06 April 2011 [One-shot]


The smallest thing can trigger something big.


I'm a 10000000000000000000000% EunHae/HaeHyuk shipper who is EXTREMELY sensitive when it comes to my pairing. 'Nuff said.

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Chapter 1: aw :') sweet one-shot... it was sad but at the same time, there was hope? even if everything seemed to be turning out wrong for hyukjae and his feelings, donghae still loved him, even if not quite the way he wanted... hope he eventually got around to telling hae xx
Chapter 1: Ha ha... that's make perfect sense.....
Leah3k #3
Chapter 1: Aappffff <3
ahhh one of the classics in pairings C:
Chapter 1: Love this and i hope Eunhae/Haehyuk is real XD
Chapter 1: Ok, i know am being too much to ask... Such a greedy, too pushy maybe..really... Am sorry in advance...

but, can i have this story continue?
hahahaha... I know its one shot... But still asking you that...
am sorry, its just too good to end, cause i want to know hows the story goes...

sorry sorry sorry...

its one shot...
nahyukhaegi #7
Chapter 1: awww so fluffehhhhh ;A;
love this fic soooo much<3
Chapter 1: aww, this is cute, i think. well, to me it is <3
Chapter 1: Forever EunHae!! Eun who is only gay for Hae <3
evangeline101 #10
Chapter 1: True, I can't face it if EUNHAE broke up and leave each other to lead different lives...I‘ll probably break down and cry T.T