Matoki Earthventure: Matchmakers?


This will be my first fic here~!

This story is the tale of two M.I.A Matoki by the name's of Azamato and Nenemato, who have chose two foreigner girls to ambassador them as the seacrh for the six Matoki who actually made it to Earth. The two girls are fortunate enough to get close to their favorite group, B.A.P, who are the ambassadors for the six Matoki soldiers assigned to this planet! With Aza and Nene reconnecting with their fellow soldiers, in more ways than one, the two foreigners must stay with B.A.P to keep their Matoki a secret as they take over the world! 




^^ Above is the Matoki, Azamato, also called the "Drop-Out Soldier". She is tenacious, informal, easily annoyed, lazy, violent, but beneath it all, is a kind heart, a superior intellect and an iron will. Before the Earthventure, she was trained by none other than Shishimato, but couldn't quite make the grade. Unfortunately, her terrible sense of direction and inability to read coordinates has caused them to go M.I.A (missing in action), and their mission incomplete. She was deemed second in command, but was allowed to be leader or the two. Her mask is purple.
Calls their ambassadors by their alias.

^^The Matoki above here is Nenemato, the soldier of technological influence. Her personality is sweet, kind, caring, brainy yet she has quite an evil side and tends to have dark tendencies beneath. Before the Earthventure, she was personally taught by Jokomato, making her quite the prodigy. She tends to stand back as support because of her introvert nature, but she is totally prepared to push her partner aside and act on her own vicious rage. She is originally the head of the duo, but allowed Azamato to take charge. Her mask is hot pink.
Calls their ambassadors by their American name.


Tabitha: Also known as Tabi, Dong-saeng, or the alias Sun-Woo, is easily comparable to the Matoki she ambassadors, Nenemato. She is very kind and nice, but deep down is a side who enjoys pairings and the evilness of things. She has short blonde hair with pink tips, blue eyes, fair skin, and average height. She refers to her friend as "Unni", although they are not related. She is B.A.P biased and declared Himchan her oppa. She is the first to accept the Matoki's offer to help them.

Tyra-Elaine: Also known as Tylaine, Unni, or the alias Jin-Kyong, is definately the only one compatible to her Matoki, Azamato. Her nature is to be shamelessly arrogant, lazy-like, and a suprising IQ, although beneath, the are romantics. She has shoulder-length brown hair, brown eyes, glasses, dark-skin, and rather tall. She refers to Tabi as "Dong-saeng", although not related. She, too, is B.A.P biased and openly announces that she will marry either Zelo or Jongup.


Meeting Matoki, yessir!

-Azamato POV-

I finally came to the right planet...took long enough! Me and my partner Nenemato have been searching for Earth for a long time before they sent the six other soldiers. Now we have to find them....w-wait? In Korea?! You gotta be kinding me, dude! Where on this blue planet are we? I looked to the tracking/GPS on our ships main scream and laughed.

"Aha, my excellent directions got us to Seoul, South Korea! Hell yeah!"

I'll be honest, I'm not great with directions, Nene's sigh read 'Oh really' and I looked at her annoyed and pleadingly.

"Aww, Nene, let me take credit for this one, 'kay? Needa show the general I'm capable!" My partner nodded at me. "Alright, general said we need some Earthling ambassadors, so let's go!" I opened the hatch to our ship and hopped out, Nene following. We appeared to have landed in a park near their city. Nene put the cloaking device on the ship and I scanned the area for our Earthling ambassadors. I spotted a peculiar duo sitting on the bench. One had, what Earthings called, 'blonde hair', 'fair skin', and blue eyes. The other is considered 'dark-skinned' and 'brunette' and was bespectacled. I think these Korean Earthlings would call them 'foreigners'. I grabbed Nene and dragged her over to the two.

"Kyahaha, Jonguppie is so hot! I can't wait to go to the fan meeting today!" The dark-skinned one shouted.

"I know Unni! But he is not as cute as Himchannie!" The other squealed right along. I looked over to Nenemato.

"Nene, pull out your Species-Matoki Compatability Radar." Nene did as told. 


