alone and cry by herself again.


Remember people, I’m doing this just for the sake of not getting murdered by Changmin.






Now, what should I do?


Oh, right! The sports attire! Ergh, should I contaminate my clothes by letting the devil to wear it? Pieces of hell are going to stick to the clothes!


Oh, well. Since you brought her here, I guess you’re going to have to do it, Kyu.


“Here.” I throw a set of sports attire to her.


She looks at it weirdly.


“Yah, what the hell… Why’d you throw a rag at me?!” She asked.


A RAG? I bought that beautiful, expensive set of clothes with my own money, and she called it a R.A.G?


This devil…


“Yah, that thing is expensive!” I defended my clothes.


“Well, you sure have a bad taste. That’s obvious. Are you sure these are clean? Don’t you think I should fumigate it for at least 70 times first?” She asked sarcastically.


“What?! Yah, be thankful I’m actually lending you these!” I answered her back, wondering if I can ever shut her devil mouth.


“Who the hell dragged me here in the first place anyway? I don’t even want to wear your clothes. Urgh.” She said.


Well, she has a point there.


But hey, I’m the genius Kyu here. There’s no way I’m losing to her words.


“Whatever. You’re already here, and you certainly can’t wear THAT dress into the gym. So, you have no choice, devil. See you inside.” I said, grab my bag with clothes in it and get out from the car, heading towards the gym’s entry.


She seems to agree reluctantly and gets out from the car too.


I enter the gym first, with her following my back. She’s never been to this gym, so I guess she doesn’t know her way around.


Well, I certainly won’t be nice and show her around. That’ll be weird. Yerp.


So I quicken my pace to the reception, leaving her behind.


“YAH EMPTY HEAD! Wait for me! How am I supposed to know where to go in this place?” I can hear her screaming at a distant.


Finally I reach the reception much faster than the devil, with no sign of her anywhere near.


The receptionist who’s wearing a name tag ‘Kwon Min Ri’ greeted me with a smile.


“Annyeonghaseyo. There’s a girl, our friend who’s here for the first time. She needs to change. Help her around, will you? Thanks. I’m in a hurry.” I said to the receptionist.


She just nods her head and I quickly walk to the men’s changing room to change.


The receptionist is going to help the lost devil, so I have nothing to worry for now. Oh yeah, I got to go change fast or else Eeteuk hyung’s nagging is going to make my ears fall apart into pieces.




Stupid, idiot, empty head.


I curse him as he’s walking so fast until I can’t catch up to him and eventually I lost him from my sight.


Darn it.


He brings me here, to the gym and leaves me behind? I don’t even know where to change my clothes at this place! You can practically say I’m lost in a gym!


“Good morning, miss. Hello, I’m Min Ri. Follow me please, I’ll bring you to the changing room.” One staff at the gym suddenly greets me.


Huh. I’m so relieved there’s actually someone who can help me here. Wow. She looks like she can read my mind, knowing that I want to change my clothes.


Well, maybe because she sees that I’m holding sports clothes in my hand.


You’re safe for now, empty head! You’re lucky that there’s this nice staff to help me, or else I would have cut your head off by now.


I enter the female changing room and change my clothes into the empty head’s clothes.


Urgh. Shivers run down my spine.


Is this cloth really clean? Did he put some itchy powder in here? Or are actually these clothes  a gift from a fan? Then I don’t dare to wear it. The fan is going to kill me.


Aisy. Like I have a choice now.


I have a prayer to recite now:

Dear god, please save me from getting into any bad luck while I’m wearing this condemned clothes of the empty head.


I can’t believe I’m actually doing this.


After a while…


Oh my god!


The sleeves are too long. I have to fold them up a bit.


The width of this sportswear is too wide! You can say that another people can fit in here.


The track bottom is too long. Have to fold them up too.


The waist is so wide. Again, have to fold them so that the pants won’t fall off.




One sentence to describe myself now. An elf wearing a monster’s outfit.



How the hell am I supposed to face the guys like this? I’ll be the joke of the year for sure!


I can already imagine the teasing words coming out from their fatal mouth – baggy elf, short legs (the fish’s favourite), devil rapper. Do you guys have any more ideas?


I step out of the changing room, and find the same staff standing outside the changing room, waiting for me.


“Here’s the way to the fitness centre.” I follow her and finally reach the big room with a lot of exercising equipments. I can see some of the guys are already warming up. But not everyone is here. I can’t seem to find the fish and Hyuk. Oh, Kibum is also not here.


The empty head is right. There’s no one here except the Super Junior guys and their crew. This is indeed a private training.


 Suddenly Kangin spots me standing there, observing the dorks like an idiot.


“Oh, Hae Rin?” He exclaimed. Why does he sound so surprised? Doesn’t he know Eeteuk wants me to be here?


“Why are your clothes so big? Now your short legs seems more…SHORT! Ahahaha” Yesung said while laughing because of my ‘short’ legs.


