It's a girl-pairing fanfiction. So, if u don't like it, Just don't read it. And this is my first, so I need your comment.

It's a story about girls in a girls' school that fell in love each other. Their love story is complicate, tough. It starts in a new semester on their school, when Sooyoung found Jessica at her first sight and purely shocked when she found that sica is her cousin. While Sunny found Taeyeon for herself, did not know that Taeyeon is the past for Yoona. Yuri seems like Jessica, but had a feeling toward Yoona, while Yoona realize her feeling to Sooyoung. 


Choi Sooyoung : A cheerful person, with a short brown hair and never ending beatiful long legs, making both girls and boys admire her. She fell for Jessica, despite she knew that she is her cousin. She took a part as a member of Girls' Generation

Jung Jessica : The ice princess, cold but care, with a long curly blonde lovely hair, so gorgeous that makes Sooyoung fell for her. Didn't know who to love, sooyoung or yuri.

Im Yoona : Goddess. Her beauty makes boys and girls could be killed just to have her. She likes Sooyoung and she knew that, but she didn't want sooyoung to know. Can't handle her emotion. A member of Girls' Generation.

Kwon Yuri : The most popular and perfect girl. She is the chief of school organization, and the leader of Girls' Generation.  With a long black smooth hair and a charming face, could make everybody love her at the first sight. Want to make Jessica fell for her, but actually, in the deepest of her heart, love Yoona.

Lee Sun Kyu : more known as Sunny. As bright as sun, she likes Yuri, but accidentally fell for Taeyeon. The queen of Aegyo, makes another people smile when she is smiling. A member of Girls' Generation.

Kim Taeyeon : the past of Yoona, but she didnt' recognize it. She hates aegyo so much, but never hates aegyo's of Sunny, while herself is a cute aegyo. 

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Mamengurl #1
Chapter 22: Update please
yoonyultrooper #2
lol im only 12
nooooooooooooooo!!!!!!<br />
author i beg you...please update soon so that we can know what'll happen to soosicaaa :(<br />
Why!?!?!? They just got back together!!<br />
aaaaaa why it's become like this again? D:
J_Ster #6
yeah... it's been a really long time and I almost forget about the details of this story XD<br />
thanks for supporting me guys :')
The_AJ #7
What noooo Sica cant return back to America she cant leave her Sooyoung behind! :( Nooo!!!!<br />
<br />
Wow! Been awhile :DD Update soon please^^
Wow, its been a long time!<br />
I missed this fic =)<br />
Dammmnnnn, NOOOO. DONT MOVE :X<br />
<br />
Update soon :D
Sootuff #9
Wow, it's a long time! Thanks for updating!<br />
No! Sica has to move?!<br />
After they finally get back together....<br />
SooSic will be sad again...
update soon :(