On a rainy day...

A Rose Among The Thorns...

Still in Yoseob's POV

Another week came. I really wanted to go to class, to see her, but on the hand, I didn't want to go, coz I didn't know what I would say to her... So confusing!!!

Anyway, I had to go to school, and it was the day we had to hand in the project. I took my bike out and cycled to school, passed her house on the way... I kept thinking of what I should say to her when I meet her...

There I was, in front of my classroom... I kept hesitate... Didn't know what to do and just stood there like a real idiot... Aish yang Yo Seob, get rid of it and step inside will ya?

I pushed all of the thoughts behind, and went into the classroom. Haewon was there. She sat on her seat as usual, looking out of the window... I smiled at the scene, it was like everything that bothered me disappeared right away, I just felt comfortable being next to her... I went to my seat and sat down...

"Hey, morning Haewon."


"Did you review the lesson?"

"Leave me alone."

I smiled. Ah it was like usual, I would be the one talking ang she would be the one ended the conversation. I would be the one kept the high mood and she would be the one trying to ruin it. I chucked a bit, I thought it surprised her, coz she turned back to looked at me, questioning me with her eyes.

"What's so funny?"

"A...aniya." - I said, continued grinning - "I think it was fun how I always the one trying to start the conversation and you always the one ending it."

Back to your POV

"Hey, morning Haewon." - Another week started with his greeting.

"Morning." - I said back, still looking out of the window.

"Did you review the lesson?" - He tried to start the conversation. But I didn't want to. Afterall, I really wanted to ignore him, like he was transparent in front of me, to see if he still tried to jumped into my life and being my friend or not.

"Leave me alone." - I sighed.

I swore I could hear him chuckled. As much as I didn't want to pay attention to him, I was curious... There was a silent battle inside me, and the curiousity won. I turned to look at him and raised my eyebrow, questioning.

"What's so funny?"

"A...aniya." - He said, continued grinning - "I think it was fun how I always the one trying to start the conversation and you always the one ending it."

I recalled the past one month and grinned... He was right...

"You smiled. So it is considered as a successful joke right?" - He grinned, I didn't know he had a cute small dimple at the corner of his mouth...

I was caught off-guarded... Aish... Luckily the teacher came in at the right time. I sighed out of relief. We turned to him and standed up, greeted him. It was the day to hand in the project, ours once again, stood out. Our teacher was very pleased when he heard Idiot's presentation. and we got 100/100 for this time...

"Wow can you believe it? We got full marks!!!" - It was breaktime, and he started again.

I didn't say anything and left... I really want to avoided him, but his conversation seemed so tempted these days, I didn't know why but I felt like answering him, so it was better if I was not around him, I didn't want to break my own rules, but then I was started questioning the whole thing that I did... Was it a right thing for me to be like this? Was he right, "everyone needs a friend"?

I didn't talk to him, but I couldn't stop myself from glancing at him... He had a childlike face, button nose, his eyes always full of concern and sincerity... I couldn't deny that he was handsome... Really handsome... And when he smiled, he could brightened up the area around him... I was attracted to his smiles...

There was once, when we were in class... He was concentrate on solving a mathematical problem... I was done solving mine, so I had a little free time before the teacher gave us another one. So as usual, I looked at him, of course, secretly, through my stream of hair... He was frowning, thinking about a way to solve it... Then his eyes sparkle and he flashed a smile as he knew how to solve it. I automatically grinned when I saw his smile, it was cute... I didn't realize that he already finished, till he glanced over... My heart raced up when he grinned at me when he saw me looking at him... I looked right back into the board, mentally slapped myself and erased the silly smile on my face...

I didn't know what all of those will lead to, but I did know that I felt more comfortable beside him. I still didn't talk much, still talking curtly at him but he just took that as if it was my habit... And I realized I didn't "don't like" him anymore...

Yoseob's POV

These days Haewon still didn't talked to me, I just accepted that coz I knew she didn't like to talk much... But she was not so sour at me anymore... My face was safe for a whole month coz there was no tripping thing, the truth was I didn't see her anywhere else besides classroom... It was like she didn't want to see me... But I did see her looking at me in class once, smiling... I didn't know what she was thinking then, but I was sure my heart raced up seeing her smiles... Did she notice me? Or she wanted to avoid me? I didn't know... But sitting with her in class is my favorite thing to do now... The confusing thoughts were not bothering me anymore, I just knew that I was happy like this, that was enough...