Hey, my legs aren’t that short! Maybe because they’re used to meet girl groups that have beautiful long legs, that Hae Rin and I are considered to be ‘short legs’. Oh, well. At least I have legs to walk. Hey, what do you know, I’m a thankful person after all! I deserve a pat on my head for that.


“Wow, you can actually be a rapper with those clothes! You need to cut a bit the lengths of the sleeves and the pants though. Your hands and legs are barely visible.” Siwon suggested.


Thanks, Siwon. What a nice, sincere thought.


Finally, Eeteuk who was busy talking to one of the crew hears the guys’ comments on my clothes and eventually he turns his head to look at me too.


“Eyh, Hae Rin? Why are you here?! That’s odd! Okay, I’m not welcoming you here, to the gym, but it’s just weird. You and the gym? That sounds seriously weird.” Eeteuk said.




The empty head said that Eeteuk was the one who wanted me to be here! How come Eeteuk is also surprised that I’m here?!


Wait a minute. Did the empty head lied?


That empty head…


“WHERE THE HELL IS CHO KYUHYUN?!?!” I shouted to the dorks.


The guys look at each other, shrugging their shoulders. There’s a moment of silence.


And suddenly…


“Who’s calling my beautiful name so loudly here?” The empty head asked innocently while entering the centre, without knowing death is coming to him, delivered by me.


Everyone’s attention turns towards him.


He stops walking as he feels a lot of eyes are on him.


“Err, hyungs. Do I look too good today? Hmm. Probably it’s the new hair cream.” He said, reacting to his hyung’s excessive attention to him.


Then everyone turns their attention towards me. Yes, me. In case you forgot, I’m the one who’s wearing a big-sized outfit.


“Kyu honey, you brought her here? Don’t get it wrong, Hae Rin ah. We don’t mind that you’re here. It’s just…weird.” Eeteuk asked Kyuhyun.


Yeah, ‘Kyu honey’, I would also like to know that!


Kyuhyun stays silent for a second. Seems like he’s brainstorming.


“Erk. Well, she looked like she has no energy when I met her, so I’m just being kind by bringing her here so she can exercise. Besides, she said she’s eager to meet the members.” He answered.


What the hell…


“YAH! You’re the one who dragged me here! I didn’t even say those nonsense.” I shouted at him.


“Here they go again.” I can hear Shindong’s voice at the back.


“I thought they’ll be fine after the fake date.” Sungmin also said something.


“I guess they’re really keeping their promise on killing each other after the fake date then.” There goes Heechul too.


“So, who wants to bet on who’ll kill who first?”


“I think Kyu’s going to win.”


“Nah, Hae Rin looks so angry now that I bet she’s going to win.”


“Aisy. Shut up! The trainer is here!!!” Eeteuk silences everyone in the room.


Seems like nobody but me cares about the truth then.




What does this retarded empty head wants by bringing me here? Torturing me by asking me to exercise? Well, if it’s the real Hae Rin, then yes, it’ll be a torture. But now, it’s me here, instead of Hae Rin. And just in case you forgot, I’m into sports?


But I guess he doesn’t know that.


How did I even loose to the empty head? How did I even end up here? I guess I have to cut my hair short so that he can’t pull my hair again next time.


“Okay guys! Let’s start our training.” The trainer shouted.


Everyone listens to the trainer’s instruction and starts working out using equipments that they are directed to use.




Now I look like an idiot wearing an oversized outfit, watching these dorks working out.


I swear this empty head is weird. I don’t get him.




Might as well go try the equipments here, rather than being an idiot staring at these dorks.


Now that I think about it, where’re the fish and Hyuk anyways? I know that Kibum has his drama to shoot, but where’s the fish and his Hyuk?


“Hey, Shindong. Where’s the stinky fish and his anchovy-monkey friend?” I asked Shindong who’s standing the closest to me.


“Owh, Eeteuk hyung said they went out early and they’re changing their clothes at the dorm now before coming here. Well, I’m off to killing myself on this treadmill. You want to join?” Shindong answered.


Running on the treadmill? OF COURSE IT’S A YES!


I love running, sprinting. But seeing that I’m ‘Hae Rin’ now, I’ll pass first. If I really feel like it, then I’ll try the treadmill.


“Err, no thanks. I’ll probably trip on it.” Lies. How I want so badly to exercise now, seeing all of them starting to commence their training! But I can’t show my excitement.


Hae Rin ah, I think this time I just saved you from being in this gym. You’ll probably have a fight with every equipment if you’re really here. No, worse than that, I think you’ll probably kill all the exercising equipments here. Yeah, I think I truly saved you now.


Aisy. This sports outfit is bugging me. Ergh. Good thing it doesn’t smell.


Now my mind is planning on how to murder the empty head for lying to me and dragging me to the gym.


Boy, I can be a strategist for war!


