The Pretty Barista

"I don't get why we have to go all the way downtown to go to some milk tea place, when there are perfectly good ones 10-minute walks away." Baekhyun complained as we were on the bus ride going to Dream Tea.

"Who invited you again?" I ed.

Baekhyun glared at me. "I was just saying."

Lay shrugged, "I dunno… it's nice to go to different places. Try something he new." He said facing Baekhyun. See, this is why I like Lay.

"Jongin would not stop raving about their malt milk tea, though." Sehun pipes in.

For some weird reason, I felt my cheeks getting hot.

"Oh!" Baekhyun starts, "I've tried malt milk tea before. It's really good!" He says, "Especially for someone like me who loves Maltesers."

I sigh and lean back comfortably on my seat beside Sehun, a half-grin plastered on my face. At least Baekhyun had something to look forward to. Sehun was right, though. I couldn't stop thinking about that malt milk tea. And It wasn't just because of that pretty barista, either.

"Or was it?!" I hear Luhan exclaim.

"What?!" I snap my head towards him, cheeks flushing.

"Was it what?"

"I was asking Sehun about your dance class…"

I stared at Luhan for some time before it registered to me they were talking about something else completely. Then I calm down.


Next thing I knew, we were at the bus stop and Sehun was calling out to me to get off.

"Jongin! We're here!"

I look around to see all my friends by the door of the bus getting ready to get off. I quickly scramble off my seat and follow them out.

"We have to cross the street first, then it's around the corner…" Sehun explains.

"Just lead the way, guys…" Luhan tells me and Sehun.

I start walking ahead. I could hear the guys chatting behind me. I checked my watch, it was half past 6.

Ten minutes later we found ourselves in front of Dream Tea Cafe.

"Oh," Luhan looks up at the sign, and then inside the small cafe, "this place looks nice." He smiles warmly.

I nod, "It's nice here."

Sehun walks inside first and, as usual, goes to the counter immediately. I headed towards mine and Sehun's usual booth, bringing Lay, Baekhyun and Luhan along. Then I took my usual place. Lay sat beside me and Luhan and Baekhyun sat across us. I guess Sehun could squeeze in with them. They were too terribly skinny, anyway.

"Aren't you getting anything, Kai?" Luhan asks me.

"I usually wait for Sehun to get his order first so our booth isn't left empty."

"Your booth?" Baekhyun inquires.

I shrug, "This is where we usually sit." No one said anything after that. "You guys go ahead." I tell them, "I already know what I'm getting."

The 3 of them stood up and headed towards the counter, where Sehun was ordering. He lined up by the other cash register. The one with the blonde barista. I look to the left. That was Taemin's register. I saw Luhan lined up there, speaking to him. Taemin flashed his pretty smile at Luhan, eyes practically disappearing at how wide he smiled. I wonder what Luhan said.

Sehun came back with a large drink and a slice of cake.

"What did you get this time?" I asked him as he took the seat from across me.

"An almond milk tea and a strawberry cheesecake."

I liked that about Sehun. Every time we came here, he would try something new.

I stood up to get my order. It was my cue that when Sehun settles in his place, it was my turn to line up at the counter. There were a good 8 other people eating inside the cafe, as it was a Friday evening. And aside from Lay, Baekhyun and Luhan, 2 more people were lined up. I went to line up by Taemin's side of the counter.


When finally it was my turn, he didn't even greet me.

"An extra large malt milk tea and a club sandwich?" Taemin grins.

I shake my head and chuckle. "You know, I want to try something else today."

"But your order is already ready." Taemin says as he points to the meal behind him.

My eyes rounded, and he starts to laugh. "I was kidding."

I sigh in relief, and stared idly at the countertop, then I turn my gaze back up at him. "Part of me was half-expecting that would happen some time." I admit.

"I had half a mind to do it last week, but I hoped you would order something else." He told me. "So! What will it be this time?"

"Still that extra large malt milk tea," I say, "But that beef and potato pie looks good." I eyed it on the display.

I caught Taemin's eyes lighting up as he said, "That's our newest on the menu! I vouch for that. It is really good!"

"Well, you haven't proven me wrong." I say casually. I look to my left and Baekhyun was staring at me. I flashed him a smile and he tilted his head. He received his drink, thanked the blonde barista and took off to our booth. I wonder what that look was for...

"I see you brought new friends…" Taemin eyes our seats.

I chuckle, "Yeah. Sehun was getting bored coming along just the two of us."

"And I thought you two were here on regular dates." His tone was teasing.

My ears felt hot. "Ah, it's not like that…"

Taemin grins, "Not like what?"

My ears turn red all together. "Not… nothing. Nevermind." I reply quickly.

He chuckles as he turns away from the counter. Taemin opens the door to the food display and picks out one of the pies and heats it up. I continue watching him as he approaches the other barista mixing what I assume was my order, because he takes the cup, puts a cover on top and comes back with the drink.

He tells me the total, and I don't think he calculated right.

"Huh? Only?"

Taemin flashes me a small smile, handing me my milk tea, "This one's on the house." He winks.

I feel my cheeks turn hot. "It's something we do for regulars." He explains. "We ran out of promo cards." Taemin laughs.

"Thanks." I say with a smile, taking my drink from him. I set it down and take my wallet out, getting the coins and bills I needed to pay for my order. I was about to hand it to him when the blonde barista tapped him on the shoulder.

"Oven." He said.

Taemin blinked, "Oh! Lemme just go get your pie!"


The pie was good. Not going to lie. Lay took a bite from it, even he thought it was yummy. Lay ordered chicken tenders, Baekhyun got a blueberry muffin and Luhan got a hamburger-- which I've been eyeing since it arrived at our table.

"You can try it, Kai." He pushed his plate towards me.

I cut a piece from it and stuff it in my mouth. I loved burgers. And that one in particular was pretty good.

"I'm getting that next time." I say with my mouth full.

"Speaking of next time," Baekhyun starts, "How often do you guys come here? It seems like you knew the cashier pretty well." He looks at me.

Sehun snaps his head towards Baekhyun, "Like 20 times. I don't even know."

"Sehun's exaggerating. I dunno, 10 times give or take…" I shrug.

"Wow." Luhan says. "You guys are practically regulars."

"We're always here after dance class and on weekends and any other day Kai feels like going and we have nothing to do." Sehun is such a tattle-tale.

I sip my drink. "How's your drink?" I look at Baekhyun. His face lights up.

"Really, really good." He admits.

"Not going to deny their food and drinks here taste great." Lay agrees.

"Fine, it'll be one of our new 'milk tea places'" Sehun says, taking a big bite from his cheesecake.

I grin, "Yeah, like Luhan said, we're practically regulars." I raise my cup, "Taemin even gave this to me for free."

"He did?"

I nod.

"How come?"

"He said it's what they do for regulars."

Sehun blinks, "But, I paid for everything."

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