Catch Taemin If You Can
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“I knew this day would come.” 




Jieun said, as she applied a hot towel on Taemin’s shoulders and pressed down with her weight. Taemin bit down on his blanket, and muffled screams escaped his lips.





“So what’s the update between you two?” She asked curiously. “Lovers?”




“The heck, are you crazy?!!!” The blanket dropped from his mouth as Taemin shrieked. 




“Not yet, huh.” Jieun’s disinterested tone returned. “Then what was Jongin’s epileptic rampage about?”



“He…uh, he…" Taemin stuttered, and it suddenly occurred to him that he too, had no ing idea. "...I don’t know. …Ugh…” Taemin groaned as he fell forwards on his bed. Flipping the towel on his shoulders, Jieun briskly smacked her brother in the head.



“You seriously don’t know?” She looked at him impassively. “Are you really that dumb, oppa?”  



Taemin looked up at Jieun as he rubbed his head. Still in her uniform, Jieun wet another towel in the bowl of hot water beside her. It was less than rare that Jieun hadn’t left the house after coming home to change out of her uniform, and Taemin sniffled, unnecessarily droning in sentimental emotion.



“A concrete friendship is kind of like love, you know.” Jieun said, squeezing the towel. “It’s no wonder Jongin flipped when he saw you like that in the restroom.”



“……He flipped, alright…” Taemin muttered.



Jieun stared at Taemin for a second, and opened .



“Remember in middle school when you guys got in an accident? Jongin’s head was bleeding like crazy but he still ran with you on his back, that monster.” Jieun continued pointedly. “You were always his number one priority.”



Taemin closed his mouth and wet his dry lips.



“A soccer player running like that with a sprained ankle.” Jieun ripped open a pouch of poultice and laughed. “Can you imagine?”






“And one day that precious friend declares that he is gay.” Jieun shook her head. “I’d flip too to be honest, yup.”



“Will you stop saying that word!?!!” Taemin shot up from his position and Jieun stopped, looking startled. She returned back to her nonchalant face in a second and slapped the compress on her brother’s back.



“Ow, it hurts!!” Taemin complained and Jieun pressed down on it mercilessly.



“Shame your mouth doesn’t need one. Shut up and lie back down.” 



Grumbling inaudibly, Taemin reluctantly complied. The minty smell of poultice filled the room and Jieun’s composed voice was at Taemin’s ears again.



“Self-hate and anger.”



“…Huh?” Taemin piped as he buried his head into his pillow.



“Questions of self identity, confusion, jealousy, betrayal, and sadness… they’re everywhere. You’ll never be able to see or pinpoint their existence… but it’s there, anytime and anywhere.”



“…Stop being cryptic and get to the point…” Taemin muffled underneath the pillow.



“And then comes self-destruction.” Jieun finished.



“What..?” Taemin lifted his head.



Tapping on Taemin’s back to see if the compress was fixated fine, she removed the hot towel from her brother and met his gaze.



“What are you saying?” Taemin demanded, his brows furrowing in confusion.



“You’ll find self-discovery… or collapse in self-destruction.” She replied, “It’s either one of the two.”






“Or you could just simply call it love.” Jieun shrugged.






“Just look at both of you. It’s exactly that.”



Taemin stared, his brain numb as if a steel hammer slammed his head from above. Standing up with the towel and the water bowl in her hands, Jieun looked down at her watch.



“Damn, I’ve wasted too much time on you already.” She said, “I’m going out, don’t take the poultice off until it itches and you just want to slam your back against the wall.” Jieun advised before closing the door behind her.



Burying his face in his pillow again, Taemin mumbled as the blankets trapped the sound from leaving his bed.



“Self-hate, ..identity, confusion, jealousy, ..rage, sadness… betrayal…”



Taemin shook his head, trying to erase Jongin’s cold eyes in his mind. He raised himself up, and stared into space as his words disintegrated in the air.












“What… what do you want??” 



Taemin staggered backwards but found his back hitting against the wall. Crossing her arms, Soojung slowly came closer as she trapped Taemin into the corner of the classroom. Her pink glossy lips widened to a pretty smile, and Taemin felt his body stiffen.



“Soojung…-ah, are you okay?” He stammered.



“Lee Taemin.” Soojung said, and blocked Taemin’s way when he tried to escape. She raised her arm to the wall beside Taemin, and Taemin was helplessly stuck in her barricade.



Having an audience in the midst of all this, the rest of the students in the class observed the two in amusement and started snickering. Guys smirked as they hooted and whistled while girls glared at Soojung and furiously whispered among themselves. As the murmurings increased and the class started to get loud, Soojung whipped her head around.



“! Give me some goddamn silence over here!” She screeched.



