Hello, Dream

Hello, Dream

Hello, Dream

Do Kyungsoo was a simple guy. He lived in a pretty nice apartment with one of his friends, was a manager at a coffee shop across the street from Xiao Lu Designs, and walked to and from work everyday. Occasionally, he went across the street to help Luhan, the owner of the store, out and Baekhyun, who was another one of his famous friends.

He liked his life. It was quiet and uncomplicated. He was content with what he was doing and being with friends, although they constantly complained that life could be more exciting for him.

“I am not going to go through this…” Kyungsoo trailed off and pursed his lips. “…this and look for a date.” He stared at the black binder placed on the counter of the café like it was going to jump up and attack him at any moment.

“Aww, c’mon, Kyungsoo,” Jongdae complained quietly. He was wearing a cap and a pair of sunglasses. “This is a good thing. You need some excitement in your life.”

Kyungsoo sighed in obvious annoyance. “Why do you keep pushing people to do this dating thing? First Luhan, now me.” He narrowed his eyes at him. “Are you getting commissions out of this?”

Jongdae’s eyes widened, even though Kyungsoo couldn’t really see them, and put a hand over his heart in mock hurt. “How dare you even insinuate that,” Jongdae emphatically let out. “I do this for the love I have for all of the people I care about.”

“Right,” Kyungsoo scoffed. He gave him a pointed look. “Now, are you going to order anything? Because I’d rather you not bother me. I have work to do.”

“Kyungsoo,” Jongdae whined. He opened the binder and showed him all the beautiful men and women’s photos lining up the pages. “It wouldn’t hurt to try and see, right? One of these could be your one true love!”

Kyungsoo leveled a stare at him and Jongdae cowered a bit. Kyungsoo was generally a nice guy, but, once in a while, his normally wide and cute eyes, turned steely.

“They’re escorts, paid to be whomever you want them to be,” Kyungsoo pointed out. “I am not going to pay someone just so I could pretend that I’ve found the man of my dreams.”

“So you are looking,” Jongdae caught him, grinning widely. “I can leave this here and you can—.”

“Seriously, Jongdae,” Kyungsoo hissed, leaning across the counter to glare at him. “If you don’t get out of my face right now, I’m going to squeal like a girl and tell everyone around here that Chen, ohmygod, Chen is here! And then you’ll be mobbed and what are you going to do about it?”

Having come out with a couple of hit songs, Jongdae was easily recognized whenever he was out by himself. He was normally mobbed and really couldn’t get to places unless he got his manager to lie about his schedules on his website and went out with a cap that covered his hair and sunglasses that covered practically his whole face.

They used to about being so cliché about the celebrity life. He was always going to the café or Luhan’s clothing store or Baekhyun’s studio when he didn’t have any schedules. In one of those teasing sessions, Jongdae gave them a look that had them shutting up about it forever. It was only then that they understood. It was a hard and lonely life. And so they indulged Jongdae’s antics. But not this, Kyungsoo thought.

“You wouldn’t,” Jongdae’s eyes were wide with fear. He shuddered when Kyungsoo shot him an evil look, one that he recognized was exactly like Luhan’s. He frowned and was about to say something when his mobile phone started ringing, his ringtone one of his famous songs. Kyungsoo fought the urge to roll his eyes at this.

“Yeah,” Jongdae answered in the way he only did when a friend is the one who was calling. Kyungsoo raised an eyebrow and he mouthed that it was Luhan.

Kyungsoo merely watched as Jongdae listened to whatever it was that Luhan was babbling about. He could practically hear the happy notes in Luhan’s voice. He was starting to get bored just watching and was about to go to the back to check some things when Jongdae suddenly smiled his wicked smile and he immediately knew that something was up.

“What is it? What did Luhan say?” Kyungsoo wanted to know when Jongdae had pocketed his phone.

“Oh nothing,” Jongdae innocently smiled. He eyed the binder and tucked it under his arm. “I’ll be bringing this with me since you obviously don’t appreciate it.”

“Jongdae, if you’re going to bait some poor soul into this thing—,” Kyungsoo started to say.

“It’ll be fine,” Jongdae assured him. He winked then left the café.

Kyungsoo rolled his eyes as he wiped the counter with a dry cloth. Sometimes he really didn’t understand how Jongdae managed to even think of doing such things when he was already so busy with being one of the famous singers in the country. If only people knew what kind of guy he really was… He made a face and shook his head.

“Everything okay?” a voice asked him.

Kyungsoo looked up and was met by a handsome face. He was almost pretty with his porcelain skin, sparkling eyes and pink lips. He also had on the most amazing smile.

“Uh,” Kyungsoo gurgled intelligently.

“Was that guy bothering you?” he then asked, a concerned furrow in his eyebrows.

“Oh,” Kyungsoo managed to find his voice back, “No. No,” he repeated, smiling. “That was a friend of mine, actually. He was just being irritating, as usual.” He put the cloth under the counter and smiled once more. “What can I get you?”

“Just one hot caffe latte,” he told him, taking out his wallet and taking a few bills out, handing it to him.

Kyungsoo got the money and punched in the code in the computer, then prepared his change and handing it back to him. After which, he proceeded to make his caffe latte. Minseok, one of the staff, was in the back, doing some cleaning.

While he waited a bit for the coffee to get done, he glanced around and happened to meet the eyes of the customer, who seemed to be watching him. He almost averted his gaze, not wanting to get caught staring, when he spoke.

“So… that guy was just a friend?”

Kyungsoo involuntarily blushed.

His discomfort was gone and his smile was back when he turned back to the handsome customer to hand him his coffee. “Here you go,” he said. “Enjoy your coffee!”

The customer smiled, only one side of his lips going up, before taking his leave and Kyungsoo couldn’t help but think about how it was one of the iest smiles he had ever seen.


Kyungsoo unlocked the door and walked into his apartment, removing his shoes and hanging his coat on the rack. As he padded through the hallway, he sniffed around for any sign that his apartment was or had been on the verge of being set on fire. Luhan wasn’t the best person to be let near the kitchen and so he was on constant guard whenever he returned home.

“Luhan?” he quietly called.

“I’m here!” Luhan announced from the living room.

Luhan was seated on the sofa, legs under him, eyes focused on his mobile phone. Kyungsoo almost rolled his eyes because he was pretty sure that it was another one of Luhan’s conquests that he was texting.

“Who is it this time?” Kyungsoo asked, setting his bag on the floor, and taking a seat beside him. He leaned his head back and closed his eyes for a bit.

“Kris Wu,” Luhan answered without skipping a beat. “Tall, blonde, hot. Son of a billionaire.”