-해린.HAE RIN-




‘Hae Rin ah. Somehow I coincidently met Kyuhyun here. And he said Eeteuk said I have to go to the gym with them. I tried to escape, so I can chill with you at home, but the empty head won’t let me. He’s driving us straight to the gym. I’m sorry, Hae Rin ah.’


The message is from Ha Young.


I know I can’t blame Ha Young, it’s her job anyway to replace me. But I seriously miss the guys! Well, good thing Hae and Hyuk came this morning, although uninvited.


I miss them like crazy. I wonder if those two have reached the gym yet. Or did they go to the dorm first to change?




Ring. Ring. Ring.


Huh? My phone is ringing? Weird.


Unless it’s Ha Young, seldom do others call me. If they do, usually Ha Young will pick it up. Our phones are duplicated, remember? Whoever messages or calls her, it appears the same on my phone.


Ring. Ring. Ring.


It’s ringing again.


Should I answer it? Usually Ha Young does, but since the phone keeps ringing, I guess Ha Young is busy now, or she left her phone somewhere.


Ring. Ring. Ring.


Still ringing?! Ergh. Its starting to annoy me. Fine, fine. I’ll answer it. Shut up will you, phone.


Eyh? Who’s number is this?


I don’t recognize the number that appears on the screen.


“Yoboseyyo?” I greeted.


“Yoboseyyo. Hae Rin-sshi?” The voice on the other line asked. It’s a girl.


I’m not sure if she means ‘Hae Rin’ as in me, the real Hae Rin or ‘Hae Rin’ as in Ha Young, the one who is replacing me.


Either way, it’s still Hae Rin. You’re confused right?


“Erm, yeah. This is she.” I answered. I don’t know who the hell is this girl on the other line!


“Oh, Hae Rin-sshi. Sorry to be disturbing you. This is Eun Mi. Do you still remember me?” Finally, the girl introduces herself.




Who the hell is that?! I’ve never heard of her!


But what if she met Ha Young, and Ha Young forgot to tell about her to me? Then it would be weird if I said that I don’t remember her.


“Oh, Eun Mi-sshi. It’s you.” I said. I guess that’s a pretty good answer, right?


“I’m glad you still remembered me! Okay, I know our meeting at the restaurant last time with Kyuhyun oppa didn’t end on a good note. I was too emotional. I hope you didn’t get sick from the water that I splashed on you. I’m really sorry, Hae Rin-sshi. Do you forgive me?” That Eun Mi girl said.


She met with Ha Young and Kyuhyun at a restaurant? I guess this is the girl that Ha Young talked about, on why she has to do the fake date. But Ha Young still haven’t tell me the full story about what happened at the restaurant during the fake date yet, since she had to go to her friend’s funeral this morning.


Eun Mi.


Wait a minute, she SPLASHED water on Ha Young?!


“It’s okay. I’ve forgotten about it.” I replied with lies. Of course I haven’t forgotten about it! In fact, I didn’t even have a chance to experience it!


She splashed water on Ha Young, not me, so she should apologize to Ha Young.


But then again, obviously this girl doesn’t have a clue about Ha Young replacing me. Duh.


Is that girl too obsessed with Kyuhyun? How dare she splashes water on Ha Young!


“Oh, I’m glad to hear that. I hope you and Kyuhyun oppa are still together now.” She said, sounding extremely insincere.


What the hell does she mean by that? Didn’t she just met them, like, yesterday? Is she actually hoping that they won’t stay together? Well, actually, they aren’t together, but to Eun Mi’s eyes, they’re supposed to be together.


Ergh. Talking to myself too much makes the head experiences pain. Ouch. Confusion.


“Erm, yeah. Thanks.” I replied.


“Okay, so I called to apologize to you. And also… I was hoping we could meet up. You know, just to chill and get to know each other better, since we didn’t have the chance to do that at the restaurant. How about it?” Eun Mi asked.


She wants to chill together?


Get to know each other? Geez, if it was me, I wouldn’t be wasting my time to get to know my ex’s current girlfriend. I’d rather spend my time finding another hottie or better, go shopping and spend some quality time with my credit cards.


But, thinking about it again, I really want to see how this Eun Mi looks like. I’ve never heard about her before. Maybe the guys didn’t even want to mention about her. From the brief story that Ha Young told me, I heard she’s a pain in the to the guys, especially Kyuhyun.


You know what? I’m suddenly curious.


“That’s nice. You set the time and place then. I don’t mind.” I replied. Who cares about the agency’s rules or restrictions now?


And somehow, I just remembered, curiosity kills the cat.


I want to see the rude girl who dares to splash water on Ha Young who has done a lot for me! And she’s the same girl who caused a lot of troubles to the Super Junior guys.


“I’m free now. Are you? We can meet at Starbucks; it’s about 4 blocks from the National University.” She asked.


Now? I’m free at night and day, babe.


“That’s great. So, see you in less than half of an hour?” I asked back.


