Chapter Nineteen - A Seal

Mischief and Love


After walking away from Donghae's advice, I was now standing in front of a very, scary door.
It was like my worst nightmare was coming to life. But at the same time, I wanted to finish this and get over with it. To end this right here.
Listen to your heart; Donghae had said as I ran away from him. I could not miss his hopeful expression and assurance in his voice as he comforted me.  
Taking a deep breath, my hand reaches up and knocks on the door twice.
It was time.
The door opens slowly, and instead of it being Yuri, it was-- oh god no, the ice princess.
"What do you want?" Jessica snarls, her eyes turned into slits as she glares at me, all her anger stuffed into one frightening expression. If this was any other day, I would've snorted and pushed passed her, but today.. even I was scared. Of the consequences, of course.
"I want to.. talk to Yuri." I mumble quickly, but hesitantly. I had to choose my words cautiously or the bomb would explode-- and everything would become even more messier than it already was. It was my job to clear things up. Awkwardly as it was, I felt like Superman. But a very foolish Superman, indeed.
"She doesn't want to talk to you." She spits, before taking a step back and beginning to close the door. 
But I instantly stick my foot between the wall and the door, a confused look on my face. "And why? What did I do?"
I had done many things, of course.. but I had to be oblivious in front of Jessica. And besides, even if I had hurt Yuri in emotional ways, how would Jessica know? Did Yuri spill the beans? Tell everyone how I avoided her for a week, or something like that?
"Oh you know, Minho." She shakes her head, her expression not faltering a bit. "Stop playing dumb. We know the truth."
"The truth?" I scoff, even though my heart was beginning to pound loudly against my chest. I tried to hide my discomfort, by continuing in a confused voice. "What do you mean by the truth, Jessica? That I simply want to talk to Yuri?"
"Oh you know," She pauses, before a bitter look fills her face. "'Oh Donghae, I didn't know why but I suddenly found Taemin beautiful.'"
She was mocking me.
Of the way.. I talked to Donghae.
And that meant..
"Yuri eavesdropped?!" I squeak, my guard dropping almost instantly. I couldn't care less. Everything was adding to the list of my problems now. 
She turns smug. "Not Yuri, I did."
"And you.." It was my turn to glare at her. My anger was doubling up, just like that. Leave it to the ice princess to make things even tier than they already were.
"Yes." She smiles, as if her deed was something she'd been dying to accomplish. "I told her."
"How could you?!"
"I'm her friend, Minho!" She snaps loudly, making me pause.
Of course. I shouldn't be so hollow and gullible. Of course Jessica would tell her; it was no surprise. Yet, I was practically dying inside. I didn't know what to do anymore. It seemed like breaking up with Yuri right here was the best thing to do but.. 
Her eyes widen.
"I said, move." My tone was low and fierce, and that made Jessica sputter incohorent nonsense, before I irritatedly pushed past her and into the floral scented room. I wrinkle my nose. It wasn't the right, humorous time to judge their taste on perfume.
I spot a sobbing Yuri, on the bed, curled up into a foetal position. She wasn't crying anymore-- but pathetically sniffling like some heartbroken teenage schoolgirl. It angered me. If she didn't give a if I avoided her for a week and pretty much ditched her at all costs; why was she so worked up that I was cheating on her behind her back?! Did she want me to feel bad, and to feel pity for her?!
Besides Yuri was Sooyoung and Sunny, comforting her as they say soothing pathetic lines and pat her back gently. 
Sunny was the first to spot me, standing awkwardly in front of the bed and instantly, her eyes turned into slits. She didn't look like the cute, innocent ball of sunshine she normally looked like. She looked like a predator who hadn't eaten for weeks. "You.." She drawls out.
With her eyebrows furrowed, Sooyoung glances at Sunny, and then her gaze fixes on me. Her eyes widen, making me swallow uncomfortably, before her expression mirrored Sunny's perfectly.
For a split second, I was scared.
Wait; no. 
Scared less, to be exact.
The way they slowly, and very dramatically, I may add, climbed off the bed made me take an automatic step backwards. Their eyes were dark and evil. They looked like two lionesses who haven't had their prey for weeks.
And suddenly, I felt like a piece of chicken.
Yes. A piece of chicken! At a moment like this, scary and full of thick tension-- I felt like a bloody damn piece of chicken! It was a scary fact.
But I was slightly grateful Onew wasn't a female and wasn't in SNSD. Or otherwise, I know he'd do much more than just devour me if I was some piece of chicken.
Holy . I need to question my sanity. Why the hell am I thinking about chicken at a moment like this?!
I shake my head furiously, brushing off the strange thoughts and bringing the picture back to reality.
Wait.. what the fu..
"LET ME GO!" I scream, in a manly way, of course. Suddenly, eight of the SNSD girls were surrounding me, and I was miserably taped to the wall with some super strong ductape. And because, they knew how I was much more stronger than them with anger, Sooyoung and Sunny were pinning me just incase I managed to escape from the tape. "I SAID LET ME GO!"
Yes. They were basically going to murder me right here, against this horrid wall. This will be the death of me. Killed by SNSD.
"Shut up!"
Ooh, she just did not do that. "MAKE ME!"