Stillness overtook the room at that moment, and all the guys’ jaws dropped at the most shocking (and heart-breaking) scene that they never dreamed to witness. The same went for the girls, and nothing moved except for the rolling of the pencil that somebody had dropped on the floor.



Soojung had dropped her act right away ever since her “mask” was thrown off. Taemin had always planned to expose the girl’s true identity all this time, but now that it was actually revealed, Taemin didn’t feel that it was any better. She was even scarier than before.



Soojung turned back to Taemin and smiled brightly.



“We’re going on a date tomorrow.” She informed.



“…Since when?” Taemin asked incredulously, “And are you nuts? Why would I go on a date with you…”



“Taemin-ah,” Taemin trailed off as Soojung lowered her arms and looked at him solemnly.



“I really like you.” She said. “You know that, right?”






“I guess I always knew that you couldn’t like me back. Which is probably why I cracked and went through all that crap.”



Taemin looked back at Soojung without a response.



“You know I don’t cling onto anybody. You should know… we’re so much alike.” Soojung continued, “But I’m doing it right now, and stooped real low this time too. Jongin? He’s a really nice guy. I tried hard to like him but there’s just one thing that gets in the way.”



Soojung’s voice faltered.



“He’s not you.”



Taemin thought that Soojung’s eyes looked honestly sad at that moment. Then he realized how serious the atmosphere was turning and quickly shook his head.



“…Am I supposed to believe this?” He managed and Soojung burst out.



“Then should I cry? Will you believe me if I cry?” And she buried her face in her hands as soon as she finished. 



Helpless and clueless of what he should do, Taemin gaped as the kids behind them (who were quietly watching them all this time as if it were a drama) also gawked at Soojung. Soojung sobbed and her shoulders shook violently.



Flailing his arms but unable to touch her, Taemin whispered frantically.



“Soojung… Soojung-ah, Jung Soojung! You’re not really crying, are you? C’mon this isn’t your character, stop, everyone is looking at us…”



Taemin was unsuccessful to his own dismay, and pitiful cries escaped between her fingers.



Dang, the girl was really crying. Sweat formed on Taemin’s forehead as he shifted uncomfortably. He really had no idea how to stop a girl from crying. Taemin placed his hand on Soojung’s shaking shoulders, and Soojung suddenly flinched. Her weeping stopped for 0.1 seconds before it continued irregularly again, and Taemin lowered his hand in disbelief. 



“…Hey.” He said flatly.






“Jung Soojung.”



Things had been ridiculously absurd for Taemin these days, but this was beyond his imagination.



“Who are you trying to fool?” He carelessly tapped Soojung’s sides. “Stop, that’s enough now.”



“…….....” Soojung spat as she raised her head.



Taemin examined Soojung’s dry face that had no sign of tears anywhere, and burst out laughing.



“Damn it, why can’t I cry?”



Soojung mumbled under her breath and Taemin grabbed onto his stomach, thinking that Soojung actually looked really, really cute. He liked her way better now that she was herself and didn’t have to act so fake all the time anymore. Soojung too eventually burst into bashful giggles, and the entire class laughed heartily like an ending of a corny movie. 



They did, at least for a while. Until Soojung turned around and screamed viciously.













School was over and students filed out of the classroom as soon as the bell rang. The buzzing of chatters faded away but Taemin didn’t budge from his seat. There was still about an hour left until the construction was done for the day, and Taemin didn’t feel like going home for the time. It wasn’t like Jongin was coming with him anymore, and neither did he feel like responding to the texts he received from countless girls he forgot the names of.



Taemin wordlessly peered down the window, and the teachers’ cars aligning the parking lot were leaving the driveway one by one. Taemin stared blankly, until his eyes flashed vengefully.



That black convertible parked in the corner…



That black Corolla there…



It was none other than Baldy’s precious clunker.



The blotched hello kitty doll dangling inside the front window proved Taemin correct, and Taemin saw a spark of fire flash before his eyes. There was no time for second thoughts. Taemin lunged to the back of the classroom and dug through the cupboards.  After flinging a spare uniform shirt, one running shoe, some construction papers and markers, he finally found a can of white spraycan.



Smirking a smile of satisfaction, Taemin grabbed his bag and ran out the room.



It’s payback time. Say goodbye to your ride, Baldy… Taemin muttered under his breath as the chilly night air crept underneath his uniform. Thankfully no lampposts brightened the corner where the car was parked. Taemin cautiously approached the automobile, and his eyes soon met the eyes of the hello kitty doll inside the windows.



Taemin’s lips curled slyly. He bent down and hastily searched the parking lot to see it deserted. As if the heavens approved of Taemin’s rightful(?) deed, another car was parked alongside of Baldy’s Corolla to shield Taemin. Tiptoeing to the side of the car, Taemin crouched low and shook the spraycan. He carefully pressed the top, and the spray made a white visible dot on the black door.  



