Let Out The Beast


The Dragon raised his head, a sudden sulfurous scent in the air tingling his nostrils and filling his heart with energy.

There was only one being with the power to set itself and its world alight, and the Dragon intended to find it… Soon


Let Out The Beast



Kris/Chanyeol (Krisyeol!)

Fantasy AU, romance

PG-13 for ual implcations



Delving into the world of AFF for the first time! Enjoy.

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Now let's get to the action, shall we?

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Chapter 1: This little tale was beautiful! I love this genre, and it's Krisyeol!!! Love love loved! <333
Chapter 1: Wow... It was different but very beautiful!
maedeh #3
Chapter 1: hi
its a bit confusing!!!! but fun thanks for it
Chapter 1: Did. Did you just write p0rn using the characterization of a Dragon and a Phoenix.

... Well played.
[deactivated] #5
Chapter 1: I'm so freaking fan-girling about this to my friend tomorrow...
UbiquitousxSS #6
Probably one of the most well-written stories on here, that I have read! It was wonderful. I loved it. :)
[deactivated] #7
Ok I am astonished! At your vocabulary for one. And at the utter fascination and addiction I have now towards the couple!
"Maybe next time" ha you are a funny lady. I like you! This story rocks my socks
Wow this story was beautifully written. You were really descriptive without using too many words. And the story is just so creative...