Angel Paradise


'Hey I Just Met You , 
And This Crazy , 
Boy You Are Pretty , 
And this might sound cheesy , 
But I Love you baby ;D'

yah Myungie ! why are you like this ? aren't we friends ? 

Sungyeol... i don't want to be your friend. 

WHY ???? 

because i want us to be more than friend


So okay , this is my FIRST STORY ! like seriously , and this story gonna be a little bit short , hurmm .. maybe the chapters will be like 4 or 5 only ? IDK but please, Please ENJOY this not so awsome story. And I will put all of my favourite OTP in this story ! :D please look foward to it ppyong ! :D

And if this story is not good..... well , No hating please ^^ I'll try my best to write a good story . Please support me ! kthxbye :3


p/s : do you guys like the song in the description ? I know the song is totally random . and I don't know why I put that song in the description. And the lyrics ... I made it myself. Hehehe XD 

/Hey guys quick update, i've changed the story and the description. TQ ^^/

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Chapter 5: Authornim.. this story is nice.. pls continue it ...
ahaha don't worry. I will write about myungyeol in the next chapter. *maybe* >_<'
MINAkpop #3
soooo cute love it !!
OMO!! It's yadong couple, such a cute~
But i miss my MyungYeol. Kkkk~
Update soon ;)
Omo, thanks guys ! i really appreciate your comments ! ><
So cute >.<
Myungyeol FTW.
Looking forward to the update, author-ssi~ ^^
[deactivated] #8
Aww! Your description is so cute! I'll be anticipating this one!