“So he’s boyfriend of the month?” Kyungsoo teased, turning his head to look at his friend.

Luhan was beautiful, to put it simply. He was tall, with dark blonde hair, pretty, wide entreating eyes, really nice skin and kissable pink lips. He almost always got mistaken for as a girl, but far from a girl he was. He was commanding when he wanted to be and was firm with his decisions and, just because his frame resembled that of a girl’s, didn’t mean that he couldn’t hold his own in a fight. Kyungsoo remembered Baekhyun crying when Luhan punched him in the face back when they were younger. There was only one tiny, possible, flaw in him: he didn’t go for steady relationships. He flitted around with girls and guys, mostly guys, and never stopped to see if it could be something more.

“Maybe,” Luhan told him, looking him with a bright smile. He put his phone down on the table and leaned back, readjusting his position on the couch so that Kyungsoo had more space. “How was your day?”

“Fine,” Kyungsoo shared, thinking back to how he really enjoyed the rush of customers coming in and out of the shop to order their favorite coffee, coffee that made them relax and feel comfort. “You know, Jongdae came by the other day with this ridiculous binder of—.”

“Escorts,” Luhan finished for him, eyes twinkling excitedly. “I know. He told me.”

“Honestly,” Kyungsoo shook his head. “Did he really think I would go for it, that any of us would go for it?” Luhan blinked and merely smiled. Kyungsoo sat up, sensing that he had to brace himself for whatever was coming. “Oh no, you didn’t.” When Luhan didn’t say anything, he continued on, rather desperately, “Luhan, you know I don’t go for blind dates or anything like that.”

Luhan laughed, a hand coming up to cover his mouth. Kyungsoo narrowed his eyes when he realized that he was just playing with him.

“You should’ve seen your face,” Luhan giggled. “You looked like you were going to cry.” He reached out and patted Kyungsoo’s head like a dog. “What’s so wrong with a blind date, Kyungsoo? It’s a nice way to meet people. You’re not obliged to go out with them if you don’t like them after one date.” He shrugged. “You could just be friends.”

“If you and Jongdae keep pushing this, I’m going to have to find new ones,” Kyungsoo commented.

Luhan frowned for a second then gave him a curious look. “What’s really stopping you from going out with people, Kyungsoo? I mean, you’re attractive and I know you have your fair share of admirers. Why aren’t you going out and dating people?”

Kyungsoo understood what Luhan was saying. He did have people seeking him out, even strangers, if that customer from the café the other day was any indication. People they knew had asked him out, wanted to get to know him better, wanted something more. Even Jongdae had asked him out in college. But there was just something he was waiting for, something he thought he’d already found, but had lost and was yearning to find again.

“I’m just not interested in it right now,” Kyungsoo merely shrugged nonchalantly. “Besides, you guys are dating enough for me and that’s so much more exciting.”

Luhan gave him a look, one that Kyungsoo had to avert his from because he was afraid that Luhan could see right through him.


Kyungsoo wrinkled his nose as a sticky arm grated the back of his shirt as a couple of people returned to their seats from the dance floor.

“Why am I here again?” Kyungsoo yelled across the table as Baekhyun passed him a drink. The music was loud and the lights were blinking. He found that his own head was pounding with the base and that he couldn’t really hear much, except for that.

“Because you need to get laid!” Baekhyun yelled back.

Jongdae and Luhan both snickered as Luhan’s flavor of the month slid onto the empty seat beside him. Kyungsoo watched as Luhan scooted closer to Kris, who put an arm around his waist.

Kyungsoo looked away and decided to look around. It was one of the more popular bars in the city. It was packed with people, who all looked like they were all just there to really unwind, judging by the way the bodies writhed against each other on the dance floor.

He was about to turn his attention back to his friends when someone caught his eye by the bar. His eyes widened slightly when the said stranger slightly waved and then smiled at him. It was the customer from the coffee shop. The guy tilted his head, a question hanging in the air, and Kyungsoo had to think about it.

It was true that he wasn’t looking for anything at the moment that wasn’t remotely close to what he was actually searching for. But that didn’t mean he couldn’t have fun. There were at a bar after all. Besides, there was nothing wrong with meeting new people and maybe making new friends, just like what Luhan had said.

“Where are you going?” Baekhyun asked him as he moved to stand.

“I’ll be right back,” Kyungsoo assured them before making his way towards the bar.

He wasn’t exactly sure why he was doing what he was doing. He was never brave, never the one who actually came up to people whom he found attractive, was never someone who pursued someone. Yet, here he was, coming up to someone who hit on him once at the place where he worked. He didn’t even know his name and yet, something just felt right.

“Hi,” Kyungsoo took a deep breath when he was finally in front of him. “I’m Kyungsoo.”

“Hi,” he greeted back with a blinding smile. “It’s nice to meet you.”

“What’s your name?” Kyungsoo then asked.

“Junmyeon,” he answered. “It’s nice to meet you, too.”


Junmyeon, Kyungsoo found out, owned a dance studio down the street to the coffee shop. Apparently, he had taken a certain love to dancing, but didn’t have the body for it, so he decided to just put up a dance studio and employ teachers to teach dance to other people, young and old alike. He also found out that he devoured his food very slowly, as if giving homage to it, and that he took care of people well. Also, he was always, always smiling.

Kyungsoo found himself hanging out with Junmyeon almost regularly a week after they met at the bar. It was a nice, new uncomplicated thing that was added to his life. Junmyeon was nice and sweet and never pushed him or forced anything on him.

“You sound like you like him,” Baekhyun observed as Kyungsoo talked about the time when he and Junmyeon went to get ice cream after work, while he was cooking them some dinner.

“I do,” Kyungsoo confirmed without hesitation. “He’s a nice break from all of you to be honest.”

Luhan made an affronted sound but didn’t say anything, as he was busy with his phone. Jongdae decided to be the one to back Baekhyun up.

“No, he meant that you seem to actually like him,” Jongdae emphasized. Kyungsoo turned around to face him. “You know… like boyfriend material.”

Kyungsoo’s eyes widened for a bit and he shook his head. “Oh,” he realized. “It’s nothing like that. I mean, Junmyeon is nice and everything, but no, nothing like that.”

“Again,” Luhan finally looked up, piping into the conversation, “I’d have to ask, why not? He’s a catch. He’s handsome and funny. Plus, he has this amazing teeth that would seem like they would feel good on—.”

