seohyun and the boys

Because EXO is a rookie group, it's hard to find their connection with our Seobaby. But I'll still try my hardest. Like I said before, everytime celebrities revealed their ideal type, they always remind me of Seohyun as Seohyun is extremely perfect without any flaw. 

EXO K ideal type .. [Boom: Dogu?] [Me: Seohyun!]

Suho - A girl which long straight hair and likes to read book, proper and innocent. Suho imagines that the girl is sitting by a window, reading book and slightly tug hair behind her ear. I doubt there is anyone that couldn't think of Seohyun right now.

As everyone know, Suho is the same age as Seohyun. There are some similarities between them. Their birth names started with J (Joonmyeon+Juhyun) and their stage name started with S (Suho+Seohyun). They are the third main vocalist in their group SNSD (Taeyeon, Jessica, Seohyun), Exo-K (Baekhyun, DO, Suho). Besides, they also have the same smile that could melt our heart.  

On a radio showSuho said Black Pearl is his favourite song in their newest album because it reminds him of his favorite movie Pirate of Carribean. Do you know that Seohyun also likes that movie as her ideal type, Johnny Deep is there?

For your information, Seohyun and her books can never be separated. Even SNSD manager said that Seohyun's bags is like a student's bag because it is always full of book. Hyoyeon also admitted that Seohyun will wake up early in the morning just to read book. Even when traveling around, Seohyun keeps reading book to pass the time. I just want to highlight that Seohyun certainly matches Suho's ideal type. Proper and innocent? Likes to read book? Only our Seobaby has those characteristics. It's like Suho knows that Seohyun always tucks her hair behind her ear when she is focusing on something.

When TTS win Triple Crown at Music Bank, the exo members were congratulating TTS for the winning. That's when Seohyun was seen getting the confetti off Suho's hair.

During the SMTown Interview in Singapore, after Seohyun finished her speech, she passed the mic to Suho. But even when giving his speech, Suho could not stop staring at the person beside him (that is our Seobaby). Seohyun looks so awkward, maybe because she noticed Suho keeps staring at her xD



Some people said that Suho had a glancing game with Taeyeon. But if you were there at the concert, you could see that Suho was actually caught by Taeyeon when he stared at Seohyun. He then looked away because scared to be caught again. 

During MBC Gayo Daejun, Seohyun greets her fellow hoobaes after the performance. Suho walked to her direction just to bow to her. Just like Luhan, Suho's mission is to stare at Seohyun every single chance he has. Suho, you completed your mission :D

          It's Seohyun sunbaenim ~                             Walk to her happily ~                          See her and bow to her ~


Breaking news, Seohyun and Suho were seen came out from a building (maybe SM building) at the same time. I don't know if it is coincidence or not but it looks like they are just finish working.

Baekhyun - A girl who is full of charm

Chanyeol - A cute and sincere girl who smiles a lot 


I have an interesting story during a concert. Chanyeol was standing beside Seohyun and he was so happy by the thought that he get to hold hand with Seohyun. But Changmin unknowingly getting his line first and stood between them. Unfortunately, Seohyun was chatting with Taeyeon and seems clueless.

DO : A kind hearted woman and she must looks happy no matter what she eats

During Korean-China Festival, DO was standing behind Seohyun. When the SNSD members were chatting, DO hit Seohyun's arm on purpose. He then looked at Seohyun to see her reaction until Tiffany and Hyoyeon started having conversation with him.

During MBC Gayo Daejun 2013, after the concert ends, Exo members was seen bowing to Seohyun. Seohyun patted on DO's shoulder and he smiled shyly.

During SMTown Concert, while performing DJ Got Us Fallin In Love Again, DO and Seohyun danced together and make eye contact.  When DO was singing duet with Suju Ryeowook, Seohyun was fond of DO's voice and sang along to it.

On Dream Concert 2012, after the concert ends, DO and Chanyeol stood behind Seohyun. Seohyun noticed them, turned at them and wave. Both Chanyeol and DO bowed to her. When everyone was focusing elsewhere, only DO continued to look at the person in front him (Seohyun). Soon, there is an empty spot beside Seohyun and Changmin pushed DO in front next to Seohyun. DO smiled shyly while staring at Seohyun. After that, Changmin got between DO and hold hands with Seohyun. Even with Changmin's interruption, DO's gaze still fixed on Seohyun. After the performers bowed to the audience, DO bowed to Seohyun for the last time which she didn't noticed it because she was busy chatting with her unnie. He then stared at Seohyun again for the thousanth time.

