Chapter Fifteen - Just the first day

Mischief and Love

"Yah, it's amazing." Key breathes, peering up from his sunglasses with a quite impressed expression. He was right; though. We are currently standing in one of the most prettiest buildings I have ever seen, surrounded by soft sand, palm trees and a fresh baby blue sky. It was quite hot though, but I didn't exactly want to complain at the very beginning. I mean, thats just- "Aishh, this place is so hot!" Key whines, adjusting his sunglasses with a stomp of his stubborn foot.

In a few minutes, we're all inside, pretty much gaping at how pretty the decor and literally everything is. Jonghyun and Onew were adventuring the place, taking snapshots on his phone, while Minho and I all unpacked. And once again, Key was lazily lying on the bed, complaining at the heat. "I mean, it's all good and everything, like it's pretty, but like the weather. The weather. It's literally outrageous!"

"But umma, I did tell you it would be hot." I mumble, unfolding some shirts and making my way towards the wooden closet.

"Yeah, but you didn't tell me it would be that hot." 

I sigh in annoyance, before bowing my head down apologetically. He wont stop at anything, I remind myself as I proceed to hang up the clothes on the racks. "But on the bright side, umma, there's air conditioning."

"True. Guess this place isn't that bad after all." He mumbles, removing his shades and letting a lazy stretch take over his body. He furrows his eyebrows, watching Minho with an intense stare. I'm about to ask why, when he snaps at Minho, "Hey you fool, the way you organized my shoes is wrong! The new ones are supposed to be at the top. Aishh, can't even listen to an order."

"Be grateful i'm at least packing for you." Minho narrows his eyes at Key, before crouching and re-organizing all his shoes. "You're just lazily lying on the bed. Really, get up and help us."

"Too bad. I'm tired."

"Come on umma, please help." I pout, pointing to the suitcases. "There's a lot of them here. Please, pretty please?"

Key simply stares at me, before standing up. A wave of relief washes over me, that I actually managed to get him to help us. Most of the time, it was pretty damn hard, but-

"Going to go swimming. Care to join me, anybody?" Key raises his eyebrow, walking towards me. He pushes me aside with a push of his diva hip and grabs his swimming trunk and towel, before strutting towards the bathroom.

My face falls. "B-but.."

"Taemin-ah, it's a beautiful day outside. Wanna join me?" He repeats, with a slight edge to his voice as he walks inside the bathroom and slams the door shut. 

A sigh escapes my lips as I go back to unpacking. "Aishh.." I mumble quietly. I'm about to complain and snap, now that Key isn't here, but when I feel a pair of arms sliding around my waist, I sigh with contentment and relax into the touch.

"Taemin, you must be tired." Minho mumbles with a lace of worry. "You looked like you were about to faint, are you alright?"

"I'm fine."

He rests his chin on my shoulder. "Seriously, Taemin. I don't want you to faint or anything; plus, you've been packing so much. Get some rest."

I smile softly, playing loosely with his hands. From that charming, flaming charisma Minho lies a beautiful, caring sweet humble person. It's one of the main reasons i'm in love with him. Because he's different; he isn't the same as what everyone expects him to be. He's a total.. how can I say it? The definition of perfect, to be more exact.

When Key asks me what I see in Minho, I simply reply, 'you don't know the real him.' because it's true.

Sure, Key and Minho are very close, they fool around often and do jokes that not even I know about. But Minho has never opened up to him, like he has to me. He's a total different person, really. I feel.. special. 

"Why am I your favorite?" I suddenly ask him, tilting my head slightly to meet his precious gaze.

He smiles gently. "What kind of question is that?"

"Answer me." I press.

He laughs lightly, pressing a kiss to my cheek that now splashes with a flaming red. "You're.. well, it's hard to describe you in words. There's so many things about you.."

"I can wait all day." I tease, my smile widening.

He smiles right back, simply staring into my eyes.

He's hurt me, he's put me in so much undescribable pain without even knowing it. You'd think i'd hate him, I wouldn't be able to see his face any longer. I don't smile at him, but I scowl at him. I hate him; with my entire life. I thought that too.

But reality is the truth; and the truth is that love is love, and Minho pretty much is my life, no matter what type of pain he puts me in. He can annoy me, he can argue with me, but I know that he's the saming flaming charisma Minho I fell in love with, and will always be in love with.

He's about to speak, but then he suddenly slides his arms off my waist, scurries back to the shoe rack and acts as if nothing happened.

I raise my eyebrows, in complete shock, when I realize who I had just forgot was here. I turn back at the bathroom door which is now opened, and Key walks out, with elegant steps as always, not knowing anything that just had happened. So oblivious. "So I guess you two aren't coming." He says in a matter-of-fact tone, sliding his sunglasses back on. 

