(My Sweet) Panda Next Door



 You, a 16 year old girl named 'Park Yun Hae', moved in the neighborhood and lived in an old, rusty apartment. 

 Your first day of school was like hell, but then, everything felt like heaven when you crossed paths with a guy named 'Huang Zi Tao'.  'Tao' for short. 

 Tao was famous, like a super hot celebrity in your school. Every girl in school will always surround him everyday. 

 He was your first guy friend when he once approached you, an unpopular, normal girl in campus.

 But will your relationship change when you found out that he was the sweet oppa you never knew about next door?!






Park Yun Hae (You)

⇒half japanese, half korean

⇒ daughter of a very rich family - owns a company known throughout Japan & Korea

⇒ has a brother named 'Park Dong Hae'

⇒ average intelligence, kind, caring, has a soft spot for cute things

⇒ lives alone (in an apartment room; lives in the same building with her grandmother)

⇒has a mysterious, but sweet neighbor named 'Jiyoon'


Huang Zi Tao

⇒chinese (knows a bit of korean and english)

⇒ son of the owner of the school, 'SM High'

⇒ a member of a group called 'EXO'

⇒ average intelligence, sweet, cute, can be really serious at times

⇒ lives alone (?)

⇒ very close (well, maybe too close) with Yun Hae


Kris (Wu Yi Fan)

⇒ chinese (fluent with english and some korean)

⇒ came from a wealthy family who moved to Canada (officially from China; Kris moved alone)

⇒ a member of EXO; leader of the sub unit EXO-M

⇒ intelligent, caring, killer looks, (you) can never depict his emotions because of his unreadable poker face

⇒ dorms with EXO; goes to his apartment where he lives alone at times

⇒ close with Yun Hae (just met)


Jung Dae-hyun (Daehyun)

⇒ korean

⇒ came from a wealthy family, too (but rebeled)

⇒ a member of the group 'B.A.P'

⇒ average intelligence, kind, sarcastic, has feelings for (you) Yun Hae

⇒ dorms with B.A.P

⇒ close with Yun Hae since middle school






- Suho

- Kai

- Baekhyun

- Chanyeol

- D.O

- Sehun



- Luhan

- Xiumin

- Chen

- Lay



- Yongguk

- Jongup

- Youngjae

- Himchan

- Zelo


OC's (Original Characters)






Author's Note


 Anneyeong~! I'm so sorry if my description ... It's my first time, so, I hope you will like it.

 Anyways, I'm new here too so please take care of me!

 This is my first fic... Well, not really~ But please keep on supporting me!

 Please note me about some errors and I'll try to fix it as soon as possible. 

 Oh yeah~ I update once a week. (Twice or even thrice if I'm not busy and when the weekends come by). 

 I kinda feel pathetic because I gave so much spoilers in the description... And it's just the description!!!
 And I... sometimes end some of the chapter with cliffhangers... Please don't hate me!!

 Anyways... I'll shut up now and stop babbling so you can proceed.





10/14/12 - EXAMS!!! TT3TT

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exo_panda_tao #1
Chapter 18: Please update unnie ^^

PS. Although he's my bias, I think I love him ten times as much now!!
PauSungRa #2
I really love your story so much. Please do update soon because I'm getting really excited on what's going to happen next! PLEASE!!!! *smileyface* Kamsahamnida. ^-^
Pandas_and_bacon #3
Author here!!
OMG you guys!!!
I'm really glad you got so wooooried about this story... 'Cuz I expect that no one would. Lol.
But that's not the reason I went on a sudden and reeeaaally long hiatus.
I was totally ill these past few months (Or year). It wasn't serious... But not too serious. Like in the middle. Lool~!
And I really don't know when I'll be able to update this... :(
I hope I can, really. If I recover fully, I'll just send a notice to you guys~

I'm reeeeaaallly sorry!! *bows a hundred times*
[deactivated] #4
Chapter 18: Update soon!! i really want to know more!!!
Raveness #5
Chapter 18: This is so cute!!! I hope Jiyoon and Tao are really the same person... she and him should get together soon! ^.^
Chapter 18: AAAAA please tell me you will update soo ;~; this fanfic is so nice and cute...
dayahrawr #7
Chapter 18: Nice story...are you going to continue updating?
kyungsquishysoo #8
Chapter 18: Hope shinyeoung will stop bullying her now D: and her and Tao need to get together! lol
Chapter 18: Awww, so all this time she was just jealous... that silly girl xD haha hope that them two can be friends hehe be so cute xD and Tao so funny haha ^_^ he knows how to make a girl blush lol :D can't wait until the next update fighting~
Chapter 18: Still SHINYEONG needs to fall into a pit of piranhas