Kai : A gentle and affectionate girl

Both Kai and Seohyun have the same interest. Kai likes Pororo and imitates Krong while Seohyun likes Keroro and imitates Tamama. Guess what will happen if Pororo and Keroro meets?

During SM Fashionistas, Kai managed to grab SNSD maknae (Seohyun and Yoona) attention by bringing his dog to the photoshot. Seohyun was really amazed by the dog's cuteness and wanted to take a picture. But Kai took the cellphone from Seohyun's hand and helped them to take the picture. SeoKai skinship~!! If we look at all the pictures SNSD took with EXO again, Kai and Sehun always end up standing beside Seohyun.


On SM Town Concert In Bangkok, Taemin was splashing water to his hoobae, the EXO members. Kai got splashed and decided to take revenge on Taemin. Suddenly, he bumped into Seohyun and smiled, He then bowed to Seohyun as an apology. After that, Seohyun patted his shoulder. There's also another moment where Kai keeps staring at Seohyun. [Side note: When bumping into someone, Seohyun has a habit of patting that person gently] 

Sehun - A kind and caring woman, sometimes bubbly and neat clean

On SNSD Horror Movie Factory Ep 1, during the filming.. the girl were given a hot coffee because of the cold weather. When the girls were drinking their coffee, only Seohyun who didn't touch her drink. Instead, she gave the coffee to the staff that had to disguise himself for several hours. The staff then cheered 'SNSD Jang'. I love when Seohyun only thought of others' hardship instead of hers. She really is perfect as my role model.

Plus, both Seohyun and Sehun have the same story when they experience SM street casting. They revealed that they ran away from the staff because they felt scared meeting a stranger. Seohyun and Sehun also had been trained for 5 years once they enterd the company. I ship Seohyun and Sehun as SM maknae after Kyuhyun and Changmin.

During TTS & EXO collaboration on 'DJ Got Us Falling In Love Again', Seohyun accidently bumped into Sehun. She then patted Sehun's back.


Kris : A filial girl who is pretty and adorable like an angle

During SM Smart Exhibition, TTS pictures were in display. Kris and Chanyeol noticed Seohyun's picture. After that, he and Chanyeol were fighting to grab the picture. Kris smiled before Chanyeol put it back. There are other pictures too such as Taeyeon and Tiffany but Kris only set his eyes on Seohyun.


On SM Town Concert, everytime Kris encountered Seohyun, he will bow his head and both of them wave at each other with smile

During SMTown Concert in Bangkok, Kris was walking beside Seohyun. When Seohyun turned to him, Kris waved at her and gave her a smile. (A smile can speak a thousand words)

2013, Korean Incheon Music Wave, Kyuhyun walks towards Seohyun and pat her shoulders. Kris who was standing behind, saw them. Kris then bow to Seohyun while she was passing beside him.

During Korea-China Friendship Concert, Kris watched Seohyun speaking in Mandarin. He didn't even move until Seohyun finished her speech. Kris tried to hold her smile upon hearing Seohyun's introduction. Maybe he's too anxious for Seohyun.

2013, Idol Star Athletics Championship, during the archery competition, Kris hit the same exact spot Seohyun shot 3 years ago.

Lay : A girl who is slightly cute and filial

During the SMTown World Tour Concert, Seohyun easily approached Lay (the same age friend) and waved to him. Plus, you can see the smile on Lay's face. It looks like SMTown Concert is the perfect spot for EXO to become closer with Seohyun.

Lay and Seohyun also shares the same talents like playing piano and imitating Christina.

Chen : Noonas who can take care after me

Xiumin : A girl who can hug and comfort me

Tao : Cute girl with great body


2013, Korean-China Friendship Concert, Seohyun speaks in Chinese for the opening of the concert. Exo especially the Chinese members were amazed by her speech. Tao couldn't hide his excitement and clapped happily for Seohyun.

