The Cold Hell.

Loving In Another Shoe

-하 영.HA YOUNG-

"Yah!" I said to him again.

He suddenly makes small, slow steps towards me. His gaze is definitely locked on me. I can't even look anywhere else.

If my eyes are still functioning properly, his face isn't that bad looking after all. His skin is in very good condition. Wow, I would say he is handsome.

Okay, people, I said the word 'would', okay? Not, 'definitely'. Let me complete the sentence again. I would say he is handsome, if he didn't think of my head as a wall to throw a broken game controller to before. Now that he already did, handsome is not going to be my choice of word to describe him.

I'm positive my eyes aren't functioning properly. Yup! That's the best theory you come up with, Ha Young!

Okay, now I swear he is just inches away from me, and didn't even say a word. Is he trying to scare me or something? Because the boys at the foster home did try to scare me by standing close to me before, and I already got used to it. How is Kyuhyun any different to other boys?

"Yah, Cho Kyu Hyun! Are you trying to me in this bathroom or what? You do know your hyungs are still in the dorm right?" Seriously, I have no idea of what I just said to him.

Those kind of sentences I usually used with the boys at foster home when I'm joking around with them. But now that I said it in front of Kyuhyun, I regret every drop of saliva I used to say those words. I'm sure Hae Rin never said words like that.

Darn it.

Well, since Kyuhyun doesn't talk to Hae Rin much, I'm sure he won't notice.

Aisy, stupid tongue. I need to remind myself to threaten my tongue later so that it doesn't say words that aren't words that Hae Rin would say, or else I'll have to chop my tongue off.


Back to Kyuhyun in front of me.

"Where is it?" Finally, thank god! Finally he speaks! I thought his voice ran away from his voice box.

"Where's what? How am I supposed to know what're you talking about?" The ultimate rule of having a conversation, is, to speak on subjects that both sides know about, not only one side.

However, I wouldn't say the talk between me and Kyuhyun, here, in the bathroom with just inches between us, could be called a 'conversation'.

Okay, I'm making you guys anxious right?

"You know what I mean." Kyuhyun spoke as he picked up a pipe and directed it towards me.

I'm stuttering now. It's winter now, I'm already cold, and I bet on my ramens that the water that is going to come out of that pipe it not going to be warm water.

"YAH! Give me my game controller back!" His voice is loud enough to puncture my eardrums. Wait. His game controller? Right! I forgot about that item.

Hey, don't blame me. How am I supposed to remember everything while suffering lack of oxygen in the blanket before? I thought my brain is going to die because there's barely enough oxygen in there.

"What's a game c...what did you say again?"

Here's the explanation. Hae Rin told me she doesn't know a thing about games or anything associated to it, and she doesn't even know what a game controller is although she knows what it looks like, which is the exact opposite of me. I played games a lot with the boys at foster home that I can be called a pro.

When I hid Kyu's game controller, my great mind only thought of seeking revenge to him, too much focus on that alone until I forgot Hae Rin doesn't have much to do with Kyuhyun or his games.

Great Ha Young, you just had to have your revenge, right?

So, that's why I had to act like I don't know what he's talking about. Or else he'll suspect somehing. My brain is too genius I tell you.

This is where my acting classes in school is helping me to escape death. I put on an innocent and sweet face and keep shaking my head slowly.

"Yah! Do you know devils can never act innocent? It's like asking a lettuce to act like meat!" I'm surprised. Kyuhyun has great choice of words I must say.


I stopped my acting. Since Kyuhyun doesn't have much to do with Hae Rin, I guess I can be myself here. We're alone in the bathroom anyway.

"Yah! I don't know what you're talking about! Your game what? And what are you going to do with the pipe? Choke me to death? I'll make sure I become a ghost to haunt you then. That'll be fun." I decided to give him a piece of my mind. What? His angry gaze is starting to get on my nerves.

He just smirked. Then he leaned in closer towards me. I can even hear his breathing now. I swear my heart is beating so fast and loud the whole room can hear it. Stupid heart! Why do you have to beat so fast now? Can't you do it later?

I admit it. The boys at foster home never got THIS close to me. They were too scared of me. What the hell is this Kyuhyun guy doing?

He's very close.


Too close.