“Okay. See you then. Annyeonghaseyo.” Eun Mi then hangs up.


Eun Mi. Huh. Let’s see how you’ll handle a piece of my mind for splashing water on Ha Young.


I open my closet to pick out the clothes that I’m going to wear.


Ha Young probably left her phone at the locker, since she’s at the gym now. At least she’s a sports person. So I know she’ll survive it there.


If it’s really me who’s there, ergh. Let’s just say physical activities (except for shopping) and me, just can’t exist in the same peaceful world.


Now, how am I going to get through the agents?


Doesn’t matter. I’m going to meet that girl by hook or by crook and let her have some piece of my mind for treating Ha Young badly, and not to mention the harassment she did to the Super Junior guys.


So, let’s see which clothes are suitable for ‘Scolding Someone Who Splashed Water On The Person Who Risked Her Life For You.’


Hey, you have to look good in whatever you do, right? Including if you want to smack someone too.



















If you guys are thinking that I’m counting on how many minutes that have passed since I’ve been at this dreadful gym, then you better think again.


“Yah, Heechul oppa! It’s already been 50 SECONDS since you last did your push up! Hurry up and do another one! I’m giving you some support here!” I said to Heechul.


Yup. I’ve been counting the seconds.


“Aisy, Hae Rin ah. Be quiet. I’ve already done a lot of push-ups! I’m tired already! I need some rest. The muscles are screaming already.” Heechul replied while acting to breath heavily, as if he’s really tired.


“Heechul oppa! (a) You don’t even have muscles except for muscles in your tongue, since you talk a lot. And (b) you only did 3 push ups! And that’s like a minute ago! And you’re saying you’re tired already? Aisy.” I said to him.


“Yah Lee Hae Rin. You’re really, urgh. Now I understand why the fish calls you devil. In this matter, I’m totally on his side! Even Teukie would raise his white underwear to signal his defeat to you in nagging!” Heechul said


Huh. Why did I even hang with Heechul? Oh yeah, because he dragged me to his side, asking me to accompany him and saying that he’ll be bored exercising by himself.


“You’re supposed to cover me, so the trainer won’t see me. Then I can have some more rest instead of hurting my precious muscles.” Heechul continued.


Right. So that’s the real reason why I have to hang with him. Aisy, this lazy Heechul.


“Well, good luck covering up by yourself. I’m off.” I said while walking away from him.


“Yah! Well, okay you devil. I’m going to mess up with your hair later when we get home.” I hear him shouted as I walk towards other members.


I better go to someone else. Well, you have to make a choice, right? It’s either hang out with someone else or count the seconds of when Heechul doesn’t exercise rather than count the number of times he exercises.


As I am wandering around the centre, suddenly I feel my oversized sportswear being pulled on the neck from the back.


“Oi.” I turn to my back and find Siwon grinning from ear to ear. You might imagine he looks sweet right now, but I’m the one who’s facing him, and his wide grin is anything BUT sweet. It looks more to evil-like sweet.


“Err, yeah Siwon? Why’s you pull my oversized clothes by the neck and almost choked me to death by doing so?” I asked.


And then I just noticed that he’s sweating so much, meaning that he has been exercising a lot by now.


“Whoah. You’re sweating like hell! Unlike the other guy who did 3 push ups and is already saying his muscles hurt.” I continued.


“Here!” Siwon shouted excitedly while handing me something.


A dumbbell.


“Hae Rin ah. You and me, we’re having a match!” Siwon suggested.


What the… Right, I forgot. They are Super Junior. You know, Super Junior, the guys who find tormenting me as one of their sources of happiness in their lives. And what would be a better time to torture ‘Hae Rin’ than when she’s stuck in a gym with them, seeing that ‘Hae Rin’ doesn’t do sports.


And I know you’re probably arguing that Siwon won’t do these kind of torturing to girls, since he’s a gentleman. Well, I would agree with you. But I think you forgot that, ALL the Super Junior guys don’t act like a gentleman with me, remember?


Sigh. That’s the fate of my life, I guess.


Argh. The dumbbell is heavy too!


“Siwon ah. In case you forgot, I’m a girl? And in case you didn’t notice, I’m not a weightlifter?” I hope those questions would make him realize the facts.


“I know. But you never went to the gym. So, just take it as me giving you a tour guide on things you should do in a gym. So, ready for the match?” Siwon replied.


“Yeah, right. A tour guide on things you should TORTURE yourself with while being in a gym. That’s how I would rephrase it.” I mumbled.


“Here goes. We’re doing it until 5. Whoever finishes 5 first, wins. Loser is buying ice-cream.” Siwon said, ignoring how I rephrased his words.


“This is what you wanted actually, right? A free ice-cream? You should have just said so, I could just buy you one. No need this dumbbell match you know.” I suggested to avoid lifting the dumbbell.


