Creepy Messages

Unavoidable Fate


The sun had set already. Suho watched the oh-so-beautiful scene through the huge transparent glass in his bedroom. He felt very lonely. His friends were busy with their own work. At the same time, he thought of the old man’s warn. He was actually scared but he tried to pretend that he was cool. Suddenly, his phone vibrated. He got a new message from the unknown number.

             + Hye. Can I know you?

Suho hesitated but some parts of him told him to reply it.

             - Hye. Sure. Why not? I’m Suho. You?
             + I’m Mew Choo. How old are you?
             - I’m 21. Hbu?
             + I’m 20. Nice to know you, Suho. I was actually lonely.
             - Yeah. Me too.

They became closer every time they replied the message. They chatted about many things.

             + Can you send me your picture?

Suho startled. Then, he smiled. He quickly got up and looked at the big mirror in front of him. He combed his hair and made some cute expressions in front of the mirror.

“Oh, I’ve never knew I’m this good looking!” he complimented himself as he grabbed his phone. CLICK.



             - I’m not as handsome as you think.

Just then, he got a message from Choo. She sent a photo… OF HIM! It was the picture that he sent to her earlier.


             + Are you kidding me? That’s MY picture.

             -See? I’m in that picture too.


Suho took a closer look at the picture. She was right. Someone was also in the picture. He gulped. His heart was beating fast as beads of cold sweat formed on his forehead. His hands shook badly.

“Wh- What are you?” he suddenly said softly. He clutched his heart tightly. He was scared. Very scared, indeed. He couldn’t bottle up his fear right now.

Buzz buzz.

His phone vibrated. It was from the girl.

             -What are you doing right now?

It was a plain question but it creep the hell out of him. He closed the message and tried to sleep. Maybe it’s just my nightmare, he thought in order to calm his mind. He laid on his comfortable bed, trying to get some sleep in order to ‘wake up’ from this nightmare but then, he got a message.

             -Don’t ignore me. I hate it.

He quickly shut his eyes tightly and clutched on his bed sheet. He felt very hot. Was the air-conditioner not working or he was just too afraid all of the sudden?

“Ahh!” he shouted out of frustration as he messed his hair.

“Please God, let me out of this nightmare!” tears welled up in his eyes. They started to roll down his cheeks as he thought of the old man’s warn. Quickly, he turned off his phone in order to stop receiving messages from that girl.

Suddenly, his handphone and vibrated. It’s a message from that girl!

             -Don’t off your phone. I don’t like it!

A few second later,

             - Can I come to your house?
             + No. I’m not home. I’m busy.
             - Don’t lie to me. I know you are at your house. I’ve been watching you.

Suho quickly looked around his room. He was scared!

“God! If you are listen to me, please save me! I’m scared.” He cried.

             +I’m already in front of your house.

Suho went to the balcony to check if the girl was really in front of his house. Suddenly, cold wind blew. Just then, something pushed him hard. He fell off the balcony.

He’s dead!!




Kris sent you home after the wonderful day you spent together with your beloved and handsome boyfriend.

“Thanks for the wonderful date, baby. Saranghae.” You hugged him tightly as if you didn’t want him to leave.

“Nado saranghae.”

“Bye.” You held his hand tightly.

“I will see you tomorrow, cheonsaya.”

“I feel uneasy, Kris.” He gave you a reassuring smile.

“It’s ok. Everything will be fine. Believe me, honey?” You nodded and let go of him. He waved his hand and walked straight away to his car.

Suddenly, he noticed a note on his mirror. He took it and sat in the car. He took a glance at you as you slowly disappeared. Then, he read the note. The smell was unpleasant. He took a good look at it and yuck! It was written in blood!

“Urgh” he said, disgusted.




“What the heck?” He quickly tore it off into small pieces and threw them out of the window before he drove off.

Something is wrong, he thought. Just then, he got a call from D.O.


“Suho…” D.O sounded weird. Was he crying? Kris thought.

“What happened to Suho?”

He’s… DEAD!” Loud sobs could be heard over the phone. Kris was so shocked that he stopped the car by the roadside out of the sudden.



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185 streak #1
Chapter 6: Just found this stroy and I could say that this story really caught my interest.
I don't know why but I could felt like their death were arranged by their sitting position in the roller coaster before. So if that was true, then it should be Chen who is the next victim, am I right? Well, it just my random guess though. About the note, let me guess it too. 091011 sounds like a date. If it talking about Korea, then it must be 11 October 2009 since Korean always write years first then followed by month and date. And that was no doubt a Sunday so the first note and second note were related. The third note is 0300 sounds like a time. So maybe it talks about something that happening on Sunday, 11 Oct 2009 at 03:00. Maybe it tells about their friend/someone they knew who died/disappear that day who is now hunting 'em and want to get revenge because of her death. (I assume the spirit is a girl since it's a girl reflection on Suho's picture at chap.2)
I don't know if it was true or not 'causw it just my random guess. But to tell the truth, I was very curious with what would come after this. So, I hope you could update ASAP author-nim! Your story really intersting! Good job for ya and fighting!! ^_^
P/S : Lay death's were really tragic since he commited suicide. I didn't expect that, actually. I really start to think that EXO boy's should gather up in one place together so they could protect each other.
Chapter 6: that's scareeeeeyyy...gulpyy
KailoverforeverEXO #3
Chapter 6: 0300???
U-kiss song. kekekekkee! >_<
anywayplease u[date soon
i'm waiting
Chapter 6: Nooooo....!!!????!?!?!?!??!
lay...whyyyyy?? why u need to do this!!!>?

authornim, can I request something?
please save my kai.. Puuutakkhae!
Chapter 6: there must be something hidden!!baaaaahhh!
naringgit #6
Chapter 6: its hard not to curse when you're in the same situation,heu..
wow,,an attack of updates!love it!so must have connections with the notes,,and some arrangements..but i can't think of anything right now,,still in a daze :Q
even in a devastating mode,cheonsa still can't get used to kris's handomse face *who can either way? XD
Chapter 6: gosh.. i'm so confused about the bloody notes =_= what exactlly is happening?! omg this is so addicting
michelle0_0 #8
Chapter 6: what is all that red-mark-things?!!!
aigoo... so frustrated!!
please update soon!!!
Hey,do you want poster for your fanfic,if yes you can make it here
Thank you :)..
GummyChanyeol #10
Chapter 5: B





More chanyeol parts, please?