Baekhyun reached up without hesitation and covered Luhan’s mouth with his hand before Kyungsoo got scandalized. Because, between the four of them, Kyungsoo was the most innocent. While Jongdae and Luhan enjoyed dating and, even playing, around, Baekhyun had long admitted to himself that he wanted love. And he knew that Kyungsoo wanted the same thing. But it was almost like he was saving himself for someone.

“Not all of us have the same exploits as you do, Luhan,” Baekhyun .

Luhan slapped his hand off and made a face. “As I was saying, Junmyeon seems to be a great guy! Why won’t you go the next step with him?”

“Because,” Kyungsoo merely stated, rolling his eyes at them. He turned his attention back to his cooking.

he isn’t Jongin.


If Kyungsoo would have to choose, he’d pick high school as one of the best years of his life. He’d always been an achiever, getting the best grades, being at the top of the class. But it was in high school that he’d met people he saw the potential to be his friends forever, people he knew he could trust.

He’d met Luhan first out of all of them. He was coming out of the library, books in hand for some research, when some guy practically flew into him, a whirl of blonde hair. He stopped running, sensing he had almost killed someone in his hurry and immediately apologized. Kyungsoo remembered being so tongue-tied because damn Luhan was so attractive. He had felt his whole face getting red and he probably had muttered some incoherencies because he just couldn’t think straight back then. Luhan had merely laughed at him, put an arm around his shoulders, and brought him to the cafeteria so he could buy him something to eat, the least he could do for him.

It was there that he’d met Baekhyun. Apparently, he and Luhan had been friends for far longer and it really was evident with how they mercilessly teased each other. Baekhyun had winked at him and Kyungsoo had begun to wonder how Luhan and Baekhyun were just friends because they were both so attractive.

“That’s a disgusting thought,” Luhan had said. “Don’t ever bring it up again.”

And he hadn’t. Because no one ever argued with Luhan and because Baekhyun had looked green the moment he’d asked. But, later on, he’d find out that the two had a moment where they kissed due to Baekhyun being drunk. It was at that time that they realized that they really were just going to be friends, and that was that.

Jongdae, meanwhile, he met a couple of days later. The school had the school choir on an out-of-town competition and Jongdae had been with them because he was the lead singer. He had returned, taking a seat in between Baekhyun and Luhan, one arm around each of them. The most vivid memory that he had of his first meeting with Jongdae was that he had the warmest smile.

Then there was Jongin.

One thing he got from being friends with Baekhyun, Luhan and Jongdae was the fact that he got to meet a lot of people and managed to maintain a certain form of friendship with some of them. It was like networking at such a young age. His three friends made it really easy because they were so well-liked. So when he was dragged to a school soccer game, he didn’t even protest anymore, even though he wasn’t really sure how the game was played.

He was standing at the side of the field, right by the foot of the bleachers when he saw one of the players behind the bleachers, reaching over towards something on his back. He frowned and hesitated for a second before coming up to him.

“Are you okay? Do you need help with anything?”

The athlete looked up and a handsome face immediately assaulted Kyungsoo. And by handsome, he meant chiseled features, dark intense eyes, long lashes, plump lips, and lovely tanned skin. Such handsome face then broke into a shy smile and he just had to blink.

“Do you think you could help me put on these pads on my back?” the soccer player asked uncertainly. “I just can’t seem to put it on properly.”

Kyungsoo took the soothing pads from him, lifted his shirt, taking in the smooth expanse of bronze skin, and placed them side-by-side on his lower back. He pressed lightly to make sure they were sticking properly.

“There,” Kyungsoo said, smiling a little.

“Thank you!” he said, smiling more comfortably this time. He stood there for a second as if deciding what to say. “Are you watching the game?”

“I am,” Kyungsoo said, taking in his uniform. “I assume you’re playing?”

“Yeah,” he responded with a shy chuckle. “I… I’m Jongin.”

“It’s nice to meet you, Jongin,” Kyungsoo said, shaking his head. And he remembered how nice his hand felt in his. “I’m Kyungsoo.”

“Kyungsoo,” Jongin repeated as if testing how it sounded from his mouth. He grinned.

“Good luck on your game,” Kyungsoo told him.

Jongin nodded gratefully. “I’ll see you around.”

Right after the game, which their school won, Jongin came to find him in the stands. Baekhyun’s mouth hung open, while Luhan snickered and Jongdae looked on interestedly as Jongin unabashedly asked if Kyungsoo wanted to grab something to eat with him. His eyes had widened then, his heart beating fast, as the realization that this could possibly be a date, his first date, and hadn’t immediately responded. Jongdae had to kick him before he remembered to say, “Yes, I’d like that.”

He’d had a lot of firsts with Jongin. First date, first boyfriend, first kiss. First heartbreak.

Jongin had left the country right after high school to pursue another one of his loves: dancing. Soccer was just something that he did because he was also good at it, but after years of contemplation, he decided that dancing was something he wanted to do for far longer, maybe even all of his life.

Kyungsoo didn’t stop him because he hadn’t had the heart to. He could see how dancing lighted up Jongin, how he loved it, how it completed him, how it was him. They broke up because high school long distance relationships weren’t practical and never really lasted anyway.

But Kyungsoo never really did get over him. He still missed him everyday.


Kyungsoo leaned his head sideways on one of his arms, which were propped on his knees, as he sat on the floor and watched Sehun, one of the dancers that practiced in Junmyeon’s dance studio. He was moving fluidly to one of those popular hip-hop songs, the type of songs that Jongin liked to dance to back in the day.

“Hey, what’s with you?” Luhan poked his cheek with a long finger.

Kyungsoo lifted his head to look at him. “I’m fine,” he said. Then he straightened up and frowned at Luhan. “Why are you here?” He’d brought his friends along when Junmyeon had said it was okay. He only just realized that Luhan had been tagging along more often than the others.

Luhan pouted at him in mock offense. “Is it so bad for me to want to hang out with you more, Kyungsoo? Am I not allowed to do that anymore?”

“We never hang out by ourselves, Luhan,” Kyungsoo reminded him amusedly. “Except when we’re at the apartment.”

Luhan opened his mouth then closed it again when he realized that he was right. It was like they were already so sick of seeing each other at home that they decided not to hang out outside by themselves anymore. Luhan frowned a bit at this thought.

“Well, I’m changing things then,” Luhan proclaimed with a big grin. “Every time you come to the dance studio, I’ll go with you.” He put his hands on Kyungsoo’s arms as he faced him. “Isn’t that a great idea?”

“You’re just using me to get to Sehun,” Kyungsoo deadpanned.

Luhan let go of Kyungsoo and leaned back against the wall to blatantly watch Sehun as he danced. “He’s very y,” he remarked softly.

“What happened to Kris?” Kyungsoo asked. “It hasn’t even been a month—.”