“One, two, three.” Siwon starts to count, signalling that the match is starting. He has already picked up his dumbbell, a heavier version of the dumbbell that he handed to me.


And I quickly picked up the lighter dumbbell, the one that he handed to me earlier.


What? Well, I’m not going to back up from a match just like that. Who knows, maybe I do stand a chance against Choi Siwon in this?




You’re in reality, Ha Young. You might want to think again what you have just said to yourself.


So I started lifting the dumbbell while trying to build my non-existent biceps.


Sweats are starting to form on my skin.


Siwon on the other hand, is building his biceps with the heavy dumbbell so easily! I should’ve guessed that when he asked me to compete with him.


“1!” I started counting on how many times I have lifted the dumbbell with my right hand. Yeah, I know. I just did one.


“5!” Siwon suddenly shouted.




 I was just starting and he has already finished 5?!?!?!


Lesson of the day : Do not, I repeat, do not compete with a guy, especially with a tough one like Siwon when it comes to working out.


Did you get that, genius brain of Ha Young’s?


“Okay, I lose. Ergh. That was tough!” I admitted my defeat.


“Well, actually, for a girl who never works out, you actually did quite well. Maybe you should come to the gym often.” Siwon said.


If it’s the real Hae Rin who’s actually hearing his words now, I can bet she’ll have shivers running down her spine now.


“Come to the gym often? Thanks, but no thanks.” I answered exactly like how Hae Rin would answer, eventhough I, myself won’t mind coming to the gym often.


Ergh. Now that I’m sweating a bit because of the little match with Siwon, these oversized clothes are starting to annoy me.


“So, everyone! Free ice-cream on Hae Rin after training!” Siwon informed the other dorks.


Great. He hasn’t forget on the punishment for the loser. Nice memory, Siwon. Well, I’ll let you off with this one, Siwon, since you’ve been nice to me (although not all the time, but compared to other members, I can say you’re the nice one).


“Fine. We’ll see if I brought enough money. Keep exercising, I’m going to go wander somewhere else.” I said to Siwon while walking away.


Well, I better walk away from him now. Or else, who knows what kind of exercise he’ll force me to do if I hang with him?


As I’m wandering, my eyes found Eeteuk.


“Eeteuk oppa! What are you doing?” I asked him.


“Hae Rin ah.. Urghh.. In case you…don’t know…I’m…doing…urgh…sit…ups! 30!” Eeteuk answered me with difficulty as he is trying to complete his 30th sit-up.


Well, stupid question, Ha Young.


“You’re working hard!” I praised him. Well, being a leader and omma of 12 other kids isn’t that easy. And to add to that, he’s building his body to be perfect too! That certainly deserves a praise.


Eeteuk suddenly stops and faces me.


“Let’s see how fit you are!” Eeteuk suddenly shouted.


“What? Ergh, it’s okay. I know I’m not that fit anyway. No need to test it.” I don’t mind doing sit-ups actually, but it’ll be weird if ‘Hae Rin’ does sit-ups willingly.


“Come on, give it a try. I promise you’re not going to die because of it.” Eeteuk said.


“Yeah, let’s see how many sit-ups you can do.” Suddenly Ryeowook butts in out of nowhere.


I was about to lie down and start doing sit-ups, because Eeteuk and Ryeowook keeps persuading me to do some, and suddenly…



“Aigoo.. Phewh.. Finally, completed my 100 continuous sit-ups.” Somebody said.


Sorry, let me rephrase that. It’s not just ‘somebody’. Just by hearing his annoying voice, you’ll know it’s the empty head.


When was he there? I didn’t even notice his presence until he said something.


Did he just suddenly appear out of nowhere? That empty head.


Well, at least I don’t have to do the sit-ups that Eeteuk and Ryeowook kept asking me to do. I already feel uncomfortable sweating in this oversized sportswear of the empty head’s.


Wait a minute. What did the empty head say just now?


He just finished his 100 SIT-UPS? CONTINUOUSLY? Yeah, right. Like that’s ever going to happen. Well, not until rabbits can talk.


“Keep telling that to yourself in your dreams, empty head. Even Siwon can’t do that. Let alone, you? Haha. That’s a good joke!” I said to the empty head.


Who knew the empty head is such a clown, making a joke out of himself? Seriously, that’s a good one, empty head. Maybe I should give you applause for that.




“Yah! I really did 100 sit-ups! Continuously!” I try to defend my pride.


How dare she said that I lied?!

Doesn’t she know that I have the most perfect body in Super Junior (ELFs, I beg you to agree)? Somebody please get that statement into her devil head!


Obviously, for me, 100 sit-ups are as easy as looking hot all the time.


But of course, if you count from 94.




Told you I did 100 sit-ups! Who cares if I started counting from 94?!