This was gonna get him good. Taemin cackled silently. Baldy could pull out the rest of his existing hair for all Taemin cared.



Taking a deep breath, Taemin pressed down on the spray again, this time harder. With an escaping sound, the white mist burst out and Taemin flailed his arms as if to show off his hidden artistic talent.



First, Taemin started off by drawing Baldy in the best of his ability, followed by a speech bubble saying [BALD AND PROUD]. As he continued to finish off his masterpiece, Taemin suddenly heard a shrilling screech that made the back of his hair stand up. Kneeling down, Taemin carefully piped his head out, but nobody was there.



Damn, I thought I was a goner for a second, Taemin shuddered. Breathing out in relief, Taemin held up the spray again. He was determined to give the Corolla a beautiful white belt, the one that resembled Baldy’s single line of hair across his wide forehead. As he reached the end of the car, Taemin stopped to shake the spray again when he collapsed rightdown in shock. 









The other person too screamed with him, and she fell on her on the cold cement ground. Dumbfounded, Taemin forgot to bring himself up and stared at Sulli. His gaze moved from her eyes to the metal nail in her hands. Both of them looked at the weapons(?) in each other’s hands, then at the line crease on the car, drawn respectably by the spray and the nail.



So thalt’s where the screech had come from. Taemin snickered and Sulli smiled.  They both turned towards the piece of art (more like destroyed automobile) that they created and beamed proudly.



“I didn’t know you had the guts to do something like this.” Taemin smirked, clearly impressed.



“I’ve always wanted to do this before I went off to college.” Sulli replied, shrugging her shoulders.



“…That’s it?” Taemin looked at the girl, his eyebrows rising. “No other reason? …Say revenge, for example.”



“What revenge…?”



Sulli’s eyes widened in pure curiousty and Taemin could only laugh. He waved his hand to disregard the subject, and Sulli giggled. She straightened herself up and opened as she helped Taemin up to his feet.



“Let’s go see the sunrise together.”



Taemin stared at Sulli in confusion and she explained further.



“You know, people go to the sea for the first sunrise of the year on New Year’s Eve.” She shrugged. “Let’s go.”



“Why… would I do that with you?” Taemin drawled, confused and genuinely curious.



“Because… we’re friends?”



“Friends?” Taemin’s jaw dropped. “Since when did we ever agree on that…”



“Then are we still rivals?” Sulli laughed, intervening in Taemin’s muttering and continued. “Don’t worry, I haven’t given up on Jongin yet.”



“Who said I ever worried…, go home.” Taemin pushed Sulli in front of him as they shuffled to the side of the car together. His eyes fell on whatever it was that Sulli drew on the windowshield, and Taemin gawked. 

“…What in the world is that supposed to be? You possibly can’t argue that this is Baldy…”



“Baldy?” Sulli turned around and answered. “It’s me.”



“……?!!! Why did you draw yourself?!!!” Taemin hollered.



Sulli solemnly stared at the car before opening again.



“Well, I can’t leave my name.”



Taemin groaned. This girl really had a knack of striking him mental damage in the shortest period of time. Speechless at Sulli’s answer, Taemin shook his head.



“No, why would you write your name- That doesn’t- What- Ugh, just go home.” He pushed Sulli again. “I get migraines just by hearing your name these days…”



“That happens to me too sometimes.” Sulli replied nonchalantly. “So are we going?”



“Are you nuts?” Taemin stopped in his tracks. “I can’t afford to watch the sunrise, my life is too ty right now.”



“Then let’s all go.” Sulli suggested, determined to convince Taemin. “It’ll be nice!”



Taemin opened his mouth to say something, but closed it without a word. The only way to remain sane while facing Sulli was just cutting the conversation off at the right time.

Ignoring the girl, Taemin walked back towards the school building and turned around after a few steps. Sulli was waving brightly from behind. Without responding, Taemin hastily whipped his head back around. He didn’t want Sulli to catch him smiling, Taemin just couldn’t help but laugh at the girl’s clueless innocence(?) that no person in their right mind could handle.



For ten years, Taemin only had Jongin. Jongin was Taemin’s only relief in his eighteen years of life, whether the road was smooth or bumpy.


And although it was never in Taemin’s plan to wound up with the craziest happenings and the most temple-throbbing problems, maybe… 

Maybe it wasn’t such a bad thing.


Four-dimensional and naïve Sulli,


Blood-curlingly clever Soojung,



And even unpredictable and flirtatious Chanyeol…



Maybe it wasn’t so bad to open up a little bit and let them join in his life. 















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lol i just noticed that this is a girl chapter -jieun, soojung, and sulli. i hope you enjoyed it!

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