The music stopped and Luhan was off the floor and beside Sehun in an instant. He watched in amusement as he fussed over the younger kid and made him blush. He looked away when Junmyeon slid down on the space beside him. There was a wary expression on his face as his eyes trailed after Luhan and Sehun exiting the studio.

“Don’t worry,” Kyungsoo assured him, patting his knee. “Luhan’s… Luhan may seem like a player—okay, he is a player. But he knows when to stop. It’s usually right before anyone gets hurt.”

It was something he actually admired in Luhan. Despite having gone out with so many people, more than he probably ever would in his own lifetime, he’s managed to maintain friendships with all of them.

“Do you dance?” Junmyeon suddenly asked.

Kyungsoo chuckled, looking at their reflections on the wide foot-to-ceiling mirror across from them. “I wish,” he told him. “I’m a bundle of uncoordinated limbs.”

“A cute bundle of uncoordinated limbs,” Junmyeon corrected, making him blush.

Kyungsoo tucked his chin towards his chest to hide his pink cheeks. For some reason, every compliment that Junmyeon gave him made him like a giddy schoolgirl. His words had that effect and it made him wonder at times if that was a sign that it was time to give someone else a chance in his life.

“I used to wish that I could, though,” Kyungsoo admitted, clearing his throat and his face of embarrassment.

Jongin made him wish that. Because he wanted to be a part of Jongin’s everything, to be able to support him properly in anything. When Jongin brought him to a dance studio and showed him the dance that he was going to use for his audition in the U.S., he’d never been so in awe in his life. Jongin’s body was like liquid, being willed to move so flawlessly. It was a memory that he’s always treasured. It was then that he saw just how passionate he was with dance, just how badly he wanted it. Which was why when it was time for him to go, all he could do was wish him luck and greatness, because that was what he truly deserved.

He wondered if Jongin ever got to be great at dance the way he wanted to be.

“So who is he?” Junmyeon prodded, his fingers brushing against his lightly.

“Who?” Kyungsoo asked, blinking, his eyes on their hands.

“That guy who you were just thinking of, the one who made you wish you could dance,” Junmyeon pressed.

“I wasn’t—,” Kyungsoo tried to explained. He didn’t think they were at that stage of their “relationship” already where they could talk about exes. He’s pretty sure he doesn’t want to hear about Junmyeon’s ex yet. He’s just at that point where he hasn’t started to care about that.

Junmyeon chuckled. “I don’t mind, Kyungsoo,” he assured him. “It’s just… your eyes sort of glazed over and it was like you weren’t here.” He smiled at him. “He must be pretty special.”

Kyungsoo leaned his head back and closed his eyes, sighing. “He was. Is,” he corrected himself. “Jongin has always been special.”

“Who?” Junmyeon asked, pressing.

“Oh,” Kyungsoo said, turning to look at him, smiling. “His name’s Jongin, Kim Jongin. I used to go out with him back in high school. I haven’t seen him in a long time. He’s probably famous in the States right now or something.” He turned his palm up when Junmyeon started tracing the lines on them. “He went there to pursue his dream.”

“And is he your dream?” Junmyeon asked softly, his eyes on their hands.

Kyungsoo wondered about this. Jongin has always been in the back of his mind ever since high school. He was always something that he still hoped would be someone he had a future with. It didn’t even have to be that they ended up together.

“I’d give anything to see him again,” Kyungsoo whispered.



“You did what?!” Luhan practically screeched. He stood up so quickly that the chair he had been occupying toppled over, disturbing the customers in the café.

Kyungsoo glared at him. “Can you keep it down?” he hissed.

“I will not keep it down,” Luhan stated heatedly, his voice carrying over all the other tables. “You may have just lost your chance with Junmyeon because of your stupidity!”

Baekhyun pulled Luhan back to his seat and stomped on his foot, making him whimper in pain. Jongdae shot him a sympathetic look. Baekhyun was wearing his shoes with the especially hard soles that day.

“Thank you,” Kyungsoo told Baekhyun.

“Don’t thank me,” Baekhyun retorted, an eyebrow raised. “I’m as mad as he is. I’m just better at containing it.”

“Oh,” Kyungsoo frowned.

He wished he hadn’t told them anything about what he and Junmyeon talked about that night in the dance studio. It just had been one of those conversations that steered towards an old love. It had been so long since he’d talked about Jongin aloud that he got carried away. Now they were all upset with him. He bit his lip.

“Look, Kyungsoo,” Jongdae began to speak in a much calmer tone that the other two. “All we’re saying is maybe, maybe it was premature. I mean, you and Junmyeon had just known each other and suddenly you were talking about Jongin like you’re still in love with him and that’s—.” He stopped talking and gave Kyungsoo a curious look. “Are you still in love with Jongin?”

“I…” Kyungsoo hesitated.

“Oh my god,” Luhan facepalmed himself and Baekhyun’s face twitched. “That’s an eternity ago, Kyungsoo. Don’t you think it’s about time that you let that go? That you let him go? You’re an adult and you can’t be forever hung over some person who’s probably forgotten about you already.”

Kyungsoo stilled at Luhan’s words. Despite the fact that he was probably right, it didn’t make it hurt any less. He glanced at the counter to make sure that Minseok was handling things just fine before standing up.

“I’ll just… go for a walk,” Kyungsoo told them quietly before making his way out of the café.

“Congratulations, Luhan,” Jongdae dryly stated, leaning back on his seat. “I think you were too harsh.”

“I was being realistic,” Luhan defended himself.

“Maybe you were being realistic to yourself,” Baekhyun retorted. “Not everyone is like you, Luhan. Some people move on far slower than you do with all the people you date.” He then stood up, leaving an amused Jongdae and a stunned Luhan.


Kyungsoo found himself in front of Junmyeon’s dance studio. He wasn’t sure how he came to be there, just that he was there. So just what was he intending to do? He sighed and leaned his back against the wall beside the entrance. Luhan was right. He may have ruined his chances with Junmyeon, if he even ever hoped for one.

Maybe he should tell Junmyeon the truth. He should apologize for everything, for maybe leading him on, for maybe trying not that hard to make things possibly work between the two of them.

He pushed himself off the wall and moved to enter the dance studio. His hand was pushing the door open when he saw and heard Baekhyun calling for him.

“What are you doing here?” Baekhyun demanded, panting.

“I was just going to talk to Junmyeon, to tell him the truth, that I can’t pursue whatever this is that’s going on between us,” Kyungsoo explained. It was just fair, he thought.