Back to your POV

It was a normal Saturday... We ran out of milk so I told my aunt I would go to the grocery store to buy some. I walked there, buy some milk and some neccessary things... When I walked out of the grocery store, it started to rain heavily... I whined... I didn't bring an umbrella, so I had to stayed at the front of the store to wait for the rain to stop... When I was standing there, I looked around... And I saw a dog, a golden retriever, standing in the rain, shaking and all alone... I got out from the shelter and ran to him, I kneed beside him, quickly took off my jacket and threw it over his body... The rain started to soak in my hair and body, but I was relieve that he was not shaking because of the cold anymore... I could tell he liked me, coz he was snuggled to me, made me giggle...

"Well why are you here? Where is your owner?" - I glanced around to find his owner, only to look at someone legs behind me, and the rain stopped pouring on my body... I looked up, it was him...

"Need help?" - He was standing behind me, holding an umbrella and cover us three.

"Ah... Aniya. We're find." - I said and look back to the dog who was then waving his tail and barked a bit like he was happy. I didn't used to accept any help.

"But, Bokshiri seems like he's hungry and wanna go home."

"Bokshiri?" - I looked back and up again, blanked.

"Yeah, that is his name, and I happen to be his owner." - He smiled and went around to knee next to the dog, still managed to cover us three under his umbrella.

"How can I know he's your dog?" - I looked at him and the dog, they were in front of me then - "You don't look alike!"

He grinned at my joke, and I was keeping my self really hard to not drew a smile in my face, "Well, he has a name tag, it got his name on the front and my name at the back."

I looked at the name tag and picked it up... It got "Boshiri" carved in the front... Then I turned it to the back and I could see "Yoseob". So he really was his dog.

"Yeah it does say 'Bokshiri' here, but it is clearly not 'Idiot' at the back~!" - I pouted.

He laughed, he was really cute when he laughed out loud like that, and it was my first time seeing him like that too, "You really think my name is 'Idiot' huh?"

"It is~" - I played along.

"That's good, means when you call me that you don't mean I'm stupid." - He smiled widely.

I smiled. He was cute and funny. He helped me up, gave me back my jacket and offered me a walk home. I didn't refuse, I had to go home anyway, and it just kept raining... All the way home we didn't say anything, just silently walked by each other... I was a bit cold coz I was wet... But my face was warm, as if the blood was rushing into my cheeks... I could hear my heartbeat... 'What are you doing Haewon, calm down...'

Yoseob's POV

I offered her a walk home and she agreed. I was wandering around looking for Bokshiri coz he was out and it was raining... Then I saw him, next to a familiar figure... It was touchy to see her care for him and I melted when I saw her smile... And now we're walking, side by side in the rain, noone say a word, just enjoying the time beside each other...

Bokshiri was on my left side, while she was on my right, and I hold the umbrella with my left hand so that we all couldn't get wet. Haewon had a grocery bag on her right hand... So that left my right and her left hand free, lightly swinging along with each walk... I accidentally wiped the back of my hand to hers... It was like an electricity went through my body... My heart racing up and I looked down at my hand... We were so close... I wanted to reached out and hold her hand, she must be cold... I didn't know what would happen after that, would she let me hold her hand or slap me... But at that time I really really wanted to hold it... My hand trembled as I slowly reached out... A little bit.. Just a little bit more...

"Well, it's my house here. Thank you. Go home and feed Bokshiri." - She turned to my side and said, pulling me out from the temptation...

"N...nae? Oh... S..see ya." - I stuttered.

"Are you ok?" - She examined me, I realised I was a little trembling and my face felt hot... I quickly turned away avoiding her stare.

"I'm ok. Bye." - I said and walked away, probably a little too fast it looked like I was running...

'Aish, stupid me. What am I thinking???' - I mentally slapped myself on the way home. Not just slapped... Punched, kicked, anything I could think of then...

And I knew Hyunseung was right... I was totally in love with her...



And here's another chapter^^ The story is coming to an end... We could see some interactions between them keke^^

It will be more romantic for the next and next chapter I promise... Anticipating~^^

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