She's Dating the Gangster :)



love is happiness...

love is smiling when you hear that person's voice...

love is the butterflies in your tummy no matter how many times you see that person...

love is when you look at them and smile for no reason...

love is seeing an imperfect person perfectly...

love is painful..

love is hard...

love is sacrifice..

love is sadness..

“Can I live without the happiness? Can I live with that sadness? I don't know...I don't know anything anymore”

I remembered that once I fell in love with a Gangster. I don't know how and when it happened. But I do remember saying that

"I have fallen for this one of a kind stupid gangster. Oh wait, let me  that. I LOVED this stupid gangster.. I gave him happiness while he gave me suicide in return. I know, It . But I never regretted loving him in the first place, well… maybe I did."

I also remembered loving everything about him ncluding his flaws.. Friends told me that we met in a very spontaneous way.. And then everything happened so fast..

But... Who's this gangster?? I know two gangsters but..

Which one am I dating?


hey!! i just want to let the other counrty know this story :)) 

this a tagalog/english/korean in original so yeah i will just translate it to english :)

(c) SGWannabe this story is owned by her

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rhon12 #1
ok ung story ang ganda aaminin ko ha npaluha ako..pero sana hindi ganun ung ending nag pakamatay e diba lam nmn ntin n pag nag pkamatay ka s hell ang bagsak m..panu sila magkakasama..but its good the best stoy tlga..two thumbs up..^.^v
15 streak #2
Ooooh. I never really finished this from candymag.

Maybe I can finish it here XD
kenjrez14 #3
i've read this story 3 years ago, still it never fails to touch my heart over and over again.. i even named my kid after kenji's name.. i just so love this story... kahit paulit ulit ko na lang na binabasa sobrang iyak pa rin ako ng iyak..