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Unavoidable Fate



The day seemed to be very gloomy. The sun was holding back its sunshine as dark clouds covered the blue sky. The gust of wind blew so hard that your long straight hair couldn’t stay still. Everyone was so sad with Suho’s sudden death.

“How can it be so sudden?” Lay mumbled under his breath. His eyes were so red and puffy that he hid them with a pair of sunglasses. Unknowingly, his hand curled into a fist.

“Maldo andwae,” Chanyeol whispered softly as he looked at Suho’s picture in the frame at the front of the hall. He was so shocked when he got a phone call from D.O a few hours ago, telling him that Suho was dead by falling off the balcony. Of course he thought it was just a joke, until Baekhyun called him and told him that it was true. The whole thing was true; from Suho’s death until the way he died. Everything was true.

“It can’t be Suho hyung, can it?” Sehun asked. He hoped that it was just a nightmare, a creepy little nightmare that was just trying to scare the hell out of him. But he was wrong, unfortunately.

“It is Suho, maknae,” Kris patted Sehun’s shoulder, trying to calm him down. Sehun’s heart sank when he realized that it was not a nightmare. Meanwhile, you were with your little brother at the corner of the hall.

“Jongin-ah, just cry if you want to,” you said to Kai as his head was on your lap. You knew that your brother was having a hard time right now since he was close to Suho but what you couldn’t understand was why he tried so hard not to cry? He should cry and express his feelings. Out of the blue, your lap felt wet. You looked down and saw tears rolled down Kai’s face. Just then, someone caught your eye – D.O. He was alone with that face like wet week-end, looking as depressed as ever. You understood him very well. You also felt the same way as he did, but maybe even sadder when your parents dead 2 years ago!

He must’ve down in the dumps right now, you thought as D.O suddenly walked away.

D.O walked out of the hall, depressed. He lost his best friend. His world felt like it was shattered. His heart broke into billion pieces. His legs could not walk properly; they were very weak. He got no energy left.

“Suho’s gone,” D.O said under his breath as he sat on the driver’s seat.

“Suho’s gone. He’s gone, leaving you alone, Kyungsoo,” he added. Just then, he broke into tears.

“Why did you die, Suho?!” His sobs became harder every second. He clutched his heart tightly. Pain was all he could feel. Then, he drove off towards his house.

“Okay, Kyungsoo, you shouldn’t behave like this,” D.O said as he took a deep breath.

“Calm down” he said and he finally exhaled. Out of the blue, he felt very hungry. His stomach grumbled so he decided to cook something for him to eat. He washed some chickens then, he fried them. While waiting for them to fry, he washed some vegetables to make vegetables soup. With wet hands, he flipped the chickens, making some oil popped. Out of the blue, the oil splashed into his left eye.

“AHHHHHH!” D.O screamed on top of his voice as it was just so hurt. He shut his eyes tightly and quickly d in the dark. He was looking for the sink in the darkness. He couldn’t see anything. His left eye was very hot and hurt that made him forgot that he got another eye to see.

“It hurts!” He just moved around with his wet hands groping everything that he could at that moment in order to find the sink. He had to wash his eye fast! Unfortunately, he moved towards the plug of the toaster that was switched on. When his hand accidentally touched the plug, electricity flowed through him and he got shocked till D.E.A.T.H. Even worse, the fire burnt and destroyed the whole of his house in less than an hour.

D.O – Dead.




Kris and you were watching tv after comforting Kai to be calm. It was hard to let Suho go. Our angel Suho! But, life must go on. She remembered, whenever she faced a lot of hardship, her father would recite a poem; In The Midst Of Hardship written by Latiff Mohidin.


At dawn they returned,
Their soaky clothes torn,
and approached the stove,
Their limbs marked with scratches,
Their legs full of wound,
But on their brows,
there was no sign of despair.

The whole day and night just passed,
they had to brave the horrendous flood,
in the water all time,
between bloated and carcasses,
and tiny chips of tree barks,
Desperately looking for their son’s
Albino buffalo that was never found.


They were born amidst of hardship,
and grew up without sigh or a complaint,
now they are in kitchen,
making jokes while rolling the cigarette leaves.



“They were born into poverty and difficulty but they never complain about their sufferers. Instead, they accept their way of lives. This shows that they face difficulties all the time and there is no different. They have their own inner strength that makes them strong to face any hardship poses to them.

