Dream came true

One More Chance


10 March 2011 ;

on the desk while listening to It’s you by Super Junior


Dear Diary,

Kim Il Jun and I  are now officially DATING!!!!  Yaaaahooooooooo!!! We had date for several months before we began to get serious. Nothing can describe how happy I am right now.  So this is how love really is. Seriously, it is such a wonderful and fantastic world. >.< I think , I am seriously head over heels in love with him. I love him!! I love him so much!!.  He is my first love so, no wonder I am madly over him. Hehe. He is actually  such a romantic and sweet man. To me, he is my best friend, my oppa, my appa, my crush, my love and of course my namja <3

Oh ya! Yesterday I accidently met him at the store behind my house. I asked him if he don’t mind drinking with me. He agreed. It was a normal conversation. Later, because I was to curios to know more about him,  I asked about himself. Well, I know nothing apart from he was from a poor family. I had no idea throughout his life , he had been through a lot of hard times. T^T Compare to me who does not even need to think about money even for a once, my appa prepared everything to me perfectly.

Il Jun ssi, you are such a terrific and capable man. Your life story really touched me. I still remembered your words :


“There is NO justice for a poor children like me. I work hard in my life so that my children will never face what I faced before, being insulted just because you are from a poor family I want to create a new world. A world where our children compete each other fairly; the rich and the poor. But,  I need to get my mind off of everything! It was absolutely impossible!”


Il Jun ssi, as long as you are here beside me , you don’t have to worry about anything. We will stick together……FOREVER :)

Final test before graduation , here I come!!!

With Love,
Kim Yoona



Yoona slowly closed the diary and put it aside,  before turning off the light and going to bed.  Meanwhile, Il Jun was standing on the balcony looking over his handphone. He thought he did well.



Il Jun P.O.V :

Dreams come true!

It was unexpected. I must admit, loving her was impossible which I think it will never happen even for a once. I love her position as the daughter of the President. I love her money. For the sake of my dreams, I will take good care of her. I will never her go. Never! Even though I have to prejudice my life, it’s ok. This is my only chance.

End P.O.V


He unlock his handphone and started to dial Yoona’s number. At that time, Yoona was sleeping.  Due to her loud ringtone she woke up and quickly answered the phone.

“Nuguseyo?” [who is this?]

“Yoonaya.” her eyes opened wide. She recognized that voice. She quickly look at the phone screen , and to her surprise that call was from ‘nae namja’ ; Kim Il Jun.

“Il Jun ssi? Ooh. Ne. Ne Il Jun Ssi.”

“Are you sleeping?”

“Ne. I was quite tired doing revision for the test.  But, I’d set my alarm to wake up on 3 a.m to continue the lesson.” Yoona explained.

“sorry for disturbing you.”

“No. I’m glad you called me today, Il Jun ssi.” Yoona smiled.

“Yoonaya!” Il Jun exclaimed.


“Make sure you graduate , ok?”

“Of course, Il Jun ssi. You will definitely make it into the graduates list so, I will follow your step.”

“As soon as we both graduate…”


Lets get married.” Yoona was totally in shock. She couldn’t say anything. Il Jun disconnected the line, leaving Yoona with a huge question mark.




The story will move faster.

I let you imagine what gonna happen next between the chapter to another chapter.

with the help of sapphire_flower


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hey sorry, im new here so is this a book or a movie?? because i am looking for it all over! Please help
Chapter 9: A really great update !! But i pity Yoona , she doesn`t deserve this kind of love . Please update soon more ^^ I`ll be waiting *keke*
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