Unavoidable Fate



“Whoa, amazing! How do you know the roller coaster will slip on its track?” Suho asked Kris after he took a sip on his hot coffee. It was raining heavily outside, so, they decided to spend their time in a café.

“I don’t know. It’s just come into my mind,” Kris answered. He was also confused. How could he know? How could it come into my mind? He rubbed his temple in confusion.

“It seems like you have a superpower, hyung!” Sehun cheered happily. Kris just shrugged.

“Maybe it’s just coincidence,” Baekhyun suddenly spoke out his thoughts. His mind couldn’t accept the fact that Kris could see the future. It was illogic. How could a human see the future? How?

“Maybe… It’s acceptable though,” Chen agreed with Baekhyun. You, who were listening to the discussion, raised an eyebrow.

“Guys, I think we should just let it slip, okay?” You held Kris’ hand tightly. Kris looked at you.

“Okay” all of them agreed. You smiled widely.

“Anyway, the coffee is nice here!” You said, changing the topic. You didn’t want them to think about the accident a few moments ago. But deep inside you, you were curious. You wanted to know how but you just couldn’t bring yourself to ask Kris. He looked miserable as ever!

“This bubble tea is the best in the world!” Sehun grinned as he took another sip on his bubble tea.

“You really love bubble tea, do you?” Sehun looked at Tao. He nodded cutely.


“So, maknae-ah, I got a question to you. Answer it honestly,” D.O said, grinning widely. Kai knew what the question was and he chuckled.


“Which of these would you prefer? Bubble tea or Luhan?” All of them except Sehun and Luhan laughed out loud, earning some stares from the people. Luhan was tensed up. What if Sehun answers bubble tea? He thought.

“Umm… I prefer both! Hahaha,” Sehun answered. They all looked at him with the are-you-serious face.

“What? I do love both of them! Luhan is my soul mate and bubble tea is my life. I can’t survive a day without them!”

“Urgh, so cheesy!” Chanyeol stated while munching on his cake.

“How many times should I tell you, old man? Don’t talk while you’re eating!” You smacked his head playfully.

“It’s disgusting,” Baekhyun said and rolled his eyes. Chanyeol looked at the cute guy beside him in disbelief.

“You too feel the same way as she does?” He made his puppy eyes and pouted. Suho giggled at how cute Chanyeol was when doing that kind of face.

“Unfortunately, yes!” Baekhyun said. Meanwhile Kris noticed that Lay had been really quiet since they walked into the café.

“Hey, Lay, what’s wrong with you?” Lay looked up.




I'm using the 'hot, charismatic, dashing and handsome' daddy in City Hunter ; 
Kim Sang Joong as 'the great seer' >.<



“Huh? Umm, nothing,” he forced a smile. He sometimes took a glance at an elder man near their table. He’s weird, Lay thought.

“You’re lying. Tell me, what’s wrong.” Being a caring friend he was, he tapped Lay’s shoulder.

“You see a guy over there?” Kris nodded.

“He’s weird. He keeps looking at us with those creepy eyes of him!”

“Look! He’s looking at us again!” Kris noticed him. Suddenly, he got up and all of the EXO members looked at him. Lay’s eyes opened widely.

“What?” Kris asked innocently.

“Where are you going?”

“Nature’s call. Why? You wanna come with me?” He chuckled.

“You’re not going to that guy’s table, are you?” Lay asked carefully. Kris raised an eyebrow and left to the toilet.

“Which guy? Which guy? Which guy?” Chanyeol asked loudly. Quickly, Baekhyun covered Chanyeol’s mouth with his hand.

“That guy who is drinking on his cappuccino over there,” Lay answered softly. He didn’t want that guy to hear what he said.

“Yah, stop staring at him, will you?” You said as you also took a peek at him. I… I saw this guy before… But where? You thought.

“You also stop peeking at him! Don’t cheat on your boyfriend!” D.O caught you peeking at him. You smiled sheepishly.

“I’m not trying to cheat on Kris. Anyway, that old man over there is not my taste!” Suddenly, you noticed that Lay’s expression became weird. You looked at the guy over there. Your eyes widened.

“Damn,” you mumbled softly.

“Noona, you curse!” Sehun stated.

“What is it, noona? You rarely curse,” Kai said as a matter-of-fact. You gave him a reassuring smile. He had been your loving brother ever since your parents dead in an accident. He knew you well. Very well, indeed. He had always been with you through hardships and all. He was the best brother every that you could ever wish in your life. You were thankful that you got a caring and loving brother by you side. Uh uh, not to forget that because of him, you met Kris and became his girlfriend. Everything thanked to him. You couldn’t imagine how your life would be without him by your side.

