Spartace Couple




All my fans love Monday Couple,
but my heart is with another man.
But I daren't tell anyone,
because I afraid to be rejected back.
What if it disappoints my fans?
What if it hurts Gary oppa and that man?
I don't want that to happen.

Ever since Running Man started,
I've been looking out for this girl
I soon realised I'm in love with her
But she's a Monday couple with Gary.
What if she rejects me?
What if it hurts Gary, my dongsaeng?
I don't want that to happen.

I'm now a Monday couple with Jihyo
But it's for the show's sake
I'm slowly falling in love with her
Although I know she loves someone else.
Can I tell her even though she will reject me?
I fear her leaving me, no.
I don't even want that to happen.

It begins like this. Kim Jongkook, Song Jihyo, Kang Gary. They were in Running Man with some other members. Jihyo wasn't part of them for the first ep, but came as a guest in a few other episodes. Then, she became an official member at episode 6, and joined in with Running Man as a member at episode 7. Soon, this "Monday Couple" thing has developed between Gary and Jihyo. Everyone thought it was funny at first, and of course nobody treated it seriously as it's for the show's sake. But, Jongkook has developed feelings with Jihyo as times go by, and Jihyo starts to like Jongkook too. However, Gary starts to like Jihyo for real.

One Monday, Jihyo came early to the venue. She saw Jongkook already there and greeted him. Although the production crew was there, it was still pretty awkward between the two. Jongkook offered to buy some coffee for Jihyo while waiting for the others. On the way to the coffee machine, Jongkook thought,"I think I should confess to her my true feelings... I really can't take it anymore. Every filming, Gary had to behave so close with Jihyo. It's really making me crazy." Jongkook bought the coffee and went back. He gave the coffee to Jihyo and started stuttering,"Jihyo ah...Oppa has something to tell you..." Jihyo asked,"What is it Oppa?" Just when Jongkook was about to confess to her, Jaesuk appeared.

Jaesuk greeted Jongkook and Jihyo. Jongkook thought,"Guess I couldn't tell her today..." Slowly, Running Man appeared one by one. Nothing changed while filming. Gary still behaves very intimately with Jihyo. Jihyo doesn't really like Gary's actions to her, it was very obvious by seeing her facial expression. Jongkook just stopped Gary, but in reality he was about to burst of anger. After filming, they all went home as usual. Jongkook texted Jihyo if she wanted to meet him at the nearby cafe tomorrow afternoon. Jihyo texted back that she's okay with it. However Jihyo did not know that Jongkook was going to confess to her there.


The next afternoon, Jongkook arrived at the cafe. He was thinking of what to say when Jihyo comes. What if Jihyo rejects him? He shudders of the thought of it. Just then, Jihyo arrived. Jongkook smiled and said,"I already ordered an Americano for you Jihyo." Jihyo said,"Aww thank you Oppa you're sweet." Jongkook thought,"It's nothing compared to what you've done for me..." "Oppa?" Jihyo asked when she saw Jongkook staring blankly at her. "Jihyo, I have something to tell you..." "Yes oppa?" "I... like you." Jongkook stuttered as he said those three words. Jihyo stared at him in disbelief. Jongkook blushed. The atmosphere was really awkward. Finally Jongkook uttered,"You don't have to give me a reply now." Jihyo said,"Oppa, I like you too, I just didn't expect this. I thought you didn't like me." Now it's Jongkook who was startled. He totally didn't expected that Jihyo also liked him all along. 
Still being a little awkward, they started chatting and got rid about the love topic. A big problem about their relationship is, how are they going to tell the other members? What about Monday couple? What about the fans? They didn't want to think all those, they just wanted to chat like friends would and relax.


The two meet again at a Running Man filming. Still feeling a bit awkward, Jongkook bought Jihyo's favourite Americano for her. It was a week since they confessed with each other but they had no idea to solve the problems abut their relationship. Gary was 3rd to arrive. He saw Jongkook and Jihyo together. He asked,"Hyung, you and Jihyo are really behaving weirdly at filming. What's going on?" Jongkook looked at Jihyo while Jihyo looked at Jongkook. Should they tell Gary about their relationship? Jihyo said,"Oppa, there's nothing." Gary senses something weird. Gary presses on,"Oh come on, something must be going around between you two." Gary keeps on pressing at Jihyo and Jongkook and they both finally admitted that they're in a relationship now. Gary gasped. It was obvious that he was startled. Then, the other RM members came. "What's wrong?" asked Haha. Jihyo and Jongkook, looking tired, announced their relationship to the whole of RM and the production crew.
Nobody uttered a word for a moment as they were too shocked by the news. "Hey, although Monday couple is for the show, I thought you and Gary really liked each other." said Suk Jin. "I do..." Gary confessed. Another piece of shocking news. Jihyo never thought that Gary would really like her. But the filming had to go on, so the asking would have to wait for later. After filming, Jaesuk treated RM for some coffee and started "interrogating" Jihyo, Jongkook and Gary. It was no doubt that RM were shocked by the news. It was a triangle relationship.


Jihyo went home, shocked and confused. She never knew her love life would be so confusing. The person that she likes is Jongkook but she knew RM and her fans would want her to be with Gary. She thought and thought. What could be in this girl's mind? The next day, RM picked up the newspaper. They were shocked to see the news that Jihyo was in a relationship with a CEO. How could this be?Jongkook texted Jihyo,"Jihyo ah, what is in your mind? What's with the relationship with the CEO?" Jihyo saw the text but didn't reply. After 6 days before the filming, RM asked Jihyo a mountain of questions. Jihyo just replied with,"I just don't like Jongkook oppa anymore..." Jongkook didn't want to believe it. He was really upset of Jihyo's decision. Jihyo thought,"Jongkook oppa and Gary oppa... I'm sorry. But I don't want either of you to get hurt." She began to tear up but realised that they were about to film. She wiped off her tears and went back to the venue. Jongkook was not as talkative anymore and Jihyo wasn't into her ace image. Gary did not really get active as well.
After filming, Jihyo just went back home straight away. Jongkook and Gary also went home. In Jihyo's mind, she was thinking how sorry she was for Jongkook and Gary. In Jongkook's mind, he was thinking why Jihyo announced that piece of news and was heartbroken and upset. In Gary's mind, he was just confused of everything. Announcement of being with Jongkook, then with the CEO. But he didn't mind, he just wanted Jihyo to be happy. 


After quite a few weeks, the CEO who was announced in a relationship with Jihyo asked Jihyo out. He said,"Jihyo, I like you, but us being in a relationship isn't very good. I think you'll be better off with your boyfriend. You probably think you being in a relationship with him will hurt him but no, it's not so. Your boyfriend needs you." Jihyo hesitated. The reason why she got the CEO to be in a "relationship" with her because she knew he liked her. She thought the CEO would be a better choice. Hearing what the CEO said, she smiled and called Jongkook. "Oppa, where are you? Can we meet at that cafe?" Of course, how would Jongkook and Jihyo forgot the cafe that they confessed to each other! They met up. Jihyo said,"Oppa, actually, I wanted to forget you so I announced that I was in a relationship with the CEO. But I couldn't and only when the CEO finally awakened me could I finally mustered my courage to say this to you. Saranghae oppa. Can we be together?" Even without Jihyo saying, Jongkook never forgot Jihyo. So he replied with a kiss. 
News reported that Jongkook and Jihyo were in a real relationship. Although RM was still confused, they were happy for the Spartace couple. Gary also moved on, but he and Jihyo were still pretty close. Sometimes Gary joked around,"Hyung you better be careful as Jihyo might change her mind to be with me soon!"


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