Cheonsaya. If you want miracle to happen, you can’t just wait and shut your life because it will never happen. Miracle needs to be made, dear. Only you can make it.” It was your father’s advices when you were despair of your life. It started because you lose someone precious to you for the first time in your life. He was not officially your boyfriend yet, but you both liked one another. Unfortunately, he died before you could explain your feeling towards him. Just then, Kris came into your life. He erased those painful memories and replaced them with happy memories.

You looked at him with a bright smile.

“Thanks, Kris. You help me a lot. I can’t imagine my life without you.” You talked to yourself. His charisma and attitude made you fall for him. It may not be a good time for you to say such a feeling towards him after Suho’s death, but you couldn’t just deny that he was your savior!

“Cheonsaya. Why do you look at me like that? You make me feel uncomfortable.”

“Nothing. I. I just want to thank you. That’s all, Kris.” He smiled.

“I want to drink. Do you?” you just nodded in agreement. Kris walked into the kitchen. Suddenly, he saw the window with red mark. You walked closer to the window.





Kris eyes wide opened. His heart was beating fast. Both of his hands were shaking. He quickly ran to the front.

“Cheonsaya! You called all the members! I will check Kai! Now!” Kris grabbed his phone.

“Why?” you asked with hesitant.

“Baby, please. Just do it!” Kris ran as fast as he could.

“Please don’t! Please don’t!” he talked to himself. Thank God Kai was in a deep sleep. Suddenly, Kris’ phone rang. It was from Tao.

“Ne Tao.”

“Gege! Watch the news now!”


“D.O! D.O.. D.O, gege!”

“Why why why? What happens to him?” Tao couldn’t even speak anything. He just cried.

“No! No! Not again!” Kris ended the conversation and ran to the downstairs.

“Cheonsaya!! Quick, change the channel to the news!” Kris shouted while he was running. At that time, you were calling Lay. Without any objection, you changed the channel with a phone on your right hand.

 “……….. The victim is known as Do Kyungsoo.” Kris and you were so shocked!!!

“Noooooooo!!!” you shouted. Kris’ eyes were widely opened as he watched the news properly. He didn’t say a word. He was just too shocked! He gulped. It happened too fast. Just a day ago, Suho died and now, D.O died.

“How can this happen?” You sobbed as tears rolled down your cheeks. You couldn’t believe it. You just saw D.O a while ago I the hall and now he was dead?

“This is stupid,” Kris mumbled under his breath. He turned to you.

“Calm down, darling,” he said as he wiped your tears away.

“Calm down.” You looked up to meet his eyes.

“Kris, what if everything the ahjussi told us is true?” Kris paused for a moment. He remembered what the man said a few days ago in the café.

“No, it’s not. Suho’s and D.O’s death are just coincidence.”

“But what if everything he said is true?” You looked at him straight in the eyes. His stare suddenly became fiercer than before.

“It’s not true! Don’t you get it? He’s just a stranger who is trying to scare us with those bad-auras-thingy!” He stood up in disagreement.

“Maybe he’s not. Maybe he really can feel bad auras on us,” you shot back.

“The word ‘maybe’ is not great enough. You’re not confident that he’s not trying to scare us, are you?” You took a step backward as he took a step forward. You were a bit scared at him, to be honest.

“I- I don’t know,” you stuttered.

“See? You don’t even confident that he’s not-“

“But we can always try. Look, every problem has a solution. And maybe he’s the key to this problem? Who knows?” You said in a calm voice as you went near him. You took his hand and held it tightly.

“Please? Let’s find this ahjussi,” you looked up. Kris looked away as he thought for a moment.

“Kris…” you stopped due to your sob.

“Do you ever believe in God?” You asked. He looked quite surprise.


“It means you believe and not, right Kris? Listen to me, Honey. If you believe in God... You will never lose anything and it may be worth for you. But, Kris. If you NEVER believe in God... Then, you are useless.”

“What do you meant by that?”

“You see. We might need God now! It’s okay if you forget about Him. But, it’s not okay if you lose him. Same goes to that ahjushi. We need him right now! We need him so badly! It is not a waste if his aura false. But it’s a waste if he is the one who can help us now, disappear. Kris... We need him... right… now.” You replied with hope that Kris could change his mind. Kris looked at you. His eyes started watering.

He grabbed your arms and gave you a bear hug.

“You win, baby.”


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I don't know if it was true or not 'causw it just my random guess. But to tell the truth, I was very curious with what would come after this. So, I hope you could update ASAP author-nim! Your story really intersting! Good job for ya and fighting!! ^_^
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