Angel Paradise

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At the one of the most beautiful island in the world , Jeju Island. There is a beautiful small village near Cheonjiyeon waterfall. A small village but have a really beautiful scenery. The village is called Chun sa Paradise or in english which meant Angel paradise for it's natural beauty. And in a beautiful village lives one beautiful man. Who's smile can melt all thousand of hearts. His name is Kim Myungsoo , or the girls in the village like to call him Myung Chun sa. He hate people calling him 'chun sa, chun sa" for him there's only one name that he really-really like. And that is....

"Yah Myungie ah ! wait for me ! aigoo" said a tall, choding-like guy running towards Myungsoo. 

"you're so slow. next time, walk faster okay choding?" Myungsoo shook his head while watching his friend, Lee Sungyeol or what people like to call him, choding sungyeol running towards him.

"what do you just said shortie? err. it's not that i'm slow, you're just too fast. Next time, walk slowly and enjoy the view a little bit. It's not like you're gonna hit by a train or something" Sungyeol pokes myungsoo head. 

"Who are you calling me shortie? choding" "what? Handsome? well thank you" Sungyeol stick his tongue to myungsoo. Myungsoo just sigh, "whatever choding" and walk away leaving the choding sungyeol behind.

"myungie, wait for meeee~" Sungyeol run to myungsoo and grabs his hand. Myungsoo was shocked but he quickly hide his face from looking too shock.

"erm, hey choding. wtf are you doing?" Myungsoo trying to pull his hand from sungyeol's but fail. Sungyeol's grip is too strong ! 

"Nothing, just trying to stop you from walking away from me. Now hold my hand tight myungie" said Sungyeol who looks calm but had a weird expression at his face.

"......... ok..." Myungsoo can't help but blushed at the fact he is holding Sungyeol's hand right now. Even though he always fight with him. But Sungyeol is someone REALLY special for him. Yes, He like sungyeol, but not as a friend. He loves him, he want him to be his special someone. But he doesn't have the guts to tell sungyeol his real feeling. He likes everything about Sungyeol, his gum smile, his laugh, his face, and his choding-like personality. And he really like his nickname that was given to him from sungyeol ... 'myungie'

"Myungie.., yah Kim Myungsoo ! what were you day dreaming about huh? we already arrive at the fishing shop" Sungyeol waving his hand in front of myungsoo's face. Looking at myungsoo weirdly.

"uh, nothing! come on, let's go in ! YaDong and VinSeop must already waiting for us" said myungsoo. Trying to hide his blushed face. 

"YaDong ? VinSeop ? who are they actually?" ask sungyeol looking confused.

"babo *stupid* yah! it's Hoya,dongwoo,kevin and kiseop duhhh. See, if their name put together it'll will be YaDong and VinSeop. Genius right ?" said Myungsoo waving his eyebrows. Which makes Sungyeol burst out laughing. 

"yeah right, genius.. okay whatever ice prince. Come on let's gooooo !" Sungyeol pull myungsoo hand into the shop.


YaDong and VinSeop already waiting inside. As Myungsoo and Sungyeol walks in they all stare at them with a powerful 'death glare'

"damn, you guys are ing late. It's already 2 o'clock dude. we're supposed to meet 30 minutes ago" said Dongwoo. Hoya who is just standing really close next to him just nodded while VinSeop just stared at them. 

"Mianhae~ It's all myungsoo's fault. He is really slow you know" said Sungyeol while Myungsoo just give him a wtf-you're-the-one-who-is-slow face.

"Hey myungsoo, have you ever heard of running? yeah, it works. Try it sometime" Said Kiseop with a smirk. Kevin next to him just give him a please-shut-up face. 

Myungsoo just nodded and goes to meet the owner. He face was read, maybe because he is angry or he is still blushing from what happened earlier.

"yah Sungyeol, what happened to myungsoo. his face is a little bit red. is he mad at me?" ask kiseop. He look kinda worried now, because myungsoo is his friend too. he doesn't want to get myungsoo mad.

"nah, he doesn't get mad easily. maybe he's hot or something. you know, it's extremely hot today" Sungyeol fanning himself with his hand. And his clothes are all wet because of his sweats.

He walk to myungsoo who is having a conversation with the owner. He taps myungsoo's shoulder and whisper to him "yah, i gotta go to the toilet. Ask them to wait for me okay myungie?" said sungyeol. his mouth is really close to myungsoo's face which makes myungsoo blush again. 'damn sungyeol stop making me blush' 



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Chapter 5: Authornim.. this story is nice.. pls continue it ...
ahaha don't worry. I will write about myungyeol in the next chapter. *maybe* >_<'
MINAkpop #3
soooo cute love it !!
OMO!! It's yadong couple, such a cute~
But i miss my MyungYeol. Kkkk~
Update soon ;)
Omo, thanks guys ! i really appreciate your comments ! ><
So cute >.<
Myungyeol FTW.
Looking forward to the update, author-ssi~ ^^
[deactivated] #8
Aww! Your description is so cute! I'll be anticipating this one!