“Look at the old man there. Kris is talking to him!” They all watched Kris with focus.

“What are you looking at, old man?” Kris pissed off. That guy startled. That was the last thing he could ever imagine; for Kris to talk to him.

“Look, I don’t want to be rude. I don’t know why you keep looking at us, but please, stop it,” Kris turned around.

“Wait,” the old man instructed. He looked up with his stern eyes. Kris turned back to him.

“You… I can feel bad aura on you. Not just you, but also the rest of the guys there.” Kris smirked.

“Bad aura? Oh, now, you’re telling me that we’re bad or something?” Kris punched the table hard. The other members started to get up and surround them.

“Hyung, calm down,” Sehun said as he patted Kris’ back.

“Gege, take a deep breath,” Xiumin instructed. He looked straight into the old man’s eyes.

 “You! What did you say to him?!” Tao asked angrily. The old guy smirked.

“I’m trying to warn you, kiddo! You need to be careful from now on! Just believe in me! All of you guys have bad auras, especially you, young man!” The old man pointed to Suho. Suho gulped.

“What do you mean?” You asked in curiosity.

“Are you suspecting us doing something wrong, ahjussi?” Chanyeol crossed his hands in front of him while raising his eyebrow.

“But Suho hyung is nice! He’s our angel!” the innocent Sehun said as a matter-of-fact. Again, the old man smirked.

“Stop smirking and tell us, you idiot!” Kai shouted.

“God, I’m losing my patience over an old man like him,” he mumbled. You heard him and patted his head. You gave him a smile.

“Calm down, Jongin-ah. Even though you lose your temper, you should not treat him like that. Mind your words!” you said. He instantly smiled back to you.

“Listen,I’m not joking at all. I... I can feel it.”the elder man stated. He took a sip on his cappuccino.

“But we’re nice people!” Chanyeol frowned.

“We’re very nice, indeed,” D.O added.

“It’s impossible for something bad to happen to nice people like us though,” Lay said softly. He didn’t want to be rude to the man in front of him.

“Impossible or not, it’s a fate. Fate cannot be pushed but it can be changed. You can change your own fate, but you can’t still avoid it!!

“You seem like my father, ahjussi. He told me this before,” you said softly. Unknowingly, tears brimmed in your beautiful eyes by just thinking of old memories of you and your father.

 “Stop this all lovey-dovey and let’s sit back on our place. My legs are tired. Just ignore him.” D.O said and pulled your wrist towards your seat.

“Wait!” you yanked away from him and asked the elder man’s name.

“Kim Sang Joong.”

“I’m Kim Cheonsa. Sorry for being rude. If you need help, just give me a call.” You gave him your business card and bowed. You sat on your seat. Just then, you realized that all of them were staring at you, including Kris.

“What? I’m too beautiful, huh?” you asked playfully. But unfortunately, they didn’t even smile.

“More to too stupid to ask him his name and tell him your name,” Xiumin stated sheepishly as he imitated your voice.

“I hate you, nappeun nom!”

“Guys, he’s walking towards us! Quick! Hide!” Chanyeol said in panic, only to earn a smack from Baekhyun on the head.

“Where do you want to hide, you idiot?!” You asked in annoyance. The elder known as Kim Sang Joong, stared at them with sharp eyes and left the café.

“Weirdo!”Kris thought.



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Chapter 6: Just found this stroy and I could say that this story really caught my interest.
I don't know why but I could felt like their death were arranged by their sitting position in the roller coaster before. So if that was true, then it should be Chen who is the next victim, am I right? Well, it just my random guess though. About the note, let me guess it too. 091011 sounds like a date. If it talking about Korea, then it must be 11 October 2009 since Korean always write years first then followed by month and date. And that was no doubt a Sunday so the first note and second note were related. The third note is 0300 sounds like a time. So maybe it talks about something that happening on Sunday, 11 Oct 2009 at 03:00. Maybe it tells about their friend/someone they knew who died/disappear that day who is now hunting 'em and want to get revenge because of her death. (I assume the spirit is a girl since it's a girl reflection on Suho's picture at chap.2)
I don't know if it was true or not 'causw it just my random guess. But to tell the truth, I was very curious with what would come after this. So, I hope you could update ASAP author-nim! Your story really intersting! Good job for ya and fighting!! ^_^
P/S : Lay death's were really tragic since he commited suicide. I didn't expect that, actually. I really start to think that EXO boy's should gather up in one place together so they could protect each other.
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Chapter 5: B





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