Chapter Four - Cold, splashing rain.

Mischief and Love

"Screw my life." I mutter as rain begins to pour down from the sky, practically soaking me without leaving a single dry spot. I curse myself for not getting an umbrella. I can already imagine the cold i'd get tomorrow. 

My teeth chatter together and I cross my arms against my chest, trying to skip the small puddles forming on the path. There's barely any light where I am and instantly, bad thoughts come into my mind.

What if.. what if I get out here?

What if I get kidnapped?

What if I get mobbed by a bunch of evil fans who wont let me go?

What if somebody shoots me?

I am alone, anyway. There's nobody out here to save me; the doors of houses are locked, the shops are closed down and there's only a few lamp lights on, which continously keep buzzing on and off to my fright. 

I can't blame anyone, not even Yuri. It's my own fault for screaming at her at the cafe. And now I have to miserably get off my lazy and walk all the way to her apartment alone and drop off a gift. 

I'll probably die out here, anyway. 

"My last words to the world.." I mumble shakily to myself as I almost stumble on a rock. "I love you Minh-"

"Yah! Taemin! What the hell are you doing out here?!"

I blink and instantly turn around, to see that there's a black, shiny car besides me. The window's half open and I can only see a mop of brown, messy hair. Who on earth is that?! The window slowly rolls down and it's no other than the famous Kyuhyun.

"Kyuhyun! W-what are you doing here?!" I squeak, almost jumping in my skin.

He looks at me, completely bewildered. "I have to ask you the same question, Taemin!"

"I-I.. I went to visit someone." I reply nervously. "What are you doing here?"

He simply blushes. "I-It doesn't matter. Get in. My driver will drive you home."

"F-fine." I mumble grumpily on the outside, even though i'm damn happy on the inside. I swing his door open and climb in, shaking my hair and letting the water droplets go all over his beautiful car. Kyuhyun glares at me as I close the door, and the driver at the front seat begins driving.

"So anyway, what were you doing here? Late at night?" Kyuhyun questions for the second time like an angry parent.

"I told you!" I whine, removing my wet jacket and placing it besides me. "I went to visit someone."



Kyuhyun turns in his seat and stares at me curiously and wide-eyed. "Isn't that.. Minho's job?"

I clench my fists. "No."

"Wh-what? Do you have a crush on Yuri?"

My jaw drops and clatters to the ground. "W-what?! Are you crazy?!" I scream, making the driver grimace. "I'd never like Yuri!"

He raises his hands in surrender, his eyes even larger than before. "You just got angry when I mentioned Minho."

"You don't know things." I mumble quietly, deciding to end the conversation here.


"Taemin, oh my god!" Key cooes, pulling me inside with a sad frown. "As soon as I heard rain outside, I knew you didn't have an umbrella!"

I push him off my arms and smile sheepishly. "I'm fine.. Kyuhyun dropped me off."

"Ooh, where is he? Let him come in. Does he want a drink? Is-"

"He left already." I roll my eyes and close the door. I grab the nearest kitchen towel and wipe my face. "I'm going up."

I make my way to the staircase and climb up, only to be interrupted again. "Did you give Yuri the present?"

"Yeah.." I mutter, before proceeding to go up.

I'm about to walk into my bedroom, but I see Minho in his, casually lying on his bed. He looks tired, but his eyes are fully open and he's staring at the ceiling with an expressionless face. "Hyung?" I mumble, stepping into his room, not really caring that I could get his floor wet.

He stretches and sits up straight, finally noticing me. "Oh.. Taemin. Why are you soaked?"

"I-it was a long story." I smile sheepishly, fidgeting with my fingers. 

The reason why Minho is actually bothering to talk to me and isn't pissed off with me is because he knew I apologized to Yuri. I'm hell as sure that if I didn't, he'd act as if we're complete strangers. Sure, he may not be the nicest now like he was before, but I can't blame him. It's my fault for doing the strangest things and avoiding him.

"I have time to listen." He replies quietly, ruffling his hair slightly.

I try to supress the large smile on my lips and walk over to his bed, sitting at the corner. "I went to apologize to.. Yuri, again.. she's still slightly upset I guess."

"So her tears soaked you?" He jokes, with a tiny smile tugging at his lips.

I grin. "Half of them, yeah."

A quiet laugh escapes his lips as he looks down.

I guess he doesn't realize we're practically making fun of his girlfriend.. oh, well. "So anyway, I was walking ba-"

"You walked alone? At this time?" He exlaims loudly, his eyes widening slightly. "Taemin, you could-"

"Let me finish!" I whine, silencing him instantly. "So as I was saying, I was walking back to the house and it started raining. And Kyuhyun basically dropped me off."

He looks at me with a simple, blank expression. "So you called that a long story?"

I chuckle. "I guess."

"Well, you should dry up." He crawls off the bed and walks straight to the closet. Pulling the closet doors open, he takes a white towel and chucks it to me. 

"I was thinking of going to get a shower." I reply, chucking the towel right back at him.

Once again, he chucks it back at me. "The hot water button is broken. Onew accidentally smashed it when he was fixing the cold water button."

A fit of giggles escape my mouth almost instantly and Minho joins in with my laughing. Onew's so stupid! "I'll just dry myself up then." I giggle quietly, wiping my hair with the soft towel.

"Remove your clothes, you idiot." Minho demands, standing in front of me with a playful scowl.

A blush furiously creeps onto my cheeks. These are the moments I hate. Whenever we get soaked, we're not shy to remove our clothes (besides our boxers of course) in front of eachother. But.. I always get such dirty thoughts when I do. Plus, i'm ashamed of showing off my scrawny, thin body while he has such a beautiful, toned one.

But I listen anyway and slowly take off my t-shirt, the color in my cheeks reddening. I then stand up and slowly slip out of my jeans, revealing my checkered black and white boxers. I swallow the dry lump in my throat as Minho gets the towel and gently rubs it on my body, making me bite my lip to supress the soft moans. Well isn't this awkward. 

He wipes from my neck to the bottom of my stomach and finally stops to my relief. "Done." He grins proudly.

I sigh in relief and grab the towel from him, wrapping myself shyly around it. "Well, i'm going to bed now.."

He looks at me curiously. "You didn't eat dinner, though."

"I'm not hungry.." I mumble quietly, making my way towards the door.

"Oh, alright then." He sighs. "Goodnight Taemin."

I wave and skip to my room, instantly closing the door.

"Goodnight, the most beautiful guy in the world." I whisper, biting on my lower lip as a smile tugs at my lips.

Hey guys! I'm sooo sorry that this chapter is extremely short! D: I didn't have time to make it a bit longer and i'm about to leave the house again, so hopefully this chapter will be okay for you <3 I know I said in the last chapter that this would be longer, but I PROMISE you Chapter Five will be even longer! :D <3 

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