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One More Chance



Yoona went downstairs, she walked slowly as she was nervous. Her heart was beating fast. It’s time to speak the truth and she really hoped that her appa would accept Il Jun.


“Appa can we talk for a while?” Sang joong turned to Yoona and quickly hid the photo in his pocket.

“Sure, have a seat.” Her hands was shaking badly. Cold sweat formed on her forehead.

“I believe there was something you want to tell me. What is it?”

“Appa! I’m sorry for not keeping my promise.” She bit her bottom lips.

“What do you meant, Yoona-a?” He pretended not to know.

“Appa! I’m in love.” Yoona stated.

“Wow that’s great.” Sang joong smiled brightly.

“So who’s that lucky guy?”

“Appa mianhaeyo.”

“For what?”

“I’m in love with an average man.”

“Not a poor guy, right?” her eyes opened widely. She didn’t know how to answer the question.

“As long as he is not a poor man, it’s ok.” He intentionally said that. Yoona looked downwards.

“He…..i…s.” Sang Joong get up and walked towards yoona. He hold his daughter hand.

“Yoonaya. How much do you love Kim Il Jun?” Yoona was SHOCK! WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTT!!!? How did he knew il jun’s name? Yoona whispered to herself. She was shivering. She remained silent. But then, Sang Joong asked her again how much she loves Il Jun.


“Can you prove me that he also loves you not because of money? Yoonaya… You need to realize that you and him are totally different and should not be together. Look at Yunho. What had that woman did to him? You should take lesson from that incident as not to repeat it all over again…” Sang Joong advised her.

“Appa. I.. I love him and.. I do believe he also loves me just the way I am.”

“I know you can have someone better than him. You are young and beautiful. I believe in your faith.”

“Appa, it is not easy. I need him in my life. I’m happy to be with him.” Yoona tried to explain her appa.

Love cannot guarantee that.” He refused.

“Appa!!” She’s cried.

"You will live in a fool's paradise if you think that he loves you, Yoonaya!"

“We are different! Il Jun will never be like Jeon Woo Gyeong! So does Omma.” Yoona ran out of the room. There’s Yunho outside. But, she just ignored him. It seemed like Yunho already heard everything. while Sang Joong? He was in shocked. His past!! His painful past!

He touched his chest. It hurt! Yunho saw Sang Joong. He quickly ran towards his appa.

“Abuji. Are you okay?” He nodded his head.

“Can you leave me alone, Yunhoa?”

“Sure abuji. Sure.” Sang Joong opened his drawer. There was a photo of a woman with a son and a daughter. Yes! She was his children’s mom. His wife ; KANG CHEONSA. He closed his eyes tightly, trying his best to be strong.


Sang Joong story :


He was an average businessman. Until one fine day he saw someone who captured his attention, a pretty young lady with big eyes. Her skin was milky and had a pink lip. He promised himself that he will never meet that woman until he became successful businessman. Because of his hard work, he finally made it. He has a stable life with his own money. G.O.D Corporation was finally established. He introduced himself to that woman. Then, he knew the woman that he had admire was Kang Cheonsa. They became friends - close friends.

One day, Cheonsa declared to him that she was in love with another guy. Just because of that, he figured out who the guy was. Then, he paid him to leave Kang Cheonsa, pretending to be her oppa. The guy accepted his offer and migrated. Kang Cheonsa was in pain but Sang Joong was always by her side. So, in order to help her, he asked for her hand. Cheonsa believed in him and agreed to marry him. In just 10 years, G.O.D Corporation became successful; G.O.D Electronics, G.O.D Foundation, G.O.D Medical Centre, G.O.D Automobile, G.O.D Trading, G.O.D Industry and a lot more were built.

Until one gloomy day, the day that he thought was the last day of his happiness: Cheonsa finally find out the reason why her lover ran away. The marriage was about to end up. But, Sang Joong would never divorce her for the sake of his children. Cheonsa left them and started a new life abroad for 5 years. Sang Joong always lied to them that their mother was overseas: had work and she will absolutely went home. Being such a father and a mother , not to forget, a businessman who have a responsibility towards his workers was such a tough life!! He felt tired but he needed to be strong in front of his kids. Yet, Sang Joong was looking for his wife. But there was no sign of her. He even built a factory in Europe just to bring her back and G.O.D Intelligence Security to find her. With the help of the agency, he knew where she was. He brought his children to Switzerland but then, Cheonsa... She was suffering from brain cancer stage 4. Yunho and Yoona, both spent their day at G.O.D Medical Centre while Sang Joong, she kept avoiding him. He didnt know why Cheonsa hate him that much? There was no hope for her to live long. Cheonsa was dead. That is how Sang Joong felt until now; PAIN!




Yunho can heard Yoona’s tears from the outside. He can't stand to see his sister in pain. He knew his father did it because he didn't want Yoona to cry over the spilt milk

“Yoonaya . Can I come in?” he opened the door slowly. He sat beside Yoona and hugged her with full of care.

