Only You

Good evening,  Sir” the front officer greeted him

Good evening, I’m Choi Minho. I’m here on behalf  of Mr. Choi Jin Yi”  said Minho

The officer checked his computer and then asked Minho

Mr Choi Minho,   Mr. Choi Jin Yi’s relative from Manchester ?”

Minho nodded.

We have your reservation. Welcome to Staines Sir.  And as an accordance with the procedur which is applied to all of our guests, we need you  to fill this form  in advance, in order to complete our data “ said the officer while giving Minho the form . 

Minho filled the form and gave it back to the officer

Thankyou Mr. Choi Minho. This is your room card. Your room number is 567 on the 5th floor. We hope you will enjoy your stay here Sir. Good Evening

Thankyou very much. Good Evening” Minho  answered him and smiled


Minho decided to go to his room. He need to clean  and fresh himself after driving for 3 hours. Most of all, he needed to recharge his mobile phone which already ran out of battery just when he arrived there, and call his Mom  to tell that he savely arrived at Staines.


Should I call her  now? “  He looked at the number on his phone.

 he just finished talking to his mom on phone and got Sulli’s number from her.


Well it’s dinner time already. Why don’t I just ask her to have dinner together ?”


The number you are calling is out of reach or not inside  the service area. Leave your message after the bip sound.”

Minho heard  the operator voice again on his second call to Sulli

Great..her phone is not active. What is she doing now?”

“Did she go back to her room when she left the lobby ?”

Should I  go to her room ? …aaah..no no no…not her room.”

I don’t know her room number anyway….giiiish…silly me”

Didn’t want to stay longer in confusion  for unknowing where Sulli  is,  Minho decided to have dinner by himself.

He brought a book with him. He was halfway to finish the book, and planned to continue reading, down at the lobby after his dinner.  Minho is really a bookworm.  Reading book is like a daily ritual for him. He always managed to read, even only for  two or five pages.

So …he went down to have dinner at the hotel restaurant.


Minho was already in front of the restaurant when he heard his phone ring.

He took his phone from his small-sized sling bag, which is only fit for a phone, an ipod and his 7inch tablet.

It’s her ..!!”

Minho saw Sulli’s name on his phone screen. He already saved her number.


He did his “blew out”.  Something that he will always do whenever he got nervous or  having an emotional tense.


Good evening ..This is  Choi Minho speaking”   finaly Minho answered the call.

huh  !!?

 He  could heard Sulli’s voice…but then he heard nothing


said Minho while walking closer to the restaurant entrance and incidentally he saw Sulli.

She had one of her hand holding the phone on her ear, and the other hand covered .

Minho felt giddy on Sullli’s reaction. “Pabo Choi Jinri” said Minho silently.


Yaa!!  Choi Jinri !! D o you know  how to talk on the phone ?  Do you know that calling someone  but then not speaking any words  can be considered as minor crimeSomeone could sue you for  this.”

Minho always love to tease Sulli or just fooling her around.  He felt that he found himself again.  Eventhough he sometimes still did  silly things or being a dork,  but  he did that only with his brothers. He became a quiet and mostly a cold person at school. Even at his football team, he is the quiet one.   And  he remained that way at his college now.


Mwo…what crime?? Yaa !!  I am not a bad person!!”  Sulli finally said something,  actually she yelled something .

“tut ..tut…tut..tut…” phone disconnected

What..!! she cut off  her phone ?!!  Aiissh..jinja…she really need to learn the manner how to  make a decent call to someone….gishhh…such a rude girl”    

Minho wanted to give Sulli a lesson for being impolite to him.

He smirked with his eyes still looked to where Sulli  was sitting.

So, without hesitation,  Minho entered the restaurant to continue with his plan.

He was lucky that Sulli didn’t notice his presence. Sulli  was too busy enjoying the beautiful scenes of  the thames river with her pouting lips, her left hand was twirling her handphone on the table.


She never failed to look very cute when she got mad”  

Minho chuckled.

Sulli’s cute expression always make him wanted to again and again. 

Silently he walked closer to  Sulli and then stood  behind her.

Slowly he bent over and whispered to Sulli’s ear

Yaa ..Choi  Jinri



Minho touched his nose that  just bumped with Sulli’s head.

Yaa!!!…CHOI JINRI  !!”

this time Minho wasn’t whispered, he yelled at Sulli.

My  poor nose..”  he cried out for pain


Minho’s loud and heavy tone of voice really  called other people’s attentions.

 Everyone there instantly looked to their way.


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tranthihongnhung #1
Chapter 13: i've been waiting 4 soooo long, where r u authornim , plz dont give up on Minsul. 5ting
Author-nim it has been so long, when will you come back continue this fic. I really really miss your update. Please, jeabal author-nim pls come back and update soon. Thank u.
Chapter 14: Authornim, where are you ?? Please update, soon. This story makes me curious...what happen next ?
anastasia2013 #4
Chapter 14: Please update authornim! thank you..
Authornim, please don´t give up this fic, I would to read what´s going to happen.
zangsia1 29 streak #6
hope you can update soon.
Maria09 #7
Chapter 14: so minho didnt know she fainted? yaaa... 뭐야 hahaha
how panic he is.. hhhh~
this story is interesting heheheh
update soon authornim :D
madihah0210 #8
Chapter 14: ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ new reader here update soon
Chapter 14: my dear Judith.. i was super duper happy when i saw ur fic update!! its been awhile ya... i really miss reading ur fic as well as ur posts on our MinSul soompi thread.. i really hope that u r healthy n doing well..

okie back my comments..oh dear!! Ssul fainted?? it must b due to her hungry stomach.. luckily tat old lady found her.. phew! ah minho sshi must b frantically searchin for her aft this.. hopefully they can find each other like wat giezpark said.. im still abit curious om wat minho will cook for her.. ah just remembered abt ginseng chicken soup.. hehe.. pretty random of me..

anyways dear... take care okie.. i really hope to catch ur latest updates n see u again on thread.. missin u always!! :)
nana4ever #10
Chapter 14: I was so excited to see that you updates my dear !!!!

It is good to see that they both are excited abs nervous about being together. However, Minho is going to feel so bad that he did not know that Sulli had fainted.

Thank you fort the update. Have a beautiful day!!!