-Nenemato POV-

I pulled out my small machine as directed and first analyzed the blonde  human. Reading says she's most compatible with myself because of her kind nature, natural brains, and evil demeanor beneath. I scanned the second human, who was most compatible with none other than Aza due to her shameless arrogance, lazy appearance, and quite a IQ.

"The dark-skinned one is yours," I stated. "I have the blonde one. Listen, Aza, please engage the humans nicely. Aza, completely dismissing my warning, stomped up to them. Oh brother.

"Hey Earthlings, look it here!" Both looked down at her. Geez, Azamato..."Hey, I'm Azamato, a matoki soldier! I facepalmed, but then looked up again as one of the humans spoke.

"Yo Azamato, the name's Tyra-Elaine, call me Tyra, but here in Korea, it's Jin-Kyong," The dark-skinned one stated coolly. "This is Tabitha, call 'er Tabi or here, Sun-Woo." Tabitha nodded at her introduction. I walked up to join Aza upfront..

"Hello, I'm Nenemato, matoki scientist and engineer. We require your assistance. You see, we came to your planet to search for six other matoki who have came to your planet." Tabitha smiled wide at the word 'matoki'.

"Sure, we'd love to help!" she interjected. "actually, we were on our way toward their...human...errr, canidates!"

"Yep." Tyra agreed and confirmed while smiling. This made Aza strangely happy as she took out her Matoki-Ambassador ring.

"Here Jin-Kyong, wear this ring. Them abassadors of our bretheren should and will recognize ya, got it?" Tyra was given Aza's purple matoki ring with her mask design on it.

"I have one for you too, Tabitha, as well." I presented her with my hot pink matoki ring with my mask design on it. They both donned it on theirright middle fingers and smiled. Tabitha picked me up and held me across her chest.

"C'mon Unni, it's gonna start, it's just straight up the street!" Tyra nodded at her and hoisted Aza up onto her shoulder. The two began walking, and what was once a wide area became a packed metropolitan city filled with people. They seemed to gracefully move down the packed city.

"Okay, to get to the Matoki, show your ring to the ambassador for either Tatsmao or Shishimato." I directed them.

"Alright, so that means Bang Yongguk and Himchan." Tyra stated. Those must be the names of their ambassadors. I felt Tabitha squeeze me a bit as they turned into a building.

The two walked into a darkened hall before coming into a large hall full of other girls screaming and squealing before a empty table, lined up in a zig zag formation...and we were last. Just then a group of six boys walked in and sat at the table and the girld went crazy even our own ambassadors lost their composure. The line began to trudge slowly.


-Azamato POV-

The wait was agonizingly terrible. The only good that came from is that we are last and no one can engage us. An hour has passed and we have finally made it up to the table. The first boy was a brunette who was fit.

"J-jongup! Saranghe!" Jin-Kyong stuttered happily. He smiled back at her and I felt her pulse quicken. She hesitantly moved on to another boy, pale blonde with blue bangs. "Z-z-zelooooo~!" She squealed. He, too, smiled and he reached out to shake her hand. Sun-Woo pushed her along to two dirty blondes. "Anneyongseong!' She bowed at them slightly and bounced in glee as they smiled back at her. Her friend pusher her a long again pass the black-haired one and straight to the last one with an undefinable hair color. Sun-Woo stood beside her inf front of the black-haired boy and blushed heavily. "H-himchan!" She held out her No Mercy album to him and he took it with a smile and signed it. Jin-Kyong laughed at her friend's reaction and the weird colored hair boy laughed with her. Just than I remembered the initial mission.

"Yo, if these are the Matoki ambassadors, show 'em yer rings!" Jin-Kyong nodded and elbowed her friend. She presented her ring to the boy before her.

"Bang, you recognize these?" He looked at the ring and smiled before taking out his own, attached to a chain around his neck. Getting impatient, I jumped off Jin Kyong's shoulder onto the table in front of the one called Bang.

"Take us to your Matoki, our bretheren!" Sun-Woo showed her ring to the black haired one named Himchan and Nenemato jumped onto the table, presenting ourselves to the Earthling Ambassadors. The doors were closed in the hall and it was just the eight Earthlings and us two Matoki. Confrontation was one thing I handled well, everyone else seemed to be stunned....





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