I didn't mean to kidnap you


Minho is an escaped convict from a high security jail. He was proven guilty on a crime he never committed. On the run police are chasing him and he panics. He kidnaps a tall skinny ginger haired boy named Taemin. But he didn't mean to do it. He handcuffs the boy to himself to insure safety to both of them. 

Minho was raised on the streets. He never had a family. He did the dirty work for gangs in Seoul. When he was arrested they found he was tattooed with the number 24601. No one knows what the code means. Only Minho and his recently dead brother Siwon.

Taemin has been abused for many years. He wanted out and away. But when a large muscular man in a orange jumpsuit kidnaps him is this the safety he wants? Could he be falling in love with his kidnapper?

These two people were brought together in a panic them not knowing much about one another. Will they become friends and maybe more? Or will Taemin find out about the number on minhos back. 

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Haven't even read this but - 24601? - I don't know what it means in the story, but just seeing that number makes me happy.
[deactivated] #2
I remember this story. ;u;
pame_123 #3
Chapter 22: I was ree reading the story and I just nodis was that the date minho say is the exact day of my birthay 24 day of the 6 month
CrazyLovingKpopper #4
Chapter 23: Saranghaeyo Fanfic
CrazyLovingKpopper #5
Chapter 23: Saranghaeyo Fanfic
Chapter 18: Minho should not blame himself for not preventing Taemin going back to his parents, he was kind out of it in the hospital. Its Key's fault! How bad lyhe was looking after Taemin when he have not even known that he was taken!
Chapter 22: I love this story soo much! beautiful ending! <3 saranghae! ^^
Chapter 23: Loved this! It was beautiful!^^
Chapter 22: Aww Minho came back. Such a happy ending :D
This was a great story :D
Chapter 22: Those 2 years of being away from each other....that's rly long, but finnaaallllyyy you gice are together!!!! Such a great ending...LOLzzz at the Taekey umma-son moment. Great speech from Tae, and Kyaaahhhhh 2min!!!!!