Well, first, that devil looked impressed with how Siwon hyung does well with the dumbbell, since Siwon hyung beat her in their little match. I can’t believe she even agreed to that match in the first place. Ergh, that devil. Doesn’t she know that she’s tired from the funeral this morning? Why does she even try that heavy dumbbell? What if she gets really, really tired and then collapse? Now, who’s going to bring her to the hospital? Me?




I’m thinking about long-term effects here.


Not that I care about what happens to her. I only care about what’s going to happen to me. If she collapses, then Changmin will kill me because I didn’t take care of her when she’s mourning about her friend.




That’s the actual reason. Everything is just to save myself from being murdered by Changmin. Uhuh. Yup.


Now, she’s complimenting Teukie hyung who’s doing sit-ups?


She said Teukie hyung is WORKING HARD with the sit-ups? Doing sit-ups is a piece of cake, why does she has to praise Teukie hyung for that?


Then later Teukie hyung is going to brag about it to the others!


Nope, I’m not going to let that happen. That devil has to praise me too, so that Teukie hyung can’t brag about the praise he got from the devil.


So that’s how I ended doing 100 sit-ups (by counting from 94) in front of the devil.


And yet, she still doesn’t believe I did that many sit-ups?!


She’s not even praising me, but she sarcastically said I made a JOKE? That devil…




Forget it. Since when does her compliments are all that anyway? Fine, Teukie hyung. You can brag all you want about how much Hae Rin praised you for working hard later.


Might as well just go work out on other equipments.


Let the devil have fun with the other members. As long as she’s not crying anymore and I don’t have to kidnap another kid to console her, then I’m totally fine with it.


“Hey, Hae Rin ah! Help me count my push-ups!” Hankyung hyung shouted.


Help him count how many push-ups he’ll do? Why does he need Hae Rin for that? Just because she’s here for the first time, that doesn’t mean the hyungs have to introduce her to all kinds of training we do!


What if she gets tired just from counting the push ups? And then her brain becomes malfunctioned? Then she’ll keep crying because her brain has malfunctioned. Then I have to kidnap another kid to console her again!




“Hankyung hyung. I’ll help you. Yah, devil. Just go away and be quiet.” I said as I approach Hankyung hyung.


Seems like she’s irritated with what I just said to her.


“Yah! I’ve been just quiet since I came here. In fact, you’re the one who dragged me here to torment me in this gym. Stupid empty-head.” She shouted back and walks to Sungmin hyung.


“Kyu ah. Why did you even drag her here?” Hankyung hyung asked as he starts doing his push-ups.


“One.” I said as I count his push-ups.


“I told you, hyung. A devil should start to exercise.” I continued, answering his question.


“Yeah. But why did you let her borrow your sport clothes? That’s like, your favourite sports outfit. Isn’t that the expensive one you bought yourself?” Hankyung hyung keeps asking.


I was about to answer when suddenly someone shouted.


“Whoah! Hae Rin ah! Who knew you can run well on the treadmill!” Sungmin hyung suddenly shouted.




She’s on the treadmill now?! How did she even end up with Sungmin hyung on the treadmill?


Aisy, this devil! Doesn’t she know that she’s tired already? Can’t she just stay quiet and go sit somewhere? Do I have to tell her that? Doesn’t she know her own body?


“Nah. This is very slow speed. I can only do with this slow speed. But Sungmin, you can run on the treadmill well!” The devil said, praising Sungmin hyung.


What? Now she’s praising Sungmin hyung too?!


I can run on the treadmill too! Sungmin hyung is not the only one who is capable of doing that!


I pace towards the treadmill machine.


“Eyh. Kyu ah! Where are you going?” Hankyung hyung asked.


I walk up to the treadmill beside Hae Rin’s, and start to press the buttons. I keep pressing while running until the speed is the same as Sungmin hyung’s treadmill speed.




Fuhh. How can Sungmin hyung stand this? The speed is so fast!


“Tired already, empty head?” Hae Rin asked, sarcastically of course.


“Huh? Tired? Never heard of that word.” I answered back while trying with all the energy in my body to keep running on this treadmill while my lungs are busy trying to catch enough oxygen to keep me alive here.


I am not going to let the devil see me weaker than other members. Then she’ll start teasing me if I stop running on the treadmill now. Come on, Kyu. You’re a tough, smart, handsome guy. This speed of running is nothing.


“Kyuhyun ah! You’re NOT supposed to run for that long with that speed! Even if the injuries are already a few years back, I told you, your body is still not as strong as before. Now, you better reduce the speed of the treadmill or stop and do other exercises!” The trainer suddenly said as he comes up to me.




I can’t stop now! Can’t he see I’m running perfectly now? If I stop now, then the devil will say I’m weak!


“Kyu ah. I think you better listen to the trainer, okay?” Sungmin hyung said while still running on his treadmill.


“Kim Kyuhyun! Stop running on the treadmill!” There’s only one person who calls me with the surname ‘Kim’. Heechul hyung.


Okay. I get it that they care for me, I mean, who doesn’t, but I’m perfectly fine now.


