A Geometrical Logic.

Loving In Another Shoe

-규 현.KYU HYUN-

You can do it, Kyuhyun.

Keep searching.

It's an all boys foster home. There must be some.

I found one.

It looks tempting!

"Hey, kid. I see you have some cool games programme with you!" Yep. Of course I'm looking for new game programmes to put in my game player.

"Hyung? What do you actually want from me?" The boy seems like he's about three to four years younger than me. There's a few game programmes beside him, but he looks like he's not even interested in them.

Who in their right minds will not be interested in games that are just sitting right beside them? Is this kid's brain starting to malfunction or something?

Oh, no. This kid seems to have a bright future. But he just keeps staring at the small, wooden cube in his hands. Being the perfect guy I am, I officially declare this kid's behaviour as weird.

He has games beside him and he's playing with a wooden cube?

"Aren't you interested in the games you got as your gifts?" I asked him, hoping to satisfy my curiosity. Every kid in the hall is running around with their gifts, yet he is sitting here, alone, looking solemn while staring at this small cube in his hands.

"Hyung, seing you approach me so suddenly, without even asking my name first, and straight forwardly asked about the games I got, you certainly have no manners. Just like the nuna before." Finally he spoke, but still his gaze is locked on the cube.

Manners? Excuse me, but I think this kid doesn't know that I'm Cho Kyu Hyun, the most gentleman guy you can ever find! Try digging up the graves and you still won't find any other guy having so much manners than me. I think his brain is seriously malfuctioning. He's the one who has no manners, talking to someone older than him!

And what did he say, comparing me to a nuna? If he really takes a look at my perfect guy figure, including my charismatic height, I'm sure he'll take back the comparing-me-to-a-nuna part!

911? I think I found a kid in a foster home whose brain is rapidly malfunctioning. I think you might need to give his brain some electric shock. Or you can just replace his brain with another. I prefer the latter.

I was about to open up this kid's brain to see if half of his brain is missing or what, then suddenly he spoke to me again.

"The nuna that came to me before asks me about my gifts first. Are you her twin?" What? Okay, seriously, this kid is going to make all my nerve cells break into half.

I came to him with a good intention, which is, to share my games with him. Of course, if he wants to share the games he got with me too. Hey, I have to do business perfectly here. But then he goes on talking about this other girl who would possibly be my twin.

Fine. This kid seems to be building up my curiosity anyways, so why don't I just accompany him since the other hyungs are busy with other children.

"What's with this nuna you're talking about? Did she asked you to marry her or something?" That kid smiles a bit. You can say he's quite good-looking for his age when he smiles like that. People, I'm not gay, okay? It's just me being kind. Well, not that I'm not kind before, but...urgh, forget it. Besides, as good looking as he can be, he still can't beat my killer smile.

"The nuna came before you guys did. She gave me this cube as a Christmas present. She said something that really made my Christmas meaningful." That kid gives me a closer look at his cube. The cube is small, just the size you can hold easily, and it's wooden but it's been polished. I can't believe someone gives a block of wood to a kid for Christmas.

"Is she an angel or something? Because I can introduce her to my Eeteuk hyung then." What? Eeteuk hyung keeps saying he's a fallen angel, sent down to Earth during one rainy day. And he said the rain is tears because he fell down to Earth. Yeah, right. Tears? I'd say instead of tears, they're spits. But if that story makes him happy, then I'm happy for him too.

"Hyung, you sure like to interrupt people when talking do you? Do you want to listen to my story or not?" That kid sounded serious again.

"Yah, if your story will make me a billionaire, then I'll listen quietly." Usually I don't get along with kids that well, unless the camera is on me. It's not that I hate them, but I don't know how to handle them. But this kid in front of me sure suits my style. Although his manners are somewhere lost in the forest, I think I can get along just fine with him.

"I lost all my family members in a car accident. I'm the only one who survived and I have no other siblings. So, this is the first Christmas I'm spending alone. I got a lot of gifts, probably because the staffs pity me, but really, I just miss my family." Wow, this kid's thinking is way mature. I decided to just listen to his story. Hey, what do you know? I'm actually a nice guy here.

"The nuna that I told you about before, she saw me being all gloomy and asked if about my gifts. Then somehow I told her the story about my family and she gives me this wooden cube as a Christmas present." He fiddles with the wooden cube, again.

"Why would she give you a piece of wood cut in cubes? Is she broke?" Those words just had to escape my mouth.


"Okay, okay. I'll listen." Now, why am I obeying him?

"She said to not think the world as unfair. She said that I should think about the cube when I'm sad. She added, that, although people says our life is round because we keep doing the same things, but she prefers the cube." The kid stopped a bit to think about something. Then he continued.

