Of Ice Cream and Manga


In which Taemin is more of a treat than the ice cream he ate.

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Chapter 1: Omg that was like super ubber fluffy fluff fluff fluff fluffity fluff fluff fluffy fluff fluff fluffy soft fluffy fluff fluff fluff. ....yesh that was a sentence XD
Chapter 1: i just ate ice cream before reading this ;u; this is so sweet~! my heart is fluttering~ i haven't read or watched Naruto yet orz i'm so late .-.
Chapter 1: Omg yes, Neji's death was just..saddening. ;A; can't believe he died, ugh..I blame Obito for this. > n >
boondoks1 #4
Chapter 1: oh my god,,for your first fic,,this was really good,,,love 2min's confession and really love the innocence of their love,,,you should really write more adorable 2min stories,,,kekeke
177 streak #5
Chapter 1: awww 2min is so precious~~~ =)
Chapter 1: i was shocked when Neji dies, I mean he's one of the main characters and he just died...i feel you Taemin. But you have Minho to take care of you. hehe
it was so sweet and cheesy but I love it.
Naruko #7
Chapter 1: Gahh!~ that was so sweet! ^^ I cried when Neji died too. I was like Neji! Nooo! Why? You were so young!
。・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。 took me a while to get over it. Any ways this was really fun to read. I really liked it~ (^∇^)