The banana milk hunt


You are dating Taemin. It's his birthday and you want to get him his favorite thing- banana milk. The nearby stores don't have the banana milk. Then you gather all of the SHINee members and go on a search for banana milk. 


You finnaly get the supply of banana milk and you start preparing for a party. All of the sudden,Key runs to you crying. " Ne an gwenchanayo? Key oppa what wrong?" Key sobbingly replies, Joesonghamnida, I feel like I let everyone down." I tell Key oppa," No, There was just a misunderstanding, ok ? Everything is fine so cheer up. Taemin gives you the cutest nickname ever- Bunny!


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kyon-senpai #1
Hey I just read this, and this is CRAZY, but I really love this, so chapter 10 maybe?(: xD
Chapter 5: "Sharing a banana milk together." XD OH GAWD YES.
TaeminniesBananaMilk #3
Chapter 5: I love this fan fic! It's good. :)
Chapter 4: Yaaay! He proposed~! :D
Thanks this is my first fan fic so I hope people like it
D'aww, the foreword is so adorable c: