Love at First Sight

Foreign Exchange


Regina walked down the school hall with her slaves friends Gretchen, Cadie, and Karen. They were all on their way to lunch when a large, husky man bumped intoRegina.


“Ew! You plebian! Watch where you’re going!” She exclaimed loudly as she removed her face from his fluffy chest.


She then looked up into the eyes of the offender, and was instantly lost.


“Regina, are you coming?”Regina heard Gretchen whine from a few feet up ahead.


That was enough to snap her back into reality.


“Huh? Yeah, I’m coming Gretchen. Stop being so bossy.”Regina quipped.


Later that day, Regina was sitting in class, contemplating how best to skip next hour.


She looked up at the clock, positioned directly above the classroom door, to check out the time and calculate how much longer she was stuck in that class. She was about to tear her eyes off the clock as the door opened, and a familiar face walked in.


“Oh, you must be the foreign exchange student,” the teacher said deliberately.


The young man just stood there, confused. The teacher gently pushed him to the empty desk next to Regina’s. “You can sit here,” she told him slowly.


The teacher walked back to the front of the classroom to resume her lesson.Reginalooked at the new student intently. She noticed that though he was heavyset, he was handsome in his own unique way. He was exotic, and Reginaliked that.


The problem was, she wasn’t sure how to let him know. This kid was from a whole different country, he probably won’t understand American customs. Regina figured if she could put up with Cadie, she’d be able to figure this kid out and mold him into her puppet.


She snuck a look over at his paper he was working on. She could just barely make out his name ‘Shindong’. She liked it. The bell rang and the class stood up to leave.


As Shindong stood up, Regina acted on impulse. She smacked his just as he was about to walk away.


Regina tossed a wink at him and said, “Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.”


Shindong looked confused. Regina wasn’t sure if it was because of the language barrier or because she just touched his large, round, ghetto .


Reginaput a promiscuous look on her face as she gawked at Shindong. After a few moments of standing like this, he got the message. A gummy, lopsided smile stretched across his face.


Regina pushed him gently out of the classroom and led him to the projection room above the auditorium. In there, they did things that Coach Carr and Trang Pak had only dared dreaming of doing. Shindong knew he was going to like it here.


The End


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Chapter 1: oh shindong hahaha you're really fast on getting that "message"
Chapter 1: Were you William Shakespeare in your past life?
Chapter 1: lol nice one shot XD