But Baekhyun shook his head. “That’s a bad idea,” he promised him. “Especially since you’re highly emotional at the moment. Come,” he decided, taking Kyungsoo’s hand, “let’s take a walk.”

Kyungsoo followed Baekhyun’s lead. They walked and walked and walked without saying a word to each other. After a while, they finally stopped at the park, where they sat down on a wooden bench.

“You know Luhan’s just looking out for you, right? Like, that’s just his way of doing things,” Baekhyun broke the silence, glancing at him.

Kyungsoo chuckled. “I get why he said what he said,” he sighed. “Maybe he’s right. Maybe I should move on. It has been years, after all.”

“More like a decade,” Baekhyun murmured. “I didn’t even think you were still holding a torch for him. You haven’t even seen him since then.”

“I know,” Kyungsoo responded, almost defeated. “Just… I’ve tried seeing other people and I just can’t. There’s still part of me that’s hoping that maybe there’s still a chance. I just want to know how he’s doing. If he’s moved on, then maybe that’s just what I need.”

“You know the chances that he’s moved on are very big, don’t you?” Baekhyun asked, fully looking at him. “Why would you set yourself up for disappointment this big?”

Kyungsoo shrugged. “I’m not,” he told him, meeting Baekhyun’s eyes. “I just still love him that’s all.”

Baekhyun’s eyes softened and it seemed like he had to bite back a laugh that was bubbling up his throat. “I wish I was like you, Kyungsoo,” he very quietly admitted.

“I don’t wish this for anyone,” Kyungsoo told him, reaching for his hand and squeezing it. Loving Jongin after all these years was, quite possibly, one of the hardest things he’s gone through in his life, knowing that such a love can never be reciprocated anymore.

“I hired a date,” Baekhyun muttered.

“What?” Kyungsoo asked, leaning towards him.

“I hired a date,” Baekhyun repeated in a louder voice. “For our high school reunion.” When Kyungsoo didn’t respond, he buried his face in his hands. “I know! I’m despicable!”

“Wait, stop,” Kyungsoo practically shook Baekhyun before he got too hysterical. “How did you even—oh no. This is Jongdae’s doing, isn’t it?” Baekhyun nodded miserably. “Well, is he good-looking, the guy that you chose?” he decided to steer the subject somewhere more pleasant. Jongdae was going to hear it from him when he got a hold of him.

Baekhyun peeked at him through his fingers. There was a hint of smile on his face and Kyungsoo knew it was going to be okay.

Everything was going to be okay.


Kyungsoo was never the stealthy type. He may be called tiny, but that didn’t mean that he didn’t do things in an obvious manner. Such was the case when he’d decided it was best he didn’t see Junmyeon for a while. He needed to sort things out with himself. He was at that point of his life, where he figured he should decide whether he was going to miss Jongin forever or whether it was time to let him go. He never realized it before, but after Luhan’s words, he knew that Jongin and the hope of Jongin was the one holding him back in having other relationships.

“You’re being very childish, I hope you know that,” Jongdae commented, leaning against the counter as he waited for his order.

“I don’t remember asking for your opinion,” Kyungsoo replied as he finished preparing his coffee.

“Yes, well, we’re friends,” Jongdae grinned as Kyungsoo handed him his drink. “It’s kind of a given that you’ll get unsolicited advice. So yeah. You’re being very childish.”

“Don’t you have to be somewhere?” Kyungsoo snapped. “You have an awful lot of time for someone supposedly so famous.”

“Could you, like, keep it down?” Jongdae glanced around in case someone was listening in on them. He leaned even closer to Kyungsoo. “Just so you know, I take special days off for when my friends need me the most.” He gave a pointed look at him and Kyungsoo had to sigh in affection. “Junmyeon will understand,” he assured him gently. “You guys haven’t made any promises to each other and I think he’ll give you the space that you need for Jongin.”

Kyungsoo traced the ball pen marks on the dark brown counter. “What if… what if I don’t want that space anymore?” he slowly stated. “What if, maybe, I want to try things out with Junmyeon?”

It was something that had honestly been niggling at his mind ever since Luhan had his outburst. Junmyeon was really nice and very sweet and there were times when his heart fluttered because of him. Surely, that was a good sign. Plus, he did find him attractive. The smiles that he sent his way were definitely something that he looked forward to just because it made him feel special. What if he made those things a constant in his life? What if he made Junmyeon that person? Jongin may have been his dream for a long time, but dreams change, don’t they?

“Kyungsoo, look at me,” Jongdae said. He put a hand on top of his when he finally did. “You cannot be unfair to Junmyeon.”

“But I’m not being unfair to him,” Kyungsoo defended himself.

“You weren’t,” Jongdae corrected him. “But now you are and you will be. Because you know whom you’re in love with. And with that knowledge, you can’t do things like try things out with someone just so you can forget.”

Kyungsoo let out a breath, blinking rapidly to keep the tears at bay. Of course Jongdae was right. He knew that, too. It was going to be very unfair for him to use Junmyeon to forget Jongin, especially since Jongin’s been his dream for so long.

Jongdae moved to the back of the counter, ignoring the fact that he wasn’t invited to, and pulled Kyungsoo to the back as Minseok took over.

“I can’t wait for him forever,” Kyungsoo whispered.


Kyungsoo stared at himself in the mirror and took in his reflection. He had on his best jeans and a dark collared shirt. But all he could see in his eyes was guilt. He had finally answered Junmyeon’s calls and he intended to tell him that they should talk. But before he could, Junmyeon had already asked him out to attend the special gala presentation of the dance studio students. It had been something that they’d been preparing for a while now and Junmyeon said that he’d really like it if he went with him. There wasn’t anything he could do but to say yes.

The knock on his door startled him out of his reverie. He took a deep breath and walked towards it to open it. Luhan stood in the doorway.

“Hey,” Luhan quietly greeted him. They never really quite made up properly after that day in the coffee shop. “Junmyeon just arrived.” Kyungsoo nodded. Luhan stopped him before he could go to him. “I think… you haven’t ruined your chances with him,” he said, looking him in the eyes. “I mean, he did ask you out again.”

“Maybe,” Kyungsoo replied. He knew that this was the closest to an apology that he would get from Luhan. He let out a breath and chuckled awkwardly. “I honestly don’t know what to do, Luhan. I like him, but I don’t know if I can love him and I’m not sure I know how to tell him that.”

Luhan wrapped his arms around him tightly. “You don’t have to do anything tonight,” he told him. “Take it one step at a time.” Pulling away, he buttoned up his collared shirt. “You dream of looking for that lost love. Maybe you can find that love in someone else.”