2013, Korean Incheon Music Wave, at the end of the concert, Seohyun was standing in front of the stage. Tao walked behind Seohyun and saw her. He left the rest of s clueless and stood beside Seohyun. Seohyun noticed it, waved and smiled at him. Tao looks so happy like a child. Tao is so brave. He could be a good example for Seohyun's fanboys :)


Luhan : A quiet and demure girl

During the opening of SM Town Concert in Seoul, Luhan and Seohyun were standing beside each other. Luhan turned his head to get a better look at Seohyun. A few seconds later, Seohyun also stare at Luhan. They both look at each other without notice. If only Seohyun is a few seconds faster, she would realize that they were staring at each other. OhMyGod. My Seohan feels.


During Exo and TTS collaboration on DJ Got Us Falling In Love Again, Luhan couldn't stop looking at Seohyun everytime she passes by. I'm obviously not delusional. When Taeyeon passed by him, Luhan did not even bother to look at her. But when Seohyun passed by, Luhan even turned his head to look at Seohyun. And you can see the sweet smile on his face. Even while walking or sitting, Luhan eyes is always stick at Seohyun.


While Luhan was dancing, he noticed that Seohyun was singing behind him. He smiled shyly and turned away from her. I bet Seohyun was thinking "why is he trying to avoid me?". Dear Seohyun, he might be dying from shyness if you cantinue to stand beside him. After the performance ended, the light went off. Luhan stood up and faced very near to Seohyun. They both seems shy and Seohyun took a step backward.


During the ending of SM Town Concert in Seoul, when Seohyun was heading to the main stage, Luhan waited for a while until she is in front of his eyes. After that, he turned away and smile. When Seohyun was standing still, Luhan stood beside her. When she looked in front, Luhan stared at her again and again. (Can't you be more obvious than this Luhan ? Everyone knows  who you're staring at xD) Luhan also was seen following Seohyun around and walked beside her. 

During SMTown Concert in Jakarta, Luhan and Xiumin stood behind Seohyun while Seohyun was standing beside Sehun. Seohyun noticed Luhan when she turned at the back. She gave him a hand signal, asking him to come in front. At that time, Chen and Sehun are seen looking at Seohyun. Luhan and Xiumin took a step forward and then stood right beside Seohyun. Finally, Luhan stared at Seohyun with a warm smile while Seohyun was focusing somewhere else.


After some time, Luhan became brave and started a conversation with Seohyun. After their conversation ended, Luhan lookedat Seohyun and smiled.


To those delusional Luyoon shippers, I just wanted to explain your ridiculous theory about Luhan staring at Yoona. If Luhan was looking at Yoona, he would not bother to low down his body because Yoona is standing beside him. He could has just move his head. But Luhan was actually looking at the person beside her, Seohyun. i hope Luyoon fans would open their eyes widely and accept the the truth that Luhan likes Seohyun the most. Just look at the way he smile when looking at Seohyun. I would only do that if I meet my crush.


On SM Fashionista with SNSD and EXO, Seohyun puts her arm on Luhan's shoulder during the photoshot. After the photoshot end, Luhan keeps staring at Seohyun. His red face from shyness is so damn cute~!


When Kai brings his dog to the photoshoot, Seohyun looks really excited until she doesn't noticed how long Luhan has been staring at her.

During the rehearsel of the 'DJ Got Us Falling In Love Again', Seohyun showed care for Luhan. She warned Luhan when she saw a frog in front of him. Luhan then thanked Seohyun by bowing to her, Even after the rehearsal ended, Luhan couldn't take his eyes off Seohyun. Thanks to the frog, I finally found another Seohan moments. And during the real performances, Seohyun was spotted pat on Luhan waist.


Actually someone had told me an interesting fact. Fans knew that Luhan hate when people touch his head, but why? On SMTown Concert In Seoul, Luhan had to witness before his eyes when Minho keeps stroking Seohyun's head. I guess it was a big impact for Luhan.. xD

Another moment on SM Town Concert, Luhan was seen bowing to Seohyun and Seohyun bowed back to him. After that he looks at Seohyun for the last time while sticking his tongue out. Our deer is so shy yet cute. But during SM Town In Singapore, people noticed that Luhan keeps avoiding Seohyun not like how he used to be. He maybe had realized that many people has caught him and Seohyun together. Also, he may have noticed that fans keep shipping Seohan at Youtube.

During Korea-China Friendship Concert, Seohyun gives introduction in Mandarin and Tiffany mentioned that it was Seohyun's birthday. Xiumin looked at Luhan and gave him 'that smile' only Luhan could understand. An epic smile shined on Luhan's face and he even tilted his head to get a better view of Seohyun.

