Changing The Fate

Unavoidable Fate


Children were cheering when riding Merry-go-round. There was also a boy with cotton candy in his hand. He called his mom as she was up ahead him, asking her to wait for a minute. Kris looked around, only to see people enjoying their lunch in a fast food restaurant. Just then, a good-looking man with simple casual clothes fell down and dropped his drink. Kris chuckled. Then, he took a glance at his beautiful girlfriend, Kim Cheonsa who was sitting on the bench. She smiled brightly as a cute little boy asked her to tie his shoelaces. The roller coaster was about to move. The employer already told them to get ready and hold the holder tightly. Kris followed the instructions from the employer. Slowly, it moved upwards. The other EXO members were excited.


Suho – D.O
Lay – Chen
Sehun – Luhan
Baekhyun – Chanyeol

Kai – Xiumin
Tao – Kris


“OMG! OMG!” Chanyeol screamed even though the roller coaster had not move downwards yet.

“You’re so loud!” D.O exclaimed. He was very nervous although he wore the same-derp expression on his face. His heart was beating fast as the roller coaster reached the top.

“I hope I won’t die!” Sehun said. Meanwhile, Kris looked at his girlfriend once again. She smiled and waved to him.

“Stop playing arooounndddddddd!” Xiumin shouted on top of his voice as the roller coaster finally moved downwards.

“AHHHHHHHH!” Chanyeol yelled the loudest. Baekhyun shut his eyes tightly and his grip on the holder became harder every second. Suddenly, Kris felt uneasy. He was not scared but something was weird. Really weird! He gulped. He felt like something bad would happen. Just then, all of the EXO members felt like something was collided with their seat. Kris who seated on the last row of the EXO members turned around despite the speed of the roller coaster. The other people on the roller coaster were far from them. He just realized that the roller coaster was spilt into HALF!

“Oh My God!” Kris shouted.

“Oh no!” people who were queuing, gasped. Some were shouting, telling them that they were in danger. The EXO members realized the situation and looked at each other. Their faces were pale.

“We’re dead” Sehun whispered. Just then, the roller coaster twisted and they fell off the roller coaster.

“Mianhae, Cheonsaya.” Kris talked to himself, as he knew it was his last time to watch his girlfriend face. BAMM! The roller coaster crashed and blood was everywhere. Meanwhile, Cheonsa who was focusing on the roller coaster, shouted.

“KRIS!” Unknowingly, hot tears rolled down her pink cheeks.

“Noooooo!!! Kris!!”


“Huh” Kris gasped for air. He touched his body, trying to make sure that it was not a dream.

“Am I still alive?” he asked.

“Of course you are, gege!” Tao who was seated beside him, answered. The ‘panda’ chuckled. Kris sighed in relief as he changed his gaze. He quickly looked for Cheonsa. Ahhh! She was there. He took a deep breath with relief. He was now on the seat, waiting for the roller coaster to start moving. He took a glance at the merry-go-round. Children were cheering while riding it. He smiled. He loved children very much.

Then, he could hear a boy called for his mom. Oh Wait! The boy… The boy with the cotton candy in his hand.  It’s the same!!! It’s the same boy in his imagination. Then, he looked at the restaurant just to make sure something. It may be coincidence! Suddenly, his eyes opened widely. The MAN WITH THE SAME CASUAL CLOTHES fell down and dropped his drink! It’s the same! The same thing happened in reality!

“Tao! Palli get off! Xiumin! Kai! Palli!” Kris shouted.

“Everybody! Get off from the rider!! Now!!”

“Hyung! Waeyo?”

“The roller coaster will slip from its track! We’re all gonna die!!” Kris explained. Suho and D.O who sat on the first row, quickly got off.

“Get off! I said get off!” all the Exo members followed except Xiumin.

“Hyung. You act weird!” Kai whispered.

“Xiumin!! Get off!” Kris shouted loudly. He ran along the rider seat, shouted to get off from the roller coaster. Most of them were not that easy to believe his words. Kris ran towards the control station.

“Don’t allow people to ride the roller coaster! Please... Please!” Suddenly two bodyguards hold Kris arms and took him away from nowhere.

“I warned you! I warned you!!!” Kris shouted. Suddenly, Xiumin heart softened. He got off and went towards Kris. 

“Hyung! Are you okay?”

“Kris! Are you okay?” Cheonsa finally came towards her lover. She hugged him with full of love.

“Please. Tell everyone! They should not ride the roller coaster. It will slip from its track! Please. Please believe me! Please! It’s not safe!”

“I believe in you.”

“So, please! Tell everyone!!!!” Kris yelled towards you.

“What to do, hyung? They are all ignoring you.” Baekhyun stated as a matter of fact.


Suddenly, Kris saw the roller coaster flew in front of him.






My first chapter.

so, how is it?



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60 streak #1
Chapter 6: Just found this stroy and I could say that this story really caught my interest.
I don't know why but I could felt like their death were arranged by their sitting position in the roller coaster before. So if that was true, then it should be Chen who is the next victim, am I right? Well, it just my random guess though. About the note, let me guess it too. 091011 sounds like a date. If it talking about Korea, then it must be 11 October 2009 since Korean always write years first then followed by month and date. And that was no doubt a Sunday so the first note and second note were related. The third note is 0300 sounds like a time. So maybe it talks about something that happening on Sunday, 11 Oct 2009 at 03:00. Maybe it tells about their friend/someone they knew who died/disappear that day who is now hunting 'em and want to get revenge because of her death. (I assume the spirit is a girl since it's a girl reflection on Suho's picture at chap.2)
I don't know if it was true or not 'causw it just my random guess. But to tell the truth, I was very curious with what would come after this. So, I hope you could update ASAP author-nim! Your story really intersting! Good job for ya and fighting!! ^_^
P/S : Lay death's were really tragic since he commited suicide. I didn't expect that, actually. I really start to think that EXO boy's should gather up in one place together so they could protect each other.
Chapter 6: that's scareeeeeyyy...gulpyy
KailoverforeverEXO #3
Chapter 6: 0300???
U-kiss song. kekekekkee! >_<
anywayplease u[date soon
i'm waiting
Chapter 6: Nooooo....!!!????!?!?!?!??!
lay...whyyyyy?? why u need to do this!!!>?

authornim, can I request something?
please save my kai.. Puuutakkhae!
Chapter 6: there must be something hidden!!baaaaahhh!
naringgit #6
Chapter 6: its hard not to curse when you're in the same situation,heu..
wow,,an attack of updates!love it!so must have connections with the notes,,and some arrangements..but i can't think of anything right now,,still in a daze :Q
even in a devastating mode,cheonsa still can't get used to kris's handomse face *who can either way? XD
Chapter 6: gosh.. i'm so confused about the bloody notes =_= what exactlly is happening?! omg this is so addicting
michelle0_0 #8
Chapter 6: what is all that red-mark-things?!!!
aigoo... so frustrated!!
please update soon!!!
Hey,do you want poster for your fanfic,if yes you can make it here
Thank you :)..
GummyChanyeol #10
Chapter 5: B





More chanyeol parts, please?