"According to what she thinks, the cube has edges, but a sphere shape is just round. Same goes to life. In life there's edges, which means there're opt to be great challenges, and we'll meet challenges again in the future as there are more edges in a cube. But at least, it's better than the sphere shape. Because when you put a sphere shape object on the floor, it rolls around, being unstable. But if you put a cube on the floor, it stays still, because it is stable. That's because the cube has edges to help it become stable. The same goes in life, where the challenges help us becoming a persevered person in the world." I listen to his words and I surprise myself.

I never put in that much focus into something except for hen I'm playing games. Wow. Now you're just too perfect Kyuhyun!

Actually, what that nuna the kid talked about really makes sense. Although, now I think I have to buy a book on geometrical shapes. What? I need to find out if there are other shapes that can be used as comparison to life. Then I can make my own great philosophy and graduate college faster than everyone else. You're too smart, Kyuhyun. Really, you are.

"Hyung, what's your name?" I'm surpisred, again. He actually does have manners! But wait, how come he doesn't know me? I'm calling manager hyung after this. How come there's even a person in this world who doesn't know me? But since this kid got along with me, I'll let him go.

"Kyu Hyun. Cho Kyu Hyun."

"I'll call you Hyun hyung then. Wait, that's too much of a tongue twister. Is it okay if it's Kyu hyung? Or do you want me to call you Kyu Hyun hyung? But I still think the 'Hyun' is too complicated to be said together with hyung." Did I say he has manners before? Sorry. I meant that he has a lot of complaints actually.

"Whatever that prevents your tongue from flipping 180 degrees, kid."

"Okay, Kyu hyung. You can call me Woo Young then." That Woo Young kid stands up and keeps the wooden cube in his pocket.

"Dinner time!" One of the cooks called.

I guess we're going to leave after dinner then. Wait, what about that game exchange with that Woo Young kid that I was thinking about when I approached him earlier?

I run up to him who's already on his way to the dining room.

"Yah, Woo Young ah. Since you looked like you have a lot of games as gifts earlier, do you want to exchange with me?" I tied to persuade him.

He seems to be thinking hard now.

"Nah! I think I'll enjoy the games I got first. If I want to exchange, the I'll call you to come." Then he left me standing dumbfounded in the middle of the hallway.

He's going to call me? Who does he think he is? Doesn't he know I'm a busy, wanted person in this world?

This kid got issues, really.

Then suddenly Donghae hyung approaches me.

"Yah, did you see any girl here?" And since when did Donghae becomes interested in finding girls when we come to a location to film a show?

"If you're talking about the cook ahjumma, yes I've seen her. Other than that, nope!" He looks like something is bothering his mind. Maybe too much sea water got into his head.

I head towards the dining room with Donghae hyung.

"Ahjumma, you like me don't you?" Eeteuk hyung said to the cook ahjumma. Seriously, is he that desperate to fill his book of girls' phone numbers and addresses?

Changmin is here too. Donghae hyung said that this is the foster home Chagmin told us about. Since DBSK rarely gets a day off due to their busy schedules and all, he decided to visit this foster home that he left many years ago. Donghae hyung said that Changmin met his old friend too here earlier but she already left. It's a 'she'? Well, Changmin does surprise people sometimes, huh?

"Hyung, you can share with me if you like." One kid goes to sit beside Shindong hyung and offers to share his meal. Aww, Shindong must have been great to them.

"You know, Jjajangmyeon? Jjampbong's friend?" Hankyung hyung tries to communicate with another kid using hand signals or something. No, the kid is not handicapped or deaf or anything. The problem is that the kid doesn't seem to understand what Hankyung hyung is speaking.

I think all the members enjoy being with this kids, even if we didn't get to celebrate with our families. And even if all of the kids are boys anyways.

-하 영.HA YOUNG-

I'm already in the car, on my way back to Hae Rin's house.

I think my heart just restarted after I got into the car. Seing Super Junior in my real life, my heart almost died from excessive shock. Good thing we escaped before none of them notice.

"Do you think they noticed?" I ask Junho who's putting his concentration on driving.

"For the 1004th time, I don't think they noticed. Seriously, I never thought of throwing you out of the car when you were sleeping, on our way to your hometown. Now that you keep asking me the same question like someone who's having amnesia, I'm actually considering to push you out of the car." Junho answered while still keeping his eyes on the road.

Very different from the first time we met, now, Junho is so not the smart-looking, macho guy that I thought he was. He just loves talking back to me, doesn't he?

I remembered that weird kid I met earlier at the foster home.

Jang Woo Young.

I hope he makes the best out of his life now and let the past behind. I know how it feels to not have family, but at least he's still lucky enough to experience his real family's love before they're gone. I'm not getting emotional here. I just hope he does the best in his life. I told him about the cube theory which my 'father', Mr. Hyung Shik told me about. He doesn't tell that theory of his to anybody but me, so, I really feel appreciated by him because of that.

We're almost reaching Hae Rin's house.

Guess I'm back to being Hae Rin again.

Shoots. I didn't even get Changmin's number. There's still a lot of things to chat with him about. It's all this psycho's fault. I don't know why, but I just had to blame somebody, okay?

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