“Dreams change,” Kyungsoo nodded, smiling. Luhan beamed at him. “Why aren’t you coming?” he then asked confused and curious. “Sehun’s going to be there.” Luhan merely smiled and shook his head at him. Kyungsoo narrowed his eyes in return. “Are you dumping him already?”

“Just so you know, I’m going to Exo Hotel tonight,” Luhan shared, rolling his eyes at him.

“Exo Hotel… oh! You’re going to see Kris?” Kyungsoo blurted out in excitement. “Luhan, that’s great! I—.”

“This isn’t really the time, Kyungsoo,” Luhan interrupted him with a push towards the door. “Enjoy your date,” he added when Kyungsoo stumbled towards the living room.

Kyungsoo found Junmyeon seated on the sofa. He immediately stood up, a bright smile on his face, once he saw him walk in. Of course Junmyeon looked good. He was wearing dark jeans and a casual checkered polo shirt. His shiny hair glinted under the white lights.

Kyungsoo couldn’t help but think how anyone could think of hurting such a beautiful person.


They were right outside the auditorium when Kyungsoo pulled Junmyeon’s hand so that they could stop. He felt bothered the whole time they were en route to the location of the performance. He couldn’t help it anymore. He needed to speak up and tell him.

“What is it?” Junmyeon asked, looking a bit concerned.

“I just want to talk for a bit,” Kyungsoo admitted. Junmyeon looked at him like he was studying him and his resolve began to waver. “I think that I…” He let out a breath. “Remember when I talked about that guy, my high school boyfriend and—.”

“Is there something wrong?” Junmyeon wanted to know. “Did you find him?”

Kyungsoo shook his head. “No,” he bit his lip. “But… but I might still want to.”

“Might?” Junmyeon echoed.

“I do,” Kyungsoo corrected himself. “I still do want to look for him. I haven’t—.”

Junmyeon squeezed his hand, a small smile on his face. “Can we talk about this after the show? I promise everything will be okay.”

“I’m sorry,” Kyungsoo whispered to him as they walked inside.

Junmyeon lifted his hand to his lips and kissed it. “You shouldn’t be.”


All the dancing was making Kyungsoo feel somewhat suffocated. They were all good, all talented; Sehun was amazing with his commanding stage presence. But all the dancing just reminded him of Jongin and how he was pretty sure that was a boat that he’d already missed and shouldn’t have been waiting to come back.

As the performance with Sehun in it ended, Kyungsoo turned to Junmyeon. “I’m going to go out for a bit,” he whispered.

“Everything okay?” Junmyeon asked him. “This is the last performance.”

“I just need a minute,” Kyungsoo promised, squeezing his hand.

He got up from his seat and walked down the aisle towards one of the exits. He was almost to the door, his hand touching it, pushing it open, when the beats and melody of the next song started to play. He knew that song, knew it by heart. He listened to it practically everyday since that time he’d heard it in high school. He halted his steps and turned to face the stage.

There was a boy in the middle of the stage, dancing by himself, dancing in a way that was unfamiliar yet familiar to him at the same time. So he stood there and watched, hoping to see his eyes, which were shrouded with his long dark bangs, swaying each time he moved. Because then he would maybe know, he would know whether the dream had become just a delusion.

Jongin was one of the most amazing dancers he’d ever had the privilege of watching. It wasn’t just that he was good, wasn’t just that he had the skill. Dancing was who he was. He became the best version of himself when he danced. All the passion, the love, the hurt that he had in his life, he brought it all out and incorporated it in his dancing. It was beautiful and just so striking that Kyungsoo knew he would know if it was he who was dancing anywhere.

But he didn’t dare hope. Because he knew his heart would shatter if he were wrong.

When the song finally ended and the dancing stopped, the dancer looked up and looked straight at him.


“Did you enjoy the show?” Junmyeon asked when he finally made his way to him beside the exit.

“I don’t know,” Kyungsoo hesitated. “Who was the last guy who danced? Is he one of the students in your studio?”

“Oh you mean Kai,” Junmyeon said. “Nah, he’s a friend of mine. He studied abroad and just came back into the country the other day. Why do you ask?”

“Nothing,” Kyungsoo murmured. His felt his heart sinking into the depths of a nightmare. He shouldn’t have allowed himself to hope.

“So…” Junmyeon began, not seeming to have noticed anything out of the ordinary with Kyungsoo. “You mentioned earlier that you wanted to talk. What about?”

Kyungsoo merely shook his head. “Oh that’s nothing,” he lied, putting on his best smile. “I’m just happy you brought me here.” He put his hand into Junmyeon’s and squeezed it lightly.

“Are you sure you’re okay?” Junmyeon pressed, brows at bit furrowed.

“Yes,” Kyungsoo promised. He really wasn’t, but he had to be. And he was going to be.

“Come with me backstage,” Junmyeon said. “I’ll introduce you to some of the dancers.”

Kyungsoo wasn’t sure he wanted to bump into that dancer who made his heart soar just like Jongin did when he danced. He wasn’t sure he wanted to relive hoping and being let down again so soon after it just happened. But he didn’t really have a choice.

“Sehun,” Junmyeon waved him over.

“Hyungs, what did you think?” Sehun asked, his smile making his eyes into half moons.

“You were really good,” Kyungsoo complimented him and Junmyeon nodded proudly. “You should get Junmyeon to pay you to dance for him from now on.” He chuckled when Junmyeon seriously shook his head at Sehun.

“Can you call Kai for me? I want Kyungsoo to meet him,” Junmyeon asked from Sehun.

Kyungsoo took a deep breath and stared at his shoes as Sehun turned to leave.

“Kai!” Sehun yelled from across the backstage, snickering.

For some reason, Kyungsoo froze. He kept his eyes on the floor, not moving even when Junmyeon had let go of his hand. Why were these things happening one after the other just when he’d about decided to stop going after his childish dreams? Jongin was someone he knew from his past, someone his younger self had fallen in love with. He was trying to come to terms with the fact that maybe Jongin was just someone who was to remain there, in the past. He felt like he was being pulled apart into indecision.

A pair of black sneakers came into his view of the floor.

His heart beat in staccato as a short silence ensued.

“Hi Kyungsoo.”

Kyungsoo shivered, keeping his head bowed, as the memorable deep tones of a voice sounded and he had to close his eyes to keep the tears at bay. Hands reached for his, the touch familiar, his fingertips buzzing with anticipation. His breathing hitched as thumbs made habitual circular movements on his hands and he felt like he couldn’t hold it in any longer. He choked back a sob.