During, Korean Incheon Music Wave, Seohyun was running to the backstage. Luhan saw her and bow to her. But he was completely ignored because Seohyun didn't noticed at that time.

Luhan found Seohyun running near him.  Stared at her for the thousandth time

Wow.. she's so fast.                                                  Ready to bow to her

Seohyun and Luhan was spotted together at an airport. I'm sure that guy is Luhan because Luhan wore the same shirt at the same airport on the same day.

On Allkpop, Luhan and Seohyun is choosen as the idols you would never guess were the same age. Luhan was choosen against 2pm Chansung and Seohyun was choosen against After School Nana. Meaning that Luhan and Seohyun looks younger than the people their age.

2013, during Despicable Me 2 Interview, Seohyun was seen holding the same doll Luhan hold during Growl promotion.

During Wolf promotion, Luhan was seen wearing cloth with number 56 and 77. Exo reveals that 88 are their official number. Do you know that Seohyun favorite number is 11 because she wants to be number 1? 5+6 (Luhan) = 11 (Seohyun) , 77 (Luhan) + 11 (Seohyun) = 88 (Exo). I could get A+ for Addmath if questions like this appear on my exam x)

Not only EXO, even their managers have attracted to Seohyun. In a music show, many people had written a memo that cheered SNSD. There is a memo written by EXO K manager that said 'Seohyun is a goddess'. Exo fan revealed that EXO M manager uses Seohyun's picture as his wallpaper. Seohyun is indeed managers' killer.

SNSD's members admitted that Seohyun is famous among SM managers and also other groups' manager because of her innocent and polite personality. Kara Hara and Nicole added they were jealous of Seohyun because their own manager likes Seohyun more than them.

Some people might think that I'm delusional with the Exo members staring at Seohyun. But no one could be more obvious than them especially DO, Suho and Luhan. You wouldn't stare at someone for so long if you didn't like that person. Their eyes speak on their own.

The most beautiful SeoExo/Fallen Angels moments

             Holding hand.                           Staring and smiling.                   Bowing, smiling and patting.

      Brush off hair.                       Posing and standing side by side.           Secretly staring.

       Admiring from a far.                 Waving hand and smiling.                Fighting to grabe picture,

      Bumping and patting.                     Facing each other faces.               Bumping and almost fall.

Suho used to like Seohyun but recently he got closer with Jessica. In my opinion SuhoxSica is just one-sided love. Suho's ideal type is still Seohyun.

DO has been admiring Seohyun from afar but often got ignored by clueless Seohyun. Everytime he meets Seohyun, he always bows and smiles.

Tao becomes Seohyun's new fanboy after amazed by her Chinese introduction. He even took the courage to stand beside her.

Kris never gives up to bow and look at Seohyun every chance he has. He fights with Chanyeol to grab Seohyun's picture.

Luhan never get tired staring at Seohyun and Xiumin is a type of friend that give you the look when your crush appear.

Last but not least..

Luhan is Seohyun biggest fanboy among Exo

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Fanyseo #1
Chapter 14: Ahhhh I really love it Arthur , I love seohan the most!!!! I ship seohan I don't ship luyoon
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Chapter 15: I'm really very glad to have come across this one.. Seohyun is just amazing, always!

Thank you so much for this! :)
Ex04ever #3
Chapter 15: Seo unnie is the first idol i admire..before jihyo and hyo.....
Chapter 15: Seohyun is the first idol that i admire . She just too pure and sweet i mean everyone like her including me kekeke . I especially ship Changmin and Seobaby maybe because Changmin is gentleman kekeke .

Hope that Seobaby will date someone in this list :)
khrinbunyanan #5
Chapter 3: On Suho part why did you used the word "sunbaenim" with seohyun because seohyun and suho are in the same age
sazymaera #6
Chapter 15: seohyun and her fanboys...its not suprising that she gets lots of haters...i pity her for that but i know she is strong enough to ignore all those haters...
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Chapter 1: Seohyun and Suju members~^^
Chapter 3: Seohan so cute. :$
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Chapter 15: wow i realy laugh after seen the pictures!!!
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Chapter 5: "Woohyun said that the other members especially Hoya looked jealous whenever Sungjong talks about Seohyun." aww that was so cute!!!!!! my hoseo feels<3