☆ Kang Su Ra ☆

☆ єnchαntєd ; ulzzαng hσusє ☆ { C L O S E D }

() yeoja ulzzang - 11 | Kang Su Ra


more pictures: tumblr | sura91



The moment I realized that I'm confused between Kang Sora and Park Sora, huhu. Btw, Kang Su Ra's sooo pretty!!! Nah,, she's not underrated, but not 'that' kind of popular too :/

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Back after a long hiatus. Any request?

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Chapter 8: Oh can't forget Yu Hamin, got him on facebook! hehe!!
Chapter 22: Nam Woong totally gave me the Himchan vibes, he's my favorite >U<
What numbers written before their names means,their age ?
Chapter 80: lmao - he's so handsome, tbh u n u V
do you know how old is he? ors.
I hope you update soon! ^^
[deactivated] #6
Can I request Girim and Su En? Hard to find their photos.
rektbyfx #7
Chapter 93: Omg I freaking love her !
do you know who either of these ulzzangs are? they both seem so familiar, but i can't put a name to their face .__. fsijefiajscise


can i request dahong's ji in?
i can't find anything about her otl
thanks so much o u o