Main characters 

Im Yoona



Cho Kyuhyun




And the other characters 


"  How must i do?

Holding your hands and continuing on loving you to receive painfulness from you...

Or drop your hands to my heart is lighter ... " 


" Drop your hands. Am i wrong??

I still thought: i forgot you, didn't have any emotion with you

But until today, incidentally i see you again

I suddenly recognize: 

I still love you so much..."


Although they broke up, they still loved each other .

so what must they do to be happy?


Will have happy ending for them? 




Hello!! This is the first i'm writing fanfic and it's also my first fanfic

So it isn't really good and Please ignore my mistake...>.<

And specially, i'd like to tell that:

This fic is the present i want to give for:  my Van unnie (Kyutee91), my friends 

and all of musketeers^^






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Chapter 10: Pls update.. I really liked it so much
luthfia #2
Chapter 10: update this fanfic again please....
pijapinky #3
Chapter 10: update soon plez..!! the story getting exciting you know..i wish that you'll be keep updating this story..
cry-25 #4
Chapter 10: hey...when will u update i miss this story...:-(
Chapter 10: Wow! yey! kyuna will marry soon! update ASAP.
Dizzling #6
Chapter 10: Kyuna...finally ^^ <333
yoonda #7
Chapter 10: kyuna <3 more moment please... ^^ update soon
dedejz #8
Chapter 10: Omg. Update soon!
Kyu seem happy ;)
Chapter 10: arrange marriage?
but then, i thought Cho's family that broke their relationship?
thanks for the update...=)
Chapter 9: kyu are back...
but i was curious, what was the reason kyu went to France?
what problem did Cho's family encountered?
and Yuri with Yunho?
hehe...that was new...^^