A priceless look falls on Sunny's face, before she goes back to her frightening glare. "Watch your mouth, boy. Yoona's got a weapon."
My heart lurches as I look down at Yoona-- who was, in fact, holding a godforsaken baseball bat, threatingly tapping it against her palm with a sly smirk.
"Don't you dare touch me with that--" I begin to say, but her glare cuts me off.
"Girls, girls.."
We all look from the scene where i'm about to be murdered by SNSD, to where Yuri is climbing off the bed. Her eyes were red and puffy, but she wasn't crying anymore. The stains of tears on her cheeks were visible, though, and so was the leaking sadness through her weak expression. "Can Minho and I talk alone?" 
"But unnie!" Seohyun whines childishly, as if not being able to kill me was such a sad fact. "He hurt you! We have the right to stab--" I grimace at the pretty word. "--him!"
But Yuri doesn't allow it, to my relief, and shakes her head as she sternly points her finger at the door, a gesture for them to get the out.
The eight girls send me their last goodbyes (which was obviously, a glare) and pout, letting their shoulders slump dramatically as they drag their feet to the door. They slow down halfway like old women, but Yuri snaps at them for that, and at her threatening voice, they scurry out of the room and slam the door shut.
It would be no surprise if they were eavesdropping.
It was now just Yuri and I in the room. I tried to hide the discomfort in my expression as the thick tension grew thicker and thicker. Finally, I break the silence.
"Um.. Yuri?" I mumble hesitantly, making her look up at me with wary eyes. I try not to let her sadness affect me. "Can you.. pull this tape off my arms?"
She doesn't smile or show any humor or playfulness like she normally would in light cases, and that made this situation even worse. With a slight nod, she walks towards me and goes on her tip toes. After a minute or two of tiring pulling, she finally sighs in relief as my arms drop to my sides. Well.. that was awkward.
"Minho.." She mumbles.
And just like that, I knew it was a gesture for me to speak first. 
The words spill out of my mouth again.
"I'm so sorry, Yuri. I'm really, truly sorry. I just didn't think things would come this way. I had no idea."
I had an idea, but I didn't accept the truth.
"I never thought of Taemin as much more than a friend, really!"
Of course I did.
"And.. and of course I didn't mean to cheat on you like that.. it just happened."
I knew exactly what I was doing, but I didn't stop myself.
"Yuri, you're so great! You deserve someone so much better. Someone who can love you and make you truly happy."
And maybe then, you can leave my life just to make it easier.
"Please don't think what happened between us was a mistake! Of course not! They weren't lies, Yuri!"
Wrong. They were lies. There was nothing special between us.
"I'm so.. so.. sorry, Yuri. I can't forgive myself for what I did."
But Taemin's smile and joy will wipe your face off my mind in a matter of seconds.
"I loved you.. Yuri. Loved."
Never have.
"I don't think love is between us anymore."
It was never was and will probably never be.
"But even still, i'm so sorry. I don't deserve you or Taemin."
But I will fix things up.
"I'm sorry."
For completely lying.
Yuri closes her eyes, as I finish with a heavy and frantic sigh.
I knew that every bitter word that had spilled out of my lips was an absolute lie, but the harsh truth would be a slap to her face and obviously, I didn't want to cause her any more pain than she already was in. I felt like a criminal. But even though I was scared for her reaction, I was relieved that I had managed to do that. It was finally, finally over. Happy or sad ending, either way, it was over. And i'm glad.
"Minho, you could've just broken up with me when you were cheating on me."
"It was obvious you didn't love me. You only loved Taemin."
"You could've made it so much easier, by breaking up back then."
"Everything between us was a lie." 
She opens her eyes, and they were filled with unshed tears of sadness. My heart-- ached, knowing that I was the one causing her this pain. And everything she said, was absolutely true. It was no use lying to her when she knew everything.
"I don't mind that you love Taemin, it's just you cheating on me behind my back really.. really hurt."
"I'm sorry.." I repeat, my voice quiet and soft. 
What was apologizing going to do, anyway?
"One.. last kiss..?" She miserably suggests as looks up at me, with such hopeful eyes that I couldn't say no to. I didn't want to leave her, broken and hurt. I had hurt her enough. It would be too selfish of me to reject her like that, when I still might've meant something to her. I know the pain she felt. 
With a slight nod, I try to cover up my grimace by closing my eyes as we lean in. The way our lips touched-- made me want to pull back at the sight of Taemin floating around in my mind. It felt like he was watching me, with sad eyes; even though I knew it was simply my heart playing tricks on me again. I deserved it. 
The kiss was dull. It had no sparks or meaning in it.
It was simply a kiss, to seal the end of our relationship, right now, at this very moment.
We pull back.
"I should.. go.." I know my voice was quivering, but I couldn't care less. Things were probably going to get even worse from now.
She nods, and follows me as I go to the door. "Oh and Minho?"
I turn around.
And just like that, her palm slams itself across my cheek, making a sudden burn swipe across it. She pulls back, a blank expression on her face as she pushes me out, slams the door shut and leaves me absolutely dumbfounded in the hallway.
I just got slapped.
Slapped.. after she kissed me. 
I got slapped.
And I..
I deserved it.
ooh burnnn~ 
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