Dreaming to Reality


Being a shawol isn't an easy job, from checking for the most recent updates to saving every penny you have for merchandise, and when the case worsens you find yourself thinking about him all the time, dreaming about him, making up scenarios with him. It comes to a point when you start to ask yourself "could this be love?", and as much as you have tried to detest that thought, Taemin continues to pop up in your mind. 

When the chance to become SHINee's coordinator comes up, of course you didnt have to think twice and immediately took upon the job. Your love for fashion and styling matched with the chance of being with the five amazing boys.... and of course the possible situation of Taemin even falling in love with you? 

Sparks fly between you and the members as you find your dreams becoming reality...


Taemin: The lovable maknae of SHINee, when upon meeting you develops some very confusing feelings... could it be love?                                    

You: A crazy taemint whose dreams come true and gets the chance to work in Korea as SHINee's coordi.



Hello everyone~!

This is my first fanfic, I've been wanting to start writing fanfics for a while now to improve my fluency in writing and just have fun with it!

I really hope you guys enjoy this fic, subscribe and leave lots of love and comments, it will make my day~(-^〇^-)

Lastly thank you so much for reading ♥♥♥


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[deactivated] #1
Chapter 4: Awwww almost !!! Update soon !!
[deactivated] #2
Chapter 3: kiss !!!! Don't be a cliffhanger please !!
raviolli101 #3
Chapter 3: Oh my gosh are they going to kiss!! Update soon! I need to know Dx
raviolli101 #4
Chapter 1: I think their meeting was doo cute xD every fan girls dream
[deactivated] #5
Chapter 1: Update soon ! !! :)