My annoying Tutor is My BOYFRIEND???


Krystal is a queenka of SM high and all the BOYS like her. But she has boyfriend named Choi Minho. Her sister, Jessica Jung, decided to make her a normal girl back as she is a nerd. So she ask help from Lee Taemin who is abit poor. And he started to stay with Krystal and he changed to her school too. But Taemin met someone who is important for him once, Choi Sulli. will he like Krystal or go for Sulli back?


Anneyong! I am cutemaknae09. I like Minstal & Taestal but there are many Minstal but not Taestal so I decided to write Taestal. kekeke... ^0^

Enjoy reading!



Main Characters

Jung Krystal (Jung SooJung)


-Cute, innocent but abit rude

-Cold to everyone but so nice to her friends & boyfriend.

-Hates other boys except for Minho.

-Friends are Victoria, Nichkhun, Luna, Jonghyun & Minho.


lee taemin

Lee Taemin


-a tutor for Krystal.

-friendly to everyone and liked by most of the girls

-like Sulli once but treat her as friend.

-Friends are Onew, Key, Amber & Sulli.


Choi  Minho

-Krystal's boyfriend

-Kingka of the SM high

-Friends are Krystal, Nichkhun, Victoria, Jonghyun & Luna.


Choi Sulli

-Krystal's classmate

-Hates Krystal alot.

-Love Taemin.

-Friends are Taemin, Amber, Key & Onew


Nichkhun- like Victoria, Krystal & Minho's friend, a kingka.

Victoria- like Nichkhun, Krystal & Minho's friend, a queenka.

Jonghyun- Luna's boyfriend, a kingka.

Luna- Jonghyun's girlfriend, a queenka.

Key- Taemin's friend, dating with Amber.

Amber- Taemin's friend, dating with Key.

Onew- Taemin's friend, like Sulli.

And more to come~

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JheiSii137 #1
when will you update again.??
enehkiux #2
Bring all the Taestal fanfics out!!
update... PLS.....
[deactivated] #4
Ooomg Taestal!<3333 update soon!:D
Khuntoria #5
Update soon! :D
soojungie #6
I like Taestal too! :DDDD update pleasuu~
HoneyCates #7
I love this so much! Please update faster? :)
New Reader~<br />
Like the plot! <br />
I want Minstal... But it is okay... Keep on updating.... ^^
i love your update..
why89loveshinee #10
good ^^ even I 'm a big fan of Taelli but I love Krystal ,too. so really happy when I can find a fic about Taestal ^^ don't know why but when it comes come up with Taestal, the fic always seems really interesting ^^ maybe because in real life they're too diferent : Krystal- cool and quite, even a little rude, Taemin- cute and really innocent ^^ <br />
Sulli hate Krystal T-T ? how sad T-T<br />
btw I love your fic