A warm pair of arms wrapped around him and he clung onto him as if for dear life, as if everything was going to disappear and he was going to wake up. Favorite scents that he didn’t think he’d ever get to smell anymore invaded his senses and breathed them in.

“Kyungsoo.” His breath ruffled his ear. “Please look at me. I want you to see me.”

He pulled away and opened his eyes to look, to see.

It was Jongin.

He looked changed, more manly, more grown up; different, but, at the same time, not really. Still Jongin.

He stood there, in front of him, still in his dancing clothes, like he wasn’t sure how to mask the emotion that was on his face, an emotion that probably was exactly like the one on his face.

Kyungsoo bit his lip as he gingerly took a step forward, his hand reaching out to touching Jongin’s face. He burst into tears as the warmth of Jongin, his Jongin, reached his fingertips. He blinked rapidly because he couldn’t believe it. He couldn’t believe that he was actually here, standing in front of him, touching him.

Jongin grabbed his wrist and tugged him closer, wrapping him with his arms once again. Kyungsoo wrapped his own arms around him this time, tight and hot.

All those years of waiting and hoping and daily heartbreaks were suddenly forgotten and thrown away from the deep recesses of his heart. All that was left was the original feeling that he had always associated with Jongin: happiness and love.

“Jongin,” he managed to speak, his voice broken. “Jongin.

And he couldn’t say anything more. Because what else was there to say? Jongin was home.


Luhan stopped walking as soon as he entered the coffee shop, causing Baekhyun to bump into him and Jongdae to bump into Baekhyun.

“Hey!” both Jongdae and Baekhyun complained.

“What’s the big deal?” Baekhyun demanded.

But Luhan had already sat down beside Junmyeon. “Who’s Kyungsoo face with?”

Junmyeon smiled without even looking up from the book that he was reading. “Jongin came back from the U.S. for him,” he shared.

“Jongin?!” Baekhyun and Jongdae both reacted like girls before Luhan could say anything.

Kyungsoo detached himself from where he was kissing Jongin by the counter, smiling gratefully at a traumatized Minseok, before walking over to where his three nosy friends were with mouths hanging open.

“Well well well,” Luhan closed his mouth, clearly impressed, as he sat back on his seat with his arms crossed on his chest. Kyungsoo beamed. “Who would have thought?”

“Welcome back,” Jongdae greeted him with a warm smile and a knowing look at Kyungsoo.

“I can’t believe you’re actually here,” Baekhyun blinked. He looked so shocked, but Kyungsoo thought there was a certain twinkle of hope in his eyes. There were happy endings and dreams did come true.

Luhan stood up and bowed at Jongin, who looked stunned. “I would like to apologize for telling Kyungsoo to give up on you,” he admitted sheepishly. He smiled at Kyungsoo, who was surprised. “It’s nice to be proven wrong like this.” He patted Kyungsoo’s arm and said his goodbyes to them before whipping out his phone and stepping out of the shop.

“Well,” Baekhyun announced his leave as well. “I think I have to go and… think.” He stood there for a second as if to explain what he meant, but decided against it and just left.

“Is he okay?” Junmyeon wanted to know.

“He’s fine,” Jongdae assured them with a big grin. “He’s just going to go and think about Chanyeol some more or something. Well I’ll be off as well. I’m glad you’re back, Jongin.” He grinned once more and left as well.

“Who’s Chanyeol?” Jongin wanted to know.

“He’s this guy whom Baekhyun hired to be his date for our reunion, which you didn’t attend, by the way,” Kyungsoo frowned, remembering the detail.

Jongin merely smiled at him and pulled him into a kiss. “I’ll explain some more later,” he promised. “I’ll just go to the bathroom.”

Kyungsoo smiled as he trailed after Jongin with his eyes.

Right after their reunion backstage, he and Jongin talked about what he’d been doing, how he’d lost his phone and practically had no time for the Internet when he was there as he had been asked to join a tour. He told him where he studied, how the tour went, and how he missed him everyday.

“You know, he talked about you all the time,” Junmyeon interrupted his thoughts. Kyungsoo sat down on the empty seat across from him. “We took classes together in the U.S. When he found out that we were from the same country, he kept going on and on about you. It’s like he was willing me to know who you were just so I could tell him about you.” He paused when unshed tears filled Kyungsoo’s eyes. “He’s always wanted to come back to you, Kyungsoo.”

“I’m sorry about all of this,” Kyungsoo said, earning a surprised smile from Junmyeon. “I mean, I know we weren’t really… but I… I just think that…”

Junmyeon laughed. “I liked you, Kyungsoo. I still do,” he told him. “But you don’t have to apologize to me for still being in love with someone else. Besides, the moment you mentioned Jongin’s name, everything suddenly clicked. You’re the Kyungsoo he’s always been wanting to find.”

Kyungsoo puffed out his cheeks as he breathed out. “I can’t believe this is happening. I can’t believe Jongin’s here.”

All of the years he’d spent practically yearning for him weren’t for naught. All those sleepless nights, all the times he cried by himself because his heart hurt because there’s always been a loss that he’d felt when Jongin had gone. He was amazed that he’d actually managed to go all through those years without caving in to a small part of him to actually give up and let go. Because how was he supposed to know that Jongin would ever come back? He didn’t and that in itself was a go signal for him to find someone else, to love someone else. But, he supposed, some things were just meant to be, as cheesy and as cliché as it sounded.

“Well, believe it,” Junmyeon said, smiling as Jongin returned to take a seat beside Kyungsoo. Jongin took Kyungsoo’s hand in his. “Prince Charming is home.”


“You could have, I don’t know, contacted anyone from here to ask about me or something,” Kyungsoo said, not for the first time since he and Jongin had reunited.

They were walking hand-in-hand towards Kyungsoo’s apartment, where he promised he would cook for him. Jongin kept on saying that one of the things he missed most was homemade food with Kyungsoo’s touch.

“I’m stupid, okay? I didn’t try hard enough,” was Jongin’s same reply. “I didn’t even get to speak to my parents that much and I didn’t think that Baekhyun or Luhan or Jongdae even remembered me. I was pretty inadequate in high school.”

Kyungsoo rolled his eyes. “You were a soccer player and you were my boyfriend. Of course they’d remember you. They couldn’t forget you even if they tried because I talked about you all the time even when you were gone—.” He cut himself off and blushed

Jongin stopped walking and turned to face him. “Hey,” he lifted his face up towards him with a finger under his chin. “It was always a part of my plan, to come home and come back to you. There were no guarantees that you would take me back of course. You could be married or with someone else for all I knew. But the point was, I would come back a better person than I was back then.”

“You were great even then,” Kyungsoo defended his boyfriend’s high school self.

