Choi JunHong

Why Don't You Just Jump?

I woke to the loud sounds of trucks and shouting voices. Still groggy, I had no idea what was going on. I sat up, slipped my feet into my bunny slippers and shuffled to the window. There were two moving vans outside the house next to mine. Workers were moving in furniture and shouting directions to each other. Ah~ That was it! The new neighbours were moving in today! I had no idea what kind of people they were and they were nowhere to be seen in the front yard, just burly men in their unattractive uniforms. I pulled my head away from the window and flopped back into bed. It was Saturday and I had no homework. It was a rare occurrence and it had to be taken advantage of! – By lazing around all day. I smiled at the thought of doing nothing and drifted back to sleep.


All day I had relaxed and pampered myself. Now it was nighttime and I had no plans but I was feeling full of energy. I felt like dancing so I opened my dance playlist and searched for the perfect peppy song to dance to. Hmm, Bubble Pop by HyunA! The dance was fun and I would do it well since no one was watching. I didn’t like doing those -popping moves in front of people. It wasn’t that I couldn’t, it was just that spectators made me insanely nervous. I turned up the volume to the max.  After playing the song on repeat about 10 times I went over to my window to cool off. I exhaled as I sat at the window seat and the cool breeze hit my flushed skin.

“Yah! Kim HyunA!” I suddenly heard a voice shout from below the window. I almost toppled outside in shock and clutched the solid edge of the window to feel secure. I peered out into the night to see where the voice had come from. When my eyes adjusted to the darkness I could see a guy’s figure standing below my window.

“Who are you?!” I shouted. “And my name isn’t HyunA!”

“I know that now,” the boy said back, “but you dance just like her.”

Mother of…had he been watching me?

“Get away from my window you !”

“Is that any way to treat your new neighbour?”

The boy stepped into the light of my window that was splashing out into the night. His face looked vaguely familiar…he wasn’t lying about being my neighbour. His family had visited the house next to mine. I had only glimpsed him but I remembered his face.

“Uh…welcome to the neighbourhood.”

He laughed and made an exaggerated bow. “Why thank you, my lady.”

I chuckled. “Twas my pleasure, kind sir.”

 His eyes twinkled mischievously. “Why don’t you come down so I can meet you properly?”

“I think I’m fine here, thank you.”

He made a puppy face that was so absolutely adorable I had to hide my face to say no.

“Fine,” he said, “I’ll wake up the whole neighbourhood.”

“Wha –”


“Oh my goodness! Stop! I’m coming, I’m coming!” I heard him cracking up as I moved away from the window.

“Wait, why don’t you just jump?” I heard him say.

“Are you insane?”

“I wouldn’t know if I was. Come on, my arms are strong.” He did a handstand and walked around a bit then deftly hopped back to his feet. I was on the second floor. It was a bit of a jump but…it was Saturday night and I had nothing to do. I scooted onto the window. I was normally painfully shy but something about this boy made me comfortable.

“Are you ready?” I asked.

He grinned and nodded. Before I could think too much about it I hopped out from the window. Sooner than I expected I felt strong arms gripping me and I was set down. I didn’t realize how tall the boy was until I was standing in front of him in the pool of light from my own window. His hair was blonde with a patch of blue at the front and back…and he was very cute.

“You’re even prettier close-up,” he said. I blushed as gracefully as I could in my pajamas and bunny slippers.

“So what is Kim HyunA’s real name?” he asked.

“You first.” I said stubbornly.

“No problem. I’m not scared to introduce myself.”

“I never said I was –”

He covered my mouth with his hand. “I’m Choi JunHong,” he said, then uncovered my mouth.

“I’m Lee Saya but some people call me Suzy.” I told him. Honestly, some people at my school called me Suzy because they had mistaken my name and I never corrected them.

He tilted his head to the side. “Saya. That’s a different name.”

I smiled. “It’s Japanese.”

“Ah, yes, of course,” he said, nodding as though he was well-acquainted with all things Japanese.

A light flicked on behind us.

“Saya?!” I heard my mom shout.

“Yes, I’m out here!”

“What on earth are you doing?” She couldn’t see me from her angle.

“Oh, I had to…something…fell from my window!” That was kind of true.

“Oh? What’s that?”

“Um...something small! Oh! Here it is! I’ll be right in!”

“I’m waiting so you don’t get murdered!”

I turned apologetically to JunHong. “I have to go, sorry.”

He shook his head. “That’s ok, you made my night.”

I looked at him questioningly and he mimed the Bubble Pop dance.

I smacked his arm.

“You were good though, we should dance together sometime.”

I blushed again and his eyes twinkled.

“ARE YOU STILL ALIVE?” my mother shrieked.

I winced. “Yes, I’m coming right now!”

JunHong stuffed his fist in his mouth to stifle his laughter and I glared at him. He removed his fist and smiled.

“Good night, Saya.”

“Good night, JunHong.”

I smiled happily to myself as I skipped to the front door. I was looking forward to seeing a lot more of Choi JunHong.

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