My body can't even move. I just close my eyes, waiting anxiously for what is going to come next.

"YAH! DO YOU THINK I WOULD EVEN TOUCH A DEVIL?!" Kyuhyun speaks loudly while backing away.

I open my eyes.

Shoots. I showed a weak side. I should just kicked him in the stomach or somewhere lower before when he was leaning in. Stupid slow response of my nervous system!

Then he speaks again.

"I'm going to count to three. Tell me where is it! If you don't know what a game controller is, it's the thing that landed on your hard head the other day. Don't tell me you forgot?" The smirk still isn't gone from his face.

How can I forget the thing that made a crack in my skull? I'm just pretending to be Hae Rin who knows nothing of games, you psycho game-addict!

"Hana." The counting has started.


I can't say I took his game controller. That'll be so not Hae Rin. Hae Rin doesn't have anything to do with him.

"Dul. The door is locked. Why do you think I locked it in the first place?"

Damn it.

He's a genius too. How can there be two geniuses in a room? Well, in this case, in a bathroom.

"Yah! Why are you accusing me? Maybe you misplaced it." I try to stall time. I'm just going to put back the game controller at it's original place later, but I can't admit I took it now. If the guys know, they'll think I'm not Hae Rin. See, Ha Young? That's why you got to think first before getting revenge.

Now you got yourself trapped in a bathroom with a game-addict holding a water pipe pointing at you.

"Set." Here goes.

"DONGHAE!!!" That's the only name I can scream now.

I can feel the cold, very cold water hitting my face and my body. At this time, I'm even surprised to feel glad to know that my clothes are in dark colours. Or else, I'm sure my undergarments are going to get some free public attention.

Sorry again, did I say cold water?

I meant ice water. Shoots. This is too cold.

"YAH! I'M FRREEEEZZZZIINNGG HERE!" I guess my extreme shivering made my voice trembles.

Then I could feel the stream of water stop hitting my face and body. I opened my eyes to see Kyuhyun perplexed, checking the pipe.

There's your chance Ha Young! Make the most out of it.

While Kyuhyun is busy looking down to check the pipe, I snatched it away and pointed it at him.

Hah! The shocked face of his is priceless. Pure amusement.

"I think it's your turn for a shower. You stink anyways." I give him my most devilish smile while my whole body is shivering non-stop.

"Yah! My hyungs are going to kill you!" Now look who's talking.

"HAE RIN?! KYU?! WHAT ARE YOU GUYS DOING IN THERE?! OPEN THE DOOR!" I'm distracted by Donghae's voice. Oww, he did hear me.

I guess Donghae's voice distracted me for 0.001 seconds. Well, Kyuhyun sure knows when to take his chance.

He suddenly approached me quickly, trying to snatch back the pipe. I automatically pressed the button on the pipe so it would spray water out. Good job, nervous system! Sorry for blaming you guys earlier.

"OWWWWWW! CCCOLLLDD!!!" Haha. I'm glad his heat receptors aren't dead yet. At least he can feel the coldness I'm feeling. Didn't I tell you not to mess with me again?

He was practically shivering just like me.

"You are one dead devil." Kyuhyun turns away and makes his way to the door. I think I can say that the door is suffering greatly due to the constant knocking and banging from the outside.

I think he's just too cold to stand it anymore, just like me. We both need some heat.

I followed him quickly. Not because I want to apologize, of course. I want to get out of here too. It's like living in an igloo while being .

Arghh, too cold.

Get out of here fast, Ha Young!

Your brain is going to freeze anytime soon. You don't want your brain to freeze, do you, Ha Young?!

So, just like my brain ordered, I fastened my pace while following behind Kyuhyun.

Bad move, Ha Young.

After all the water spraying, the floor becomes flooded with cold water.

Thanks to my excellent body coordination, I slipped on the floor, unable to control my balance. Darn it. That's what you get for your body balance, Ha Young, for refusing to go to ballet class your music teacher recommended.

Yup, now I'm regretting.

Knowing myself, I never go down alone, in any situation, be it physically or mentally, never, ever.

So my hands' reflex system found it's way to grab onto the back of Kyuhyun's grey t-shirt. Blame my reflex system again.

"YAH! WHAT ARE Y....WOAH!!!" Before Kyuhyun could finish his screaming, I could feel my back slamming the cold, flooded floor and someone on top of me.