“Hey, my little Princess. You look a bit down in the mouth. What's the matter?” He tried to talk with Yoona and wiped her tears.

“Oppa! Is it wrong to love someone who's poor?” Yunho silent. He stared at Yoona with full of sorrow. He shooked his head and said no.

“But why did appa thought that?”

“He is just traumatized. He didn’t want you to be like us – the victim. He did it for your own future, Yoonaya. But he didn’t realize that he did it harshly. I know how you feel Yoonaya. But, I also know what he feels. It is not easy to erase painful memories. He didn’t want you to feel that way. That’s all.”

“How can I make him believe that Il Jun will never do that?”

“I will help you, Yoonaya. I will talk to him.”


“For your happiness, I will!” Yunho nodded his head.

“Kamsahamnida, oppa!! Kamsahamnida!”

“Most welcome my dear. So, stop crying eh? Let me see your beautiful eyes. See! Your eyes look swollen.” Yoona gave him a big smile.

“So who's that guy? Il.. what? Il Jun?”

“Ne. Kim Il Jun.”

“I am sure he is a person with a great personality, right? A lot of male tried to tackle you, Yoona whether rich or poor. Yet, none of them captured your attention. So, I have a high expectation for him.” Yunho winked at her. He smiled sweetly that can melt women hearts.

“I have no idea that you have such a sweet smile, oppa.”

“WHAAAAAATTT? Don’t you ever think your oppa is such a handsome man?”

“No! not at all.” Yunho quickly pinched Yoona’s cheek.

“You are blind! How you can never knew you have such a dashing oppa. Women are all craving for me, okay?” They laughed together. That night, Yoona gave the picture of Il Jun. Yunho praised for his look, he was not that bad. They talked about Il Jun the whole night. A lot of stories she told. That makes him happy. He had never seen Yoona as happy as she was today. Her smile was totally different. And that is the powerful of L.O.V.E!





The next day Yunho tried to speak to his father.

“Abuji! Im sorry. I’m on Yoonas side.” Sang joong wasn't shocked at all. He knew it. He just knew it!

“Ohh.” He answered.

“I never imagined Yoona would be like that. Don’t you ever think that guy must be great to catch Yoona’s attention?”

“He is. I admit it. He is such a wonderful human being but the thing is his standard.”

“If the standard you are claim for, you need to think it twice, abuji.”

“What do you meant Yunhoa?”

“Let Yoona live her life as a wife of that guy. Live in a bad condition, no new cloth, no car, no tv, no handphone, no food and no money.”

“Yunhoa!!” Sang Joong stared Yunho with sharp eyes. Which father could be able to see his daughter suffered?

“Abuji, if only that guy starts his relationship just because of money, sooner or later, Yoona will know. They will end their relationship. That guy will sack out from her life.”

Love is forgivable, Yunhoa.”

“But the pain of love is not easy to recover, abuji. If she was totally in hurt, she will never accept him back. Never!” He was actually talking about himself. He remember how he refused to make up with Jeon Woo Gyeong. Yunho had changed. He became stronger despite his love to her before. It was all because she got a lot of debts after migrating to LA because of gambling. But, when she faced trouble, she was looking for him. Haaaahhh! Such a bad woman!

“Let Yoona decides what’s good and what’s bad to her future. She is a degree holder, abuji. She can manage it by herself. I know my sister abuji. She’s my sister.”

“She’s my daughter!”


“If you try to convince me again, please Yunhoa, leave me!”

“Abuji! I will fight for my sister happiness. Yes! Until my last breathe. I will fight for her good. I am so sorry.”He bowed and left the room. Sang Joong eyes watery. He thought about it for a whole time. He stepped to the balcony with a soda in his hand. He took a deep breath. He was in depression. The thing is, he didn’t know anything about Il Jun. Is it true he was not trying to seize their money?


That midnight, Yoona was sleeping. Sang Joong was on his way to see Yoona. He finally decided. Yoona was in a deep sleep. He caressed Yoona’s hair.

“I’m sorry my dear. I’m sorry for making you upset. I just want you to be happy. And that’s why; I will always protect you as a father. I will understand you and I promise myself to be the best man in your eyes. In this world let me be the number one for you. I have to accept the fact that your mom didn’t realize my presence. But, you always see me. You said that you were grateful to have me as your father. And I am so glad to have you and Yunho as my children.

But, I'm sorry. I have a feeling that he is not a good person. He’s not sincerely in love with you. He just loves your money. But, it still remains unknown, right? Whether it is true or not, so......, I decided to accept him.” He kissed Yoona forehead and left. 




I feel bad towards them ; Sang Joong, Yunho and Yoona :(

and yes, especially to Yoona. She didn't realize that she was just a puppy to play with.

Why did I do this to them??? T^T



And, mianhae for a long chapter.

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