And actually I…..




“OUCH!!!” I didn’t get to finish the sentence in my head.


Let us guess what happened, shall we?


A Superman was flying in the gym and couldn’t control his flying power and accidentally landed on me?




Someone threw a dumbbell at me?


Nope. Who would even dare to ruin my perfect body with a dumbbell?


I tripped accidentally while running on the treadmill?

Hmm. Not exactly ‘accidentally’, but that’s close.


“Stop running, you empty head.” Hae Rin said after pressing the stop button on my treadmill, causing me to fall backwards and meet the floor.


Hi, nice meeting you, gym floor. I’m Cho Kyuhyun, the hot, y-voiced singer in Super Junior, but I guess you already know that.


Ergh. This devil. Well, I guess I would admit that I’m actually tired from too much running on the treadmill.


But then again, the devil didn’t have to stop me from running like that and caused me to fall down on the floor! Ergh.


Wait? Did she think I’m too weak and can’t continue to run?


No! Then she’ll have an impression that I’m weak!




Smack again.


Why do you even care of how she thinks of you, Kyu?


Oh, right. Why do I even care?




“Let’s take a break guys!” Eeteuk hyung shouted.


“Woohooo! Let’s go!” The other hyungs screamed.


“Eyh. Hae and Hyuk is still not here? I guess they’re stuck in traffic jams then.”




“Kim Kyuhyun! Stop running on the treadmill!” Heechul shouted.


Why does this empty head keep running on the treadmill anyway after the hyungs and the trainer told him to stop? Oh, right. I forgot that he’s an empty head. He doesn’t think.


But he’s starting to look pale. Very pale.


Maybe it’s true that his body is not fit as he has been before the accident a few years back.


Aisy. Stupid, empty head. Stop running, will you?


But of course, an empty head is still an empty head. He keeps running on the treadmill.




I guess you’ll just have to make him stop then. I walk to the front of his treadmill and press the stop button.


“OUCH!!!!” He shouted after falling down, due to the sudden stop of the treadmill.


Hah. Who told you to keep running, empty head?


What a stubborn, diabolical human.


“Let’s take a break guys!” Eeteuk shouted.


Yes! A break! That means the guys are going to go and have some snacks right? Nice.


Finally, I can stop looking like an idiot who’s here to do nothing while the guys are exercising. At least when they’re having a break we can goof around. Although, I’m sure I’ll get tortured, as usual.


Huh. What a luck.


“Eyh. Hae and Hyuk is still not here? I guess they’re stuck in traffic jams then.” Shindong said.


Oh, right. The fish and his monkey friend is still not here. No wonder there are less people torturing me today.


Well, to be truthful, the guys aren’t that cruel today! With the exception of the empty head, of course. Probably because they’re concentrating on their training. And they even said I look tired.


Well, of course I’m a bit exhausted. But does it show that obviously?


I guess after the break maybe I’ll feel refreshed.


Maybe the fish and the monkey would be at the gym during the break. Hmm.


-해린.HAE RIN-






Now, keep going. Phewh. Close one.


I’m almost reaching the taxi stand near my house. I’ve already checked out the place where the agents are positioned, and I took the routes that avoids me from bumping into them. Plus, I said to the maids to not disturb me the whole day and brought a lot of food to my room, so they would think that I’m just going to eat in my room and won’t come out. Then, they won’t notice that I’m gone for a while.




Who knew I was able to plan such great escape anyway? Yeay for me!


Now, the taxi is already waiting for me. I can’t take my car since the agents will notice. So I have to take the taxi.


“Where are you going to, miss?” The taxi driver asked.


“Starbucks near National University, please. Thanks.” I replied.


The journey is just a short one. Once I arrive at the café, I try to find that Eun Mi girl.


Whoah. There are a lot of people here! It’s been so long since I went out! I miss going out!




Focus, Hae Rin.


You’re here to give that Eun Mi girl who treated Ha Young badly some piece of your mind. Focus.


Oh, okay.


Seriously, with this many people in the café, I think that Eun Mi girl needs to hold a signboard to show her current position.


As I’m scanning through the place, one particular girl who’s sitting alone caught my attention.



Wow. Her outfit. Wow. It’s so, so,… eye-catching. How do I say it? Too much fashion sense?


Whatever. I’m not here to judge people’s style anyway.


Suddenly, that girl waves at me.


Oh, I’m right then. That’s Eun Mi, since she recognizes me. I wave back at her and walk towards her table.


I take a seat in front of her.


“Hi. I’m glad you came, Hae Rin-sshi! I’m sorry if I’m disturbing you.” She said. Er, she does sound nice, not to mention she’s beautiful too. But why did she splashed water on Ha Young?!


She smiles a bit, and flips her hair.


Okay. Now she looks a bit annoying.


“No problem. I wasn’t doing anything anyway. Nice to meet you again.” I said. Well, actually, it’s my first time meeting her, but, you guys get it.