From what I remember, the world suddenly becomes pitch-black.

-규 현.KYU HYUN-


This little devil is going to regret getting me this cold. Aisy, it's too cold. I can't continue on like this. I have to get dry first.

I'll get you later you short devil.

I guess I have to find another way to get my game controller back. I know she hid it somewhere.

The bangings on the bathroom door are too noisy. Hyungs, I know you're worried about me, right? It's all this empty-headed devil fault.

I'm coming out now hyungs. Be prepared to welcome me with plenty of towels, okay?

Almost there to the door.

I could feel that Hae Rin devil following behind me. I'm pretty sure she's cold too. Serves her right!

Let me tell you the truth here.

When I threatened to spray her, I really meant it. Well, I have to get back my game controller somehow, since, scaring her with my killer gaze and acting like I'm going to her didn't work. She is one tough devil to crack.

I don't even know why she took my game controller anyway, she never had anything to do with me before. But there's no one else who would do it. The hyungs already knew how important games are to me. My life depends on it.

Okay, maybe too exaggerated but you get the idea.

So, when she refused to speak, of course, it's my chance to torture her with water.

She screamed while shivering a lot, saying she's cold and freezing. I didn't believe it at first but her shivering was extreme. I'm positive the water is just warm and nice. I was only going to make her wet, not freeze her to death.
What? I'm not going to get dragged to hell for murdering a devil. Besides, I'm The Perfect Kyuhyun, I never get things wrong.

Unfortunately, this is my first time. I checked the indicator on the pipe and it displayed a dark blue spot, which means the water is at it's coldest temperature.

Shoots. Now I just murdered her with ice water and going to get dragged to hell for freezing a devil to death. Perfect. Just the life I 'wanted' for my afterlife.

To my immense surprise, she snatched the pipe away from me and pointed it at me.

Then I hear Donghae hyung's voice from outside and she seemed distracted by it. There's my chance. Thank you Donghae hyung!

I rushed to her to snatch the pipe back but she seemed shocked and responded by pressing the button. Then my clothes are soaked with cold water too. She has great reflex too, I guess.

I wanted to get her back, but it's too cold.

Geez, how could she stand this kind of coldness?

Oh, well. Got to get myself dry first. I'll get her later.

My hands are already on the door knob, shivering a lot, I might add.

With all the heat energy left in my body, I made a herculean effort to turn the door knob.

The door opens a bit, and I'm glad to finally walk out from this cold, wet bathroom.

My right leg stepped forward to get out of here.

Finally, I'm going to get some heat. Hang on there, my body muscles. Daddy's going to get some heat for you guys.

And when I think heat is going to meet my body muscles, I could feel my t-shirt being pulled from the back.

"YAH! WHAT ARE Y....WOAH!!!" My cold and shivering body is pulled quickly from back and I lost my balance.

There's nothing I could do.

I'm sorry bones. I truly am. You guys might have to meet the floor in a harsh way and suffer a bit. But don't worry, you can blame the devil after this.

And that's where I thought wrong.

I seemed to land on Hae Rin's body, because from the basic general knowledge I know, the floor is hard, but what I landed on is not. See? Simple, basic general knowledge.

I was in shock at first, and so did the hyungs when they pushed open the door widely.

"WHAT HAPPENED?!!!" Eeteuk hyung seems really shocked. Not my fault hyung. Ask this stupid girl here.

Oh right, I'm on top of her.

I quickly got up and prepared my sweet, beautiful voice to a rough mode. Of course I'm going to shout at her!
Who does she think she is, pulling people's shirt? This shirt is expensive, you know!

When I got up and turned to her, I'm caught by surprise. What happened Kyuhyun? Cat got your tongue?

Nope. More like a devil got my tongue.

She lied on the wet floor with her eyes closed, not moving an inch. She can't be sleeping now, could she?

And who in the world taught you that people like sleeping on a cold, wet floor, Kyuhyun?

Shoots. She's unconscious.

I think the other hyungs were too shocked to even move.

So, being the gentleman I am, I bent down and picked her up to get her out of here.

I was on my way to bend down when I feel a hand stopping me and the owner of the hand said to me with a serious plus worried look,

"Let me."

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