A family secret? History's secret? Taeyeon finds out who she really is and the truth behind the world in this action/mystery fic. 

P.S. will have TaeNy lol


Kim Taeyeon

Simple girl whose life gets turned upside down on one fateful day.


Tiffany Hwang

Random girl who's family is somehow connected to Taeyeon's


Poster/Background Made By: --iSoul

Shop: Press Play - Graphic Studio


I hit the floor, rolling for what seemed to be an eternity. The truck wasn’t moving too fast so I didn’t skid on the ground too hard, but I did gain a few scrapes and bruises. A small cut lined my right cheek - it stung as raised myself from the road. I stood to see the truck drive over a hill and out of my view. I wasn’t saddened or mad from the situation at hand. Those emotions hadn’t hit me yet. With everything that just happened finally dawning on me, I went into the stage of shock. “Wait… what?”

I still plan on updating this story despite the news.

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yulsharangee #1
It's been tree years now. Awww when will u update author-nim?:(
yrinchie #2
Chapter 21: I was so amazed on.how you manage to make this story. But please update soon. I'm really looking forward for this story.
procrastinatingfool #3
this fic ain't abandoned right? it's too much of a waste to stop this.
I mean the the storyline, how you write, how you pace the story and how you build up the story is incredibly praiseworthy.
Chapter 21: You would leave the chapter in a cliffhanger
Nick, yo nick, you need to update. Pabosayo.
Chapter 21: update please... i idolize how u write this fic :D adrenaline feeling of reading it
sone_soshi42 #7
Chapter 21: omo an update... what a nice reward after so many tiring nights because of our midterm exams... thanks a lot... (^.^)
Chapter 21: Welcome back author. You have been missed.
[deactivated] #9
Chapter 21: i cried,, i miss you! hahah ... i have to read this again... better save save save to my cp ;) ♥
Bubblegumpink #10
Chapter 21: Heloo again!

Gah. I lurve long chapters. It's like a episode in a series hhaha