I hope she doesn’t notice the voice difference between me and Ha Young. Well, I doubt she’ll notice it, since she only met her once.


“Hmm. Hae Rin-sshi. It’s too noisy here. There’re too many people. Do you mind if we go somewhere else?” Eun Mi asked.


“Sure. Why not?” I agreed. Well, it’s true. It’s too crowded here. Might as well just go to somewhere peaceful.


Eun Mi gets up and grabs her bag, and I follow her.


She walks among the shops there, and I walk beside her. As we’re walking I could see shops having sales and discount tags are all over the place!


Oh my god. How am I supposed to restrain myself?! Okay, okay. Calm down, Hae Rin.


But something is weird. Eun Mi said she wants to chill with me, get to know me more. But she haven’t even say any word since we left Starbucks. How are we supposed to get close if we don’t talk with each other? Not that I really wanted to get close to her anyway.


Eun Mi keeps walking, and I follow her, until we meet  a junction and she turns right. Then she opens one door of a shop and enters the shop.


Well, to be exact, I don’t even know if it’s a shop or not. The windows are all closed and tinted and there’s no one nearby. But since Eun Mi entered the shop, I guess the shop is opened then.


I enter the shop after Eun Mi.


Why do I suddenly feel goosebumps?


Stay still, nerves. Why are you guys so hyped up, making me feeling nervous so suddenly?


As I enter, suddenly someone grabs me and holds my hands at my back tightly.


“YAH!! Let me go!” I try to escape from whoever is holding my hand. Unfortunately, it’s all in vain.


What the hell is this all about?




The guys who’s holding me tight forces me to sit on a chair and ties me with a rope to the chair.




I try to turn to look at the guy who tied me to this chair but I’m not able to.


“Thank you. You can leave now.” Suddenly I hear another voice. A male’s voice.


Then Eun Mi appears in front of me.


“Yah! What are you doing? Do you have mental sickness? Why do you tie people to a chair?! And who’s voice is that? The one that I heard before?” I shouted at Eun Mi.


What is wrong with her?


You don’t go calling people, saying you want to chill with them and when you meet them, you tie them up to a chair! That’s not normal!


“Tsk.Tsk You didn’t even have this kind of temper when we met with Kyuhyun oppa before. I guess you were faking to be nice when you were with him then.” Eun Mi said.


Okay. Now I get it why she’s a pain in the for the guys. She’s so rude! And not to mention, y!


“Since you guys kissed, I guess you guys are real. But as I said before, I don’t know what he sees in you. Never mind, I’m sure he’ll come back to me again.” Eun Mi continued.


Kyuhyun KISSED Ha Young?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! You have got to be kidding me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I am so going to interrogate Ha Young as soon as I see her after this. Well, that is, if I’m able to make it out of here alive.


“When you’re gone, I’m sure Kyuhyun oppa will realize that I’m the only one for him.” Eun Mi added.


Okay. This girl is seriously obsessed with Kyuhyun. I pity him now. She’s younger than me, and she’s talking about she’s the only one for him? Huh. What a girl.


Then a guy suddenly appears from another room.


Wait a minute.


I swear I’ve seen his face. I know I’ve seen it somewhere.


In the news, maybe? Is he an idol? An actor?




Oh, right!


He’s the KILLER!!! This is him. He’s the one that I saw on the other night! He’s the one that shot that girl in the alley!


Guys, so this is the killer. Why don’t you guys say hi to him?


Smack. No time for that, Hae Rin.


“Thank you for bringing her here, Eun Mi. You can leave and go do whatever you want now.” He said to Eun Mi.


Eun Mi is co-operating with him? How? Why? Urgh. I’m so confused.


“But, you’re going to make sure that she doesn’t appear in front of Kyuhyun oppa again, right? But how?” Eun Mi asked the killer.


“You can bet on that. You don’t have to know how. You want to be with your ‘oppa’, right? Now, just go. I’ll deal with everything from here.” The killer replied.


It seems like Eun Mi doesn’t know who this guy really is. Seems like he’s using Eun Mi to get to me.




Why does that Eun Mi has to be so obsessed with Kyuhyun? Ergh! Now I’m stuck here, with this killer!


Eun Mi walks out after giving her devilish smirk to me.


What the hell am I supposed to do now?!


Suddenly the image of Hae plays on my mind. I guess it’s fate that he suddenly comes to my house today. Maybe that was the last time I could see him.


I didn’t even get to say thanks to him, for being such a great friend to me. I didn’t even get to say thanks to the Super Junior guys for being friends with me.


I didn’t even get to say thanks to Ha Young for putting her life on the line for me, even if she doesn’t know me.


And I didn’t even get to say to Hae, that I miss him like crazy, and…how I like him as, more than just a friend.


“Now, I guess you still remember me then, Hae Rin-sshi?” The killer said.


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