Jongin chuckled, a surge of affection going through him. “We were in high school,” he reminded him. “But, even then, I knew that there was so much more I want to go through with you and the only way I could do that was to work hard on myself and become the best person for you. I didn’t just want to love you, Kyungsoo. I wanted to be able to support you, to support us, and be able to make you fully happy. I—.”

“Stop talking,” Kyungsoo whispered, leaning up against him, his lips almost on his.

“But I—,” Jongin began again.

Kyungsoo shook his head. “Just tell me you love me,” he insisted. “Just love me. That’s all I’ll ever ask from you.”

“Of course,” Jongin stated, notes of promise in his words as he held onto him, pressing even closer for a kiss. “You can ask anything from me now. I love you.


“What are you doing all the way here?” Luhan asked Jongdae in a singsong voice.

Jongdae jumped then, in realizing that it was only Luhan, glowered at him. He glanced around at the people milling around the Angel Ballroom of the Exo Hotel. It was the hotel’s anniversary and Kris was nice enough to invite them. He relaxed as he took a sip of his rum coke. “I’m hiding from Baekhyun,” he admitted unabashedly.

Luhan laughed melodiously, which he did when things normally go his way. “Don’t worry about Baekhyun,” he said dismissively. “I’ve already apologized to him.”

“I bet you only apologized for yourself,” Jongdae stated knowingly.

“Well,” Luhan waved slickly. “That’s pretty much understood.” He took a seat on the barstool beside Jongdae. “So… are you going to pay up or what?” He reached his hand out to him, palms upturned.

Jongdae snickered. “You’re kidding, right? I remember your bet being Baekhyun falling in love with Chanyeol and Baekhyun never finding out that Chanyeol wasn’t actually an ,” he reminded him.

“He didn’t find out,” Luhan said with a serene smile. “Chanyeol told him. There’s a difference.” He snapped his fingers. “Pay up.”

“You’re unfair, you know that,” Jongdae grumbled as he took out his wallet and took a couple of bills to place in Luhan’s hand.

“What’s going on here?” Kyungsoo demanded, eyeing the money in Luhan’s hand and Jongdae’s obviously guilty smile.

“Jongdae owed me money so he’s paying me,” Luhan smoothly said, pocketing the bills.

Kyungsoo stood there, Jongin by his side, and stared Luhan and Jongdae down. Jongdae cowered almost immediately, still sensitive from Baekhyun’s wrath. Sometimes he wondered how he could have such scary friends. They all really took after Luhan, who giggled behind his mouth.

“I think I hear my date calling for me,” Luhan hopped off the stool. “See you guys later.”

“Luhan,” Kyungsoo called.

“Toodles,” Luhan waved and was off.

Kyungsoo shot Jongdae a look. “Since when do you owe people, Luhan of all people, money?”

Jongdae deflated. “We bet on Baekhyun and Chanyeol, okay? We set the whole thing up and pretended that Chanyeol was actually an when he isn’t. We just wanted him to be happy and Chanyeol is perfect for him. I mean, look at them.” He gestured to the middle of the room, where Baekhyun and Chanyeol were looking at each other with stars in their eyes. “They’re disgusting,” he spat.

“If that’s being disgusting, I wouldn’t mind it at all,” Jongin commented with a fondness in his tone.

Jongdae made retching noises and slipped away before Kyungsoo could reply with something as equally saccharine.

Kyungsoo bit back the smile that threatened to form at his lips at this as he watched Baekhyun and Chanyeol across the room. They looked in love. For something that was done by chance, Baekhyun finally had his happy ending. Giving in to his smile, Kyungsoo looked up at Jongin, who seemed to have been watching him. Jongin lifted his hand up to scratch the back of his neck shyly, his other hand scratched the front of his neck.

Kyungsoo frowned and took his other hand in his when he realized they weren’t holding hands.

“What?” Jongin asked, confused.

“You should always hold my hand,” Kyungsoo said, not caring how that sounded so bossy and possessive and whiny.

Jongin shot him a wry smile. “You’ve been acting like this ever since the show, like you think I’m going to disappear any moment,” he said. “Why?”

“Because,” Kyungsoo let out, breathing deeply. “Because if this is a dream, if you’re just a dream,” he looked up at him, “then I’d rather I made the most out of it before waking up.”

Jongin looked at him, an arm around his waist. “Do you feel this?” he asked, trailing his fingers down Kyungsoo’s left cheek. Kyungsoo shivered and nodded. “What about this?” he asked, his hand moving to the back of his head to entangle his fingers with his hair. Kyungsoo gulped and nodded again. “This?” he whispered, his thumb lightly caressing his lower lip.

“Yes,” Kyungsoo whispered back.

“I’m not a dream, Kyungsoo,” Jongin spoke.

“But you were—,” Kyungsoo tried to interrupt.

“Not anymore,” Jongin shook his head. “I’m here and I’m real.” He moved his head down and kissed him. “Okay?”

“Okay,” Kyungsoo gave in, sighing into the kiss and wrapping his arms around his neck. Suddenly, he pulled back, making Jongin blink in confusion. “But you can never disappear anymore like before. I’ve been unselfish once. I don’t think I can do it again. You have to promise that we’ll be disgusting like Baekhyun and Chanyeol are. Even more so, if we can help it. If not, I don’t know, I’ll just tie you to my bed with chains or something.”

Jongin looked surprised for a second then laughed. “That sounds very inviting. I didn’t know you were ,” he winked at him when Kyungsoo turned red.

“I didn’t mean it like that,” Kyungsoo murmured, thinking that the carpet looked very interesting.

“I promise we’ll be disgusting like Baekhyun and Chanyeol are,” Jongin declared, hand over his heart.

“Really?” Kyungsoo looked up hopefully.

“Want to bet on it?” Jongin wiggled his eyebrows.

“Oh my god, my friends have corrupted you,” Kyungsoo groaned like it was the end of the world.

Jongin laughed and tugged Kyungsoo closer, wrapping him in a tight hug.

“And is he your dream?” Junmyeon had asked him back then.

As he looked up at Jongin and felt every part of him being enclosed by this wonderful fantasy, he couldn’t help but think, No, he’s my reality.


Author's Notes:
1. This was originally a stand-alone KaiSoo fic, but it evolved into something connected to Someday Dream. It can still be read by itself, though, I think. :)
2. KaiSoo is such a cute pairing really. But they've been tagged into this angst couple and I wanted something happy. Let's all have happy!KaiSoo.
3. This happens a little bit ahead of Someday Dream, then it overlaps.
4. Comments/Suggestions/Violent reactions are welcome. ^^

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