"Do you even know where the swimming pool is?" Minho raises an eyebrow, with an amused tone as he watches Key slide into his flip flops.

Key shrugs, before strutting to the door. He opens it, before saying, "I'll just ask for instructions. Bye bye." With that, he leaves.

"Why is he extra grumpy here?" I raise my eyebrow, turning to Minho who was now walking towards me. "I mean, he's always grumpy.. but seems like something is bothering him today."

"Something's always bothering him." Minho smirks, before wrapping his arms around my waist. I bite my lip weakly as he places soft butterfly kisses all over my neck, trying to hold back the moans as I knew somebody could simply walk past our room and pop by to say hello. Then, they'd see two flushed, half- sweaty bodies on the bed and freak out. Yeah, I didn't want that to happen. "Why are you holding your moans in?" I can feel his smirk widen against my neck.

"Somebody could open the door." I remind him, with a look of annoyance. "And we shouldn't even be doing this in the first place! We have to unpack, Minho!"

"Woah, woah, hold it there." Minho pulls back, to my slight dissapointment. "You're the one who kissed me back that one night, remember?"

"And you're the one who kissed me first!" I also remind him, with slight panick. I need to choose my words carefully, because I know what a klutz I am when it comes to words. I could accidentally spill my feelings for him, right here. 

He sighs. "It was out of plain curiousity! And then.. and then you said you enjoyed kissing me-"

"Oh, I did not say that!" I squeak miserably, my cheeks practically feeling as if they're on fire. "I mean-"

"Yeah, you did. I can remember everything." He gives me a flat look, before continuing. "And you liked it, I mean it's weird because.. we're two guys, kissing, like how weird is that--"

"Very weird." I nod automatically, trying to erase the dirty images I always get of Minho and I whenever I freaking see him. Very weird, indeed.

"And like.. funny because.. we both enjoyed it!" He finishes, with a flushed look. "And.. like, I have a girlfriend. And like, Taemin, i'm freaking out, aren't I?"

"Yes, yes you are, hyung."

"Stop that then, please."

"Hyung.." I begin awkwardly. It's like the dictionary of words randomly vanished in thin air; how perfect. "Everyone.. everyone has weird things they do.. I think.."

"Think, Taemin? Taemin, that isn't helping."

"I know." I correct myself sheepishly. "So.. this is like our weird little thing, we shouldn't be ashamed of it."

"But.. I have a girlfriend."

I swallow thickly, wondering what to say now. So dump the , maybe? Maybe come and run away with me instead? "I-I know that.."

"So? I enjoy kissing a guy when I have a girlfriend." Minho says matter-of-factly, with the same smug expression. "There's no way to explain that, now, is there?"

"Maybe you could just forget about her when we.." I blush in a girly manner, nuzzling my face into Minho's chest. "When we make.. out?"


"Like this." I smile sweetly, looking up at his glorious face, before smashing my lips against his.


A few minutes later; *~*~*~*~*

"Hyung.." A moan escapes my lips as Minho begins to trail his tongue over my neck, making my body feel like complete and utter flames; about to explode any minute. Our shirts are off, our hair is messed up and our bodies are rubbing against eachother in a way I only thought could happen in my dreams. To be honest, it feels like literal fantasy. This is everyone's dream. To be on a bed, sweaty and half- with Choi Minho, isn't it?

Sure, i've made out with him once before. Hard. 

But this time, it's not a drunkard Choi Minho. It's the actual Minho, who is probably still lost in his thoughts, but at least he's not full of alcahol this time. He's simply him.

"Taemin." He breathes hoarsely, nuzzling his face into my warm neck. "We should go before somebody catches us here."

I nod stiffly, shoving him lightly aside before sitting up straight. How nice it would be.. to remove this damn jeans, I think to myself sadly as I scramble off the bed. He follows. "Should.. we go swimming?" I ask him, leaning against his body tiredly.

"Sure, if you want."

Soon enough, we're in our swimming trunks, our hair flattened out and walking down the hallway. Our faces are still flushed though, which is why Key raises his eyebrows at us when we join him at the pool. "Why do you look so red?"

"It's.. the sun." I lie.

"Yeah, the sun." Minho nods seriously. 

Right, because it's always the sun.


A:N: Sorry this chapter is so lame. I had such a trouble trying to write a chapter and this is how it came up.. >_>" But soon after, the adventures of the beach house unfold, dundundun... *epic music* And sorry